Journey Home (MF)

Romance on the Go ® 52

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,800
2 Ratings (4.0)

Rebecca has been warned not to trust Arorians, but the one who rescues her from the aliens who sought to sell her to the highest bidder seems both kind and trustworthy. Caen is like a dream come true, but she’s scared to give him her heart, even after they become lovers.

Caen falls for Rebecca immediately, but she’s so afraid of trusting her feelings he can’t get her to admit she’s falling for him, too. As their journey draws to an end, he’s doing everything in his power to convince her to stay with him forever. But when a misunderstanding drives them apart, he’s left powerless and has to wait for her to see what her heart has been telling her all along.

Journey Home (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Journey Home (MF)

Romance on the Go ® 52

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,800
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
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Caen pulled the sweet female closer when she opened to him. She gave him full access as he plunged his tongue into her mouth hungrily. Her sigh told him she liked his kiss, his touch. He’d never seen such a beautiful female in his life. Something in her had called to him and given him the courage to try to help her. And he had been lucky, very lucky. He thanked every star in the heavens he had been able to aid her. He knew her face and the fear in her eyes would have haunted him for the rest of his life had he failed.

He deepened the kiss, crushing her against him as his need to have her surged forward. Her fingers tangled in his hair, and then her nails grazed down his neck. He lowered his mouth to her neck, trying to stimulate her further. He had not claimed a woman in over a year, and he ached to taste her, to feel her body accepting his. He craved her desire, loved the way he could feel how she wanted him. He bore the shameful blue dot, a small tattoo right beside his cock that would make any female from his planet turn away from him in disgust. It felt so amazing to have this gorgeous creature want him.

Her fiery hair and bright blue eyes were only the beginning of her beauty. Her long legs and her ample curves only increased her appeal. He loved soft and shapely women; there was nothing like getting lost in a lover’s curves. For too many years, his nights had been long and lonely, his lovers few and far between and never interested in more than a few hours of coupling. When he could not sleep, he dreamed of rolling over into the warm, soft embrace of a woman like this one. He cupped one breast and kissed the swell, his thumb flicking her nipple.

She moaned and arched her back.

“I take it my attentions are not unwanted.” He kissed the valley between her breasts as his thumb grazed back and forth over the nipple.

She buried her face against his neck. “What’s happening to me?” she asked before whimpering. “I’ve never felt this way before.”

He stilled and moved a few inches away. “You feel odd?”

Lust shone in her eyes. She licked her lips as she gazed at his mouth and nodded.

As much as he wanted to spend hours pleasuring her, he knew he had to step away. “They gave you an injection?”

She seemed to struggle to focus on him. “Yes,” she finally answered.

He cursed under his breath. “Then this is not real. They gave you Lulkin, a drug that is activated when you are sexually stimulated.” He pulled out of her arms, not trusting himself. “They were preparing you for your buyer.”

This news seemed to distress her, but only for a moment. “I thought you were attractive before you touched me.”

He stood up and turned from her pleading, sensual look. “I am trying to be honorable. Taking you now would make me no different from the man who had you kidnapped and planned a life of rape and abuse for you.”

Her breathing increased, and she began to rub her neck. Then her breasts. He had to make her focus.

“What’s your name again?” He remembered it, but he wanted to capture her attention somehow.

“Rebecca.” She stood to her feet and came toward him.

He put his hands on her upper arms and held her firmly away from him. “We should get you to bed.”

“I won’t argue with that.”

“In your own quarters. Alone.”

Her face fell. “You kissed me. Were you just toying with me?”

“No, but I didn’t realize your response wasn’t genuine.”

She pulled away from him. “No, I get it. I’m too fat. My hair is hideous. I have freckles.” She pushed against his chest and whirled away. “Your own females reject you, yet still I’m not good enough.”

Freckles? He knew the word but didn’t remember what they were. But she was not too fat, and her hair was beautiful.

“Wait. I think the drug is affecting more than your libido. You aren’t making sense.” He turned her back to face him, but he still held her at a distance. He’d be a goner if she began caressing him. “Your hair is a beautiful color, and I think the way it curls down your back is very attractive. You have a voluptuous figure. I know Earthlings like bony mates, but I don’t. And … I like your freckles.” He still couldn’t remember what they were, but he didn’t see a single thing he didn’t like.

She began rubbing her face. “I hate them,” she said softly. She rubbed harder. “Always have.”

Freckles! The darker spots on her skin. He released one arm and pushed her hand away, touching a couple of the freckles. “I like them.”

She took his hand and pressed it to her face, kissing the palm. “Then make love to me.” She gazed up into his eyes.

His heart and his cock both ached. No female had ever looked at him with such longing and need. No female had ever asked for his attentions—they had allowed them, more because of the famous Arorian stamina than anything else. The females of his race didn’t want him, and the females of most other humanoid races didn’t trust him, so all of his partners had been casual encounters and fleeting affairs. They’d been hollow and meaningless, no matter how pleasurable, and he did not want that with this captivating Earth woman. He wanted her to look up at him and make this request when she was in her right mind.

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