Just a Game (MM)

Hot Flash 1


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 3,587
0 Ratings (0.0)

Friends Colin and Edward are ready for a night of tabletop gaming. But when no one else shows, they decide to go ahead and play anyway.

A little just-for-fun roleplaying takes a steamy turn when a few chance rolls of the die put Colin's and Edward's characters in bed together. They could stop playing at any time, or see where luck takes them ... and their friendship.

Just a Game (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Just a Game (MM)

Hot Flash 1


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 3,587
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

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That was something Colin really appreciated in Edward -- how willing he was to accept shifting realities, new truths. When Colin came out as trans several years ago, Edward had been one of his few friends who took to it easily and without argument. The rules changed, and he adapted. Colin really felt Edward saw him, which could be difficult with people he'd known for so many years.

Colin wanted Edward to see more of him. He wanted to see more of Edward. He didn't think this had anything to do with being dumped a month ago. No, this had been building a while, and now a snowstorm and a few friends staying home meant Colin might actually have a chance to do something about how he felt toward Edward.

"We climb into the last place the window showed," said Edward. "Which is ..." He waited to see what the dice turned up. "... the castle ladies' bath."

"Well, I'm hiding behind the nearest curtain," said Colin, rolling to confirm Elm could pull that off. He could. "You?"

Edward rolled, the number one looking up at him. He swore.

"Bad news is they saw you," said Colin, grinning. "Good news is you don't seem out of place. They must think you're a statue or something."

"Great. Guess I'm not getting laid now."

"You never know…" said Colin.

He was still grinning at Edward when he looked up. Their eyes met and it was immediately awkward. Colin looked away, worried Edward could tell how he felt, yet afraid he had no idea. Which was better, he didn't know.

They moved through the castle, aimless, until they reached what seemed like a bar for staff. Colin could tell Edward's interest was waning, but he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get a little intimate. It was just a game, after all.

"Let's have a drink," he said.

"Sure. I'm going to flirt with the barmaid." Edward rolled a one on his twenty-sided die, and groaned. "What is it? Do I throw my beer in her face?"

"No," said Colin. "You flirt with Elm instead."

He waited, unable to look at Edward, who'd gotten suddenly quiet. For several terrible seconds Colin was certain Edward would decide he was done playing, but Edward's just-go-along-with-it personality kicked in and he didn't insist on quitting.

"I must be really drunk."

"Nope, just bad aim. Not a good way to start."

"Go ahead and roll," said Edward, nodding to Colin's die. "See if we start fighting each other."

They both rolled, the dice on Colin's side at the moment. He and Edward stared at the results.

"Huh, I guess you're really good at flirting with the wrong person. I'm in love with whatever you said to me."

"Probably about your eyes. Let's see if I kiss you."

Colin was not expecting that, but he wasn't going to object to it, either. According to the dice, Elm and Samson made out a bit at the bar, beers forgotten. According to Colin's skin, it was way too warm inside. He hoped it was snowing really, really hard outside. He hoped they'd somehow get snowed in.

"The barmaid's telling us to get a room."

"What? No," said Edward, but the die betrayed him when he rolled. "Seriously?"

"Elm lures you up to some nobleman's bed with the promise of jewel thievery afterward."

"Jewel thievery. Right." Edward sighed. "The dice have spoken. I'm really into your jewels."

Colin glanced at him, wondering if the comment was on purpose, but Edward wouldn't look at him. He knew for sure they wouldn't be doing this if Hailey or Tim or any of the others were here right now. Some part of Edward must like it. And Colin wasn't going to stop if Edward wasn't going to.

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