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I live in a small Texas town along the Gulf of Mexico. Family is everything to me. My mother always encouraged my reading growing up. Looking back, my earliest memories revolve around my grandmother, who was always glued to a book. Her passion for mystery is probably the reason I’m so comfortable around a police scanner. Hers was on twenty-four hours a day.

When I'm not writing, cooking, or brainstorming new ideas, you'll see me with a book in my hand. Briefly before I started writing, I was devouring a romance novel every day. For some reason, I couldn't get enough. I was finally asked the question that ultimately changed my life forever. "Why don't you try writing a book?"

At first, I laughed. Write a book? Who, me? Never written a story in my life, I was intimidated. From the first word of the first story, I was hooked. There was something that ultimately bothered me about it, though. I couldn't write a love scene to save my life. Not one that would fit inside of a "romance" book, anyway. It was way too graphic.

After doing research I came across the erotica genre and knew this is where I belonged. Details are important and with my books, the more details during their "coupling", the better.

Q: Who are some of your favorite authors?

A: Well, that's hard. I have so many. Anything in first person, I absolutely love. Megan Hart does great in first person. Also, MaryJanice Davidson, JR Ward, L. J. Smith, P.C. and Kristen Cast...the list goes on.

Q: Besides Erotica what are other genres do you enjoy reading?

A: I'm a big historical romance reader. Anything historical and I'm addicted. I also love paranormal young adult. Lately, I'm reading more than what is coming out.

Q: How do you usually develop your stories?

A: Everything starts with an idea and the first sentence. I never plan ahead. What comes out after the first few words is something I rarely have control over. Guiding it is easy, but if I try to make it go a certain way, it usually never does.

Q: Do you see yourself writing five years from now?

A: Absolutely. I can't not see myself writing. This is what I was meant to do. It's an overpowering feeling that fills my heart and pulls me back to the computer when I think I can't write anymore. When you're meant to do something, you just know.

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