Kit Dawes

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Kit Dawes exists only to create virile heroes whose obsessive appetites make them dangerous—and delicious—to the heroines of their dreams. She believes chemistry is magic, love is science, and magnetism is powerful enough to make anyone weak.

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: It varies. I’m married, have two children, and my mother lives with us. I work full-time and recently returned to college to finish my degree. I write when I can find time. It’s not fixed, unfortunately. I’m not as prolific as I would like to be. I hope that will change soon.

Q. What types of stories appeal to you most—as a reader and author?

A: I love all kinds of stories. For me, it’s all about character and watching relationships grow and change and deepen. I write across genres, though contemporaries, futuristics, and romantic suspense are personal favorites.

Q. What does your family feel about your erotic stories?

A. My husband thinks it’s a fun hobby. My kids are too young to know about it. My mother is often my proofreader. She’s not a romance reader, but she’s very supportive of me and my stories. She knows writing is my favorite way to unwind.

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