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Justice Is Always Ready (MF)

A Graham Family Story

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 54,240
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Will she accept…or walk away leaving him with nothing more than the memory of her touch?

Jamal “Justice” Graham is an officer in the US Coast Guard. He thought his life was perfect until one rainy day when he meets Kassidy Barrow. Unable to get her out of his mind, he pursues her with single-minded focus.

Kassidy flies under the radar, trying to please her parents and taking pride in her work at the library. When Justice comes into her life, he kindles a fire within her she never knew was there.

His work, her family, and life get in the way and Kassidy tries to push Justice away. He’s a man who lives the USCG motto and Justice is Always Ready. She is the world to him and he doesn’t have any plans on letting her go.

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The sky was dark and thunder rumbled through the area as he pulled up to the museum. As the first few big drops fell from the sky, Teak jumped out and waved her thanks before she dashed up the stairs. Justice waved to her and began to drive on. In his peripheral vision he noticed a woman carrying a load too big and awkward for her. He was tired and wanted to get to his apartment, but his manners and upbringing wouldn’t let him ignore her. Tossing the gearshift into park, Justice turned on the hazards and climbed out. The moment he shut the door behind him, the woman dropped what she carried.

“Oh…oh…fudge!” she complained before dropping to a crouch and frantically gathering everything in the rain.

Fudge? Didn’t know people said fudge anymore. Justice picked up some papers by the parking block he stood on. Striding over to her, he knelt down. “Here you go.”

“Thank you,” she said looking up at him from beneath the brim of her Pepto-Bismol pink rain hat.

His heart skipped a few beats when he stared into her eyes. A blend of gray with a hint of green swirled within the depths. Wow! “Let me get that for you,” he managed to mutter.

Justice took the stacks of haphazardly gathered, and now damp, papers before getting to his feet. Carefully holding them, he reached out a hand to help her up. Her hand, although slightly wet, felt warm and soft against his skin and his heart pounded faster. The rain fell harder and the thunder rolled. As one they headed toward the door of the museum.

“Thank you so much,” she said, gesturing for him to put the pile down on the information counter. “I should have taken more than one trip, but with the rain I didn’t want to, so then I had too much and… and I’m rambling like an idiot.”

Justice watched a delighted flush tinge her nut-brown skin. “Glad I could help.”

She stuck her hand out, a wide and innocent smile on her face. “Kassidy Barrow. It’s a pleasure.”

He immediately reached for her hand. “Indeed it is. Justice Graham.” The urge to draw her in close nearly floored him. Kassidy wrinkled her nose and dropped his hand seconds before she sneezed.

“Bless you.”

“Thank you.” She sneezed again. “Excuse me.” With a wave over her shoulder she moved off down the hall.

Justice faced the woman going through the wet pile they’d left on the information counter; there was a huge smile on her face. “Does she work here?” he asked.

The woman with “Lucy” on her nametag shook her head. “No, sir. But she’s here a lot. Her mom’s the curator.”

“Thank you.” He crossed his arms and looked off in the direction she’d vanished. There had been something about her, he couldn’t put a name to it yet but it was there.

“Have a great day,” Lucy said, putting her attention back on the mess before her.

“You too.”

Spinning around, Justice headed out into the downpour. Kassidy Barrow. Her face was still with him as he slid his soaked body behind the wheel of his car, turned off the hazards, and drove away.

“Until we meet again, Kassidy.”

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