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     Jianne Carlo knows multi-cultural romance. Born to an Indian father and a Hispanic mother (intent on becoming a nun), she met and married her Dutch-bred immigrant husband in her last year at college. Their children check off the majority of the boxes under the category, Ethnic Origin.
     Add to this the fact Jianne grew up on a sixty by forty Caribbean island where the population mixture represents the world's religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity (and some mixtures no one's dreamed up) and you have a multi-cultural woman who believes the word, 'Mutt' represents the best of human nature.
     For the factually inclined, Jianne has a Bachelor's Degree in English and Sociology, and a Master's in Management Science with three areas of concentration, Computers, Finance, and Statistics.
     She's lived and worked in Canada (Ontario, Vancouver), the United States (San Francisco, various small cities in southern California, Miami, and Parkland) and the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Tortola) and South America (Guyana).
     Her passions in life center around her proudest achievements, a happy marriage (measure of happiness varies with level of irritation), and three grown sons of the finest caliber who she's proud to call friends, although they're never allowed to forget the mom factor.
     Other areas of interest include travelling, meeting new people, reading, working with all animals, Equestrian dressage, cooking, eating said food, and sipping good wine, while hanging out, ('liming' in Trini-speak) with friends. Jianne's proud to announce the only carbonated beverage she drinks is champagne. Who needs Coke?
     And you never want to be in the same room if she picks up a dart and aims for the target.
     Run for your life.

Q: Do Hibiscus flowers really close at night? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

A: Yes, and the blurb about how to keep them open from Tee's mother is verbatim from my mother.

Q: Why did you pick the Isle of Arran for the time-travel?

A: Because of the Whitebeam tree (featured in D is for Desire), and because palm trees grow on the island's coast because of the warming Gulf Stream currents.

Q: Why do you have tag lines instead of Chapter 1, Chapter 2?

A: At first, I used them to remember the significant event (s) of the chapter. A Dolphin's Trust, the tag line, for Chapter 1, clearly establishes Tee's inner conflict, trust. After a while, it turned into a game. I can tell you, having tag lines drove my critique readers crazy, because I write chapter by chapter, and if I sent two or three at once, they couldn't figure out which one to start with.

Q: Why do your heroines have names like Tallulah and Desdemona?

A: If you can make it to adulthood with a name like Tallulah or Desdemona without cowering in a corner, you are one strong woman.

Q:  Are you as an accomplished rider as Tee?

A: Hah! My equestrian instructor will tell you that I've learned to fall very well. She says she's never seen anyone relax while tumbling or somersaulting over a horse's head the way I do. According to her, that's why I've never broken a limb riding. Biking yes, but riding no.

Q: Why the miniature chocolate cupcakes?

A: You have me there, as I'm allergic to chocolate. But, I do have a Trini friend who hand makes the prettiest rum truffles, including a Pina colada version, and I love cute food. They look like miniature cupcakes. A box of rum truffles is often a prize in my monthly trivia contest.

Q: I loved, Alex, Jake's best friend, will he have his own book?

A: I loved him too, especially his neatness, and I definitely wanted to muss him up. D is For Desire, is the tale of Alex and, Tee's best friend, Desdemona.

It starts with my favorite Carnival time, J'Ouvert, and something, which sounds messy, but is the most sensuous experience anyone could ever have - Mud Mas'. Can you imagine neat-freak Alex's horror when he's thrust into a bathtub of warm mud in the second chapter? I had so much fun writing that scene.

Q: What inspired the Witchy Women Series?

A: Everyone advises aspiring authors to write about what they know best. I know the Caribbean. There isn't an island I haven't visited, and I have relatives scattered throughout the archipelago.

Q: Not only do you have paranormal and time-travel elements in the Witchy Women Series, there is a very strong romantic suspense aspect, why?

A: To tourists, the Caribbean is the epitome of a simple, tropical paradise. Yet, undercurrents revolving around smuggling and money laundering are weaved into everyday life for West Indian natives.

Private Banks in the Caymans, Antigua, and the British Virgin Islands, (to name just a few) protect the sleazy secrets of billionaires, especially criminal billionaires. There's simply too much fodder not to include a mystery, particularly if you want to portray the reality of the West Indies.




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