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Katarina's Return (MFM)

The ShadowDance Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 46,121
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Katarina "Kat" McKay narrowly escapes a BSDM encounter gone horribly wrong in Las Vegas and makes her way home to Climax and into the arms of the only two men she'd ever loved.

Alex and Zach Lamont’s rejection of Kat as "too young" sent her running several years ago. Former Special Forces soldiers Alex and Zach Lamont now run the ShadowDance Club, a wildly successful BDSM Club in the Colorado Rockies. Having never stopped searching for Kat, they are thrilled to have her back in their lives. They have always known they would share a wife and are convinced Kat is perfect for them, but can they protect her from the wealthy, tech-savvy sadist who fully intends to make her pay for humiliating him by slipping out of the club where he was publicly whipping her?

The Lamonts and their crack security team of fellow former Special Forces operatives vow to keep Kat safe, but ultimately it is the smart, sexy, and very sassy Katarina who saves herself and her men when her nemesis breaks into their home.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
What can I say!!! This book started my love for the ShadowDance Club gang. I love Kat's sense of humor and she sure keeps the Lamont brothers on their toes!!! I have read everyone of the books in this...

- rhondavb

What a awesome book. Loved how the story just flowed and kept you interested and wondering what was going to happen next. I am looking forward to the rest of this series. Avery Gale writes a wonder...

- rorotach

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Alex and Zach only paused for a heartbeat before taking off at a dead run around the lake. “What the hell?” Zach couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Is that a woman? And Christ Almighty, are those whiplashes? Get Colt on the phone. Get help headed this way.”

Zach had already spurred his horse and was skirting the lake’s sanded edge. He could hear Alex barking commands but was ignoring them because there was something hauntingly familiar about the woman lying on her side, facing away from the water’s edge. Even though she was angled away from his approach, he knew, just knew it was her, the one woman they’d let slip through their fingers. He leapt off his horse before it had even come to a full stop and was kneeling beside the naked woman when Alex approached on the other side. “Is she alive?” Alex asked, kneeling beside her while Zach picked up her wrist, checking her pulse.

“Her pulse is awfully weak, but it’s there. You make the calls, make sure they bring my bag, and have them get the paramedics and the sheriff headed this way. We’ve got to figure out how to get her out of here without doing any further damage.” Zach had been the medic for their teams in the military. He knew he was the logical choice to provide care, and Zach also knew that the minute Alex figured out it was Kat, everything was going to change, and Alex’s rational decision-making skills were going to be for shit. Alex was known for his steely, always-in-control personality. He was widely respected as the one who could always be counted on to make decisions based on facts. He carefully weighed options and calculated probabilities in the time it took most people to blink. But Katarina McKay had always been the one weak spot in Alex’s perfectly ordered world.

Brushing her matted hair back from her face, Alex paled and froze. “Oh my God, Katarina.” There was a split second when Zach thought his brother was going to go right over the edge into insanity. Alex’s eyes widened, his breathing stopped, and he looked as if he’d seen a ghost, but then he was in full boss mode, flipping open his phone, barking orders to Colt Matthews, who’d been their chief of security since they’d opened The Club. Colt Matthews had been their team leader during each tour of duty. There simply wasn’t anyone better at his job. The man was an electronics whiz extraordinaire, a master at anticipating every possible scenario and strategizing responses, and he was the closest thing they’d ever had to a best friend. They’d entrusted their lives to Colt too many times to count and would trust him with their younger sister’s life, if the two could ever stop bickering long enough to recognize their mutual attraction.

Finishing up his call and returning to Kat’s side, Alex asked, “Who the fuck do you think did this to her? And why is she out here alone in the middle of nowhere? Why didn’t she call us? Why didn’t she come to the house? Christ, how did she even make it this far?” Kat’s soft moan brought his attention back to her and the current situation. He ran soothing touches down her soft cheeks, murmuring to her to hang in there that help was on the way while Zach tried to assess her injuries. Zach covered her with a light foil blanket from the first aid kit he always carried in his saddlebags. In just a few minutes, Zach knew, there would be people everywhere, and the fewer people who saw what was theirs the better. Knowing they didn’t really have a claim to Kat yet didn’t matter, they would soon. She wasn’t slipping through their fingers again. Suddenly, the quiet was shattered as SUVs came barreling around the lake. Colt’s custom-built ATV slid to a stop, and the paramedics had jumped out of the enclosed unit before it even stopped rolling. While they worked to stabilize Kat, a backup team immediately began securing the area. Since no one knew the circumstances of Kat’s arrival, every precaution for her safety would be taken. In twenty minutes she had been stabilized, IVs started, and was being loaded into the ATV.


