Juliana's Dream

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,560
1 Ratings (4.0)

Trapped in a hellish life as the pain toy of an insensate Master, Juliana is close to giving up, which for a slave girl on Ranexx means but one thing. Her Master Dionysius beats her daily, and locks her away in a cruel chastity belt the rest of the time making it impossible for her to execute the functions of a pleasure slave for which she had been trained. Yet there is hope in Juliana's heart, in the delightful form of Gallerus, her overseer at the tavern where she toils. She wants him and he desires her, but can he rescue her from a fate worse than death, and if he does will he survive the consequences of his actions on the lusty, male-dominated world of Ranexx?

Juliana's Dream
1 Ratings (4.0)

Juliana's Dream

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,560
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Released from the strappado, Juliana let her body fall against him knowing the stacked sinew of Gallerus would hold her up. He stood before as he always appeared, nearly nude showing off his muscular body in but a loincloth and wide belt. Pressing against his flat stomach and rippling abdominals, she looked up at his boyish face of short-cut black hair and soulful brown eyes. If only he could take me right now.

Yet she knew she should still offer to serve him in her limited capacity. It would feel good to make him feel good and have his semen in her mouth.

"Master Gallerus, it is so good to see you. May this slave serve you as she can?" She ran her hands up his chest and agonized about being in chastity.

"He's been beating you hard again I see. Well perhaps today will be special for you and you'll be able to serve in a more sexual way." He smiled, making her wonder what he meant.

I don't understand, he knows only Dionysius has the key to my chastity.

Gallerus reached tenderly to her sore nipples touching them with gentle sensuality. Then he one by one took each nipple to his mouth suckling each slowly.

Juliana began to feel her breasts expand and engorge but she wondered why he was doing this for they could not take it further in her chastity. Does he wish to tease me?

Inside she knew he didn't so she quietly let him go on relishing his touch.

His mouth still on her nipple, he began to caress her belly, back, and inner thighs, anywhere he could get to outside the chastity belt's cruel touch.

Some of his touches hurt, as her body was sore from her beating, but long suppressed desire was rising in her and she would endure the pain for his touch.

Now Gallerus did something which shocked her. Violating every rule of propriety between Masters, he kissed another man's slave. Not satisfied with just a kiss, he licked and playfully bit at her earlobes, and kissed her upper neck above her collar.

Juliana was about to burn up with her desire so she moaned to him. "Master, why do this? I cannot serve you properly."

"Would you like to serve me properly and serve the patrons at the tavern tonight if they desire?"

More than you truly understand Master, but how? "Yes, Master I would die for it to be so."

"Since you Master doesn't understand the purpose of a pleasure slave, perhaps someone else should take over."

Gallerus was everything to Juliana, but she couldn't be teased on this subject. Her enforced chastity was perhaps more painful to her than her beatings. Her need caused her to speak boldly, unlike a slave.

"Master, do not taunt, for my chastity is and evil thing to me. I resolved to ask you to slay me under these bright suns, so I might find a way out of this hell. If there is another way out, please say so now or loose thy sword and kill me."

Gallerus looked horrified for a second, but then he reached to his belt and for a fleeting instant Juliana thought she might see him unsheathe his small sword, but he was reaching to the ring of keys hanging on his belt. Gallerus pawed through the ring, a ring he always carried as he was an overseer at the tavern.

Holding her breath, Juliana dared not consider the impossible. But when his fingers came to a key which was brother to the one Dionysius carried on his neck, her mind screamed to her. He has the key, but how?

Full of questions but desiring only his actions, she pulsed as the key went into the lock at her waist, and the belt popped open. How many times had she dreamed of this moment?

Not shy as he knew she desired it, Gallerus immediately touched her slave cunt, letting his fingers play in her folds and making her gasp and nearly melt in his arms. Unfortunately another desire was revealed by this touching.

"Master, I am sorry, but I need to pee." Juliana was embarrassed to have to ask at this exciting moment, but it was suddenly urgent.

Gallerus chuckled, for although he had never before owned a pleasure slave of his own, he knew they were required to ask permission for even the simplest of things.

"Go ahead, fetch your bucket."

Immediately Juliana went to the corner of the room, got the wooden bucket she was allowed to pee into, and dutifully squatted over her bucket before Gallerus. Having done this countless time as a slave and learned slaves have no privacy, she let go her stream and dumped the bucket down a drain when she was through. There was one more duty she had to perform so Juliana fetched a cloth and brought it to Gallerus. Handing it to him, she bent over and spread her legs for him to wipe her, but keeping her eyes to the floor, she never felt the cloth.

Simply put, Gallerus took her. Lifting her feet from the ground and impaling her on his rock hard organ. Squealing, Juliana flailed momentarily, but when he entered her she gasped and her eyes got big. Oh, sweet Felicia surely he must have draw his sword and killed me, for I am in heaven.

Her body became like a rag doll in his arms as he rutted deep inside her for the first time. Yes she was a pleasure slave, accustomed to hard sex, but this was the first time in over fifty suns a cock had been inside her sex doing to her what she was built and trained for.

Slowly she felt her clit bulb move to the stimulation, pressing to his shaft which was hammering in and out of her needy gash. Because of her long chastity, and her great need, the road to orgasm was short, and Juliana climaxed quickly screaming out for him.

"Ohhh, yessss, Gallerus, fuck me, take me." Juliana threw back her head and simply drank in the simple pleasure of orgasm once again after having been so long separated. Feeling her thighs quake, she closed her eyes and let herself swim in pleasure again immersing herself in the long absent joy.

It wasn't until she had allowed the climax to course through her she began to wonder. Why did he have the key? Has something changed between us?

Gallerus came inside her anointing her stretched tunnel with his seed and reminding Juliana she must begin again to take her Woman's Weed, to prevent herself from getting pregnant. Commonly administered to pleasure slaves, the natural herb denied conception, even when taken after the fact.

"Master, what is happening? How do you possess my key?" Resting her head on his muscular, shaven chest, she was content in his arms and would remain so even if he did not answer her. If he were my Master, I would love him so deeply.

An answer came to her, but she did not understand it. "Look about the room, Juliana, and remember every detail as it is, so you will be able to conjure this memory all you life. Come, the supply wagon waits for us."

Juliana went to speak, to say she did not understand, but he placed his fingers over her lips bidding her not to say a word. Looking about, he grabbed her nipple leash and in a gesture of kindness he snapped the clamps on the upper flesh of her breasts rather than her still tender nipples. He pointed to the door and obediently she stepped out in front of him, to walk in front of him in the tradition Ranexxian manner of a leashed slave girl. However as she strutted down the marble-floored hallway, her mind was alive with the possibilities.

What is going on? Why did he want me to remember that moment?

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