* * * *


Kat felt like she was lost in a thick fog. She could hear voices, but everything felt like it was just out of her reach. The sounds began to swirl closer until she heard a voice say, “What hospital are you taking her to?” That voice…she knew it…she was sure she did. Where was she? The last thing she remembered was the cool water. Echo Lake. She was by Alex and Zach’s family’s mountain lake. That was Alex’s voice. Hospital? Oh God! No!

Kat came up fighting, struggling to sit up, she managed to scramble off the gurney while the paramedics were too startled by her sudden movements to stop her. Spinning around to see what the commotion was, Alex’s sharp voice sounded above all the others. “Katarina! Stop! Now!” In the deepest part of her mind, she recognized and responded to the authority of a Dom and froze. Even after all she’d been through at the hands of a ruthless sadist, her soul recognized the unyielding command. Kat froze, clutching the blanket around her. She swayed once then, and her knees gave out, and she collapsed just as Zach wrapped his arms around her battered body.

Scooping her up, Zach held her against his chest as she cried softly, pleading. “Please, please, please…”

“Please what, kitten? Tell me what you need.” Zach’s soft words whispered against her hair. He couldn’t know the calm his embrace brought to her. “Tell me who hurt you, baby. Let us fix this for you. Let us take care of you.”

Looking up into his face, she spoke in a broken sob. “Please, Zach, don’t let them take me. No hospitals, no doctors. He’ll know, he’ll find me. If my name appears anywhere, he’ll know, and he’ll come and finish what he started.”




When Zach added a second finger inside her, Kat thought she was going to come right then. If his fingers felt this amazing, how was she ever going to survive their cocks? And from the looks of the bulges she’d noticed earlier this evening, they might not even fit inside her. As if sensing her question, Alex whispered, “Don’t worry, baby, we’ll make sure you are ready for us. You may not think we’ll fit, but I assure you, we will, and it’s going to be amazing, you’ll see. Just lay back and feel. Let your mind float in the pleasure, just lose yourself in the experience.” Alex knew Katarina’s mind was racing, he could practically hear her tortured thoughts. He and Zach had talked about every detail and knew they’d have to both work together to make this moment magical for her. They wanted it to be a moment she would still remember fondly when they were old and gray rocking on the front porch watching their grandchildren play in the yard.

“Baby, are you on birth control?” Alex wanted to make sure she knew they would protect her in all ways. “We both have current doctor’s reports we can show you, we’re clean. We have never had sex without a condom. But you are ours and we’d both like to feel you without anything between us if possible.”

Kat was almost panting with desire. “I’m on the pill. I have been for years.” Kat felt them both freeze, so she added, “The doctor said it would regulate my monthly cycle and ease cramping. I have continued taking them for that reason.” She could practically feel their relief. It had always amazed her that men thought if a single woman was taking birth control pills it was because she wanted to be fucking like a bunny. It didn’t seem to occur to them that there might be a legitimate medical reason involved.

Zach had moved up so that his knees moved her legs farther apart as he slowly lowered himself over her and captured her mouth with his in a kiss that had ramped up her desire until she was almost unconsciously spreading her legs even farther apart and lifting her hips up in need; she felt him place the head of his cock at her opening and move inside just enough for her to begin to feel her swollen tissues stretching around his width.


* * * *


Zach was fighting the urge to plunge as deep as he could get into Kat’s wet silk; he was already digging deep for every bit of self-control he had, and he’d only just begun to make love to her. The combination of knowing there was nothing between his cock and her pussy, along with his knowledge that he was finally getting to make love to the woman he’d loved for so long, was almost more than he could comprehend. She looked up at him with her hair spread across her pillow in soft, blonde waves of silk. Her eyes were filled with wonder and lust, her breathing was becoming increasingly shallower, and he knew her pulse was racing. He began to slowly move in and out of her, gaining entrance in fractions of an inch with each stroke, trying to make sure her body had plenty of time to adjust. Both he and his brother were large men, and she was a very small woman. Extra care was more important than his own need to plunder and stake his claim.

Zach felt the head of his cock come up against the membrane barrier of her innocence. He stilled and spoke against her ear. “This is it, kitten, I’m going to push through, it’s going to sting, don’t feel like you need to hide your discomfort from us. We want all of you, remember that always. Hang on to my shoulders.”

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