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Las Vegas Honeymoon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,700
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Just before her nuptials, Mary Franks overhears a woman complaining about her boyfriend. The cheating bastard is having an affair with one of Mary's bridesmaids. Mary is shocked to find that "the cheating bastard" is Ralph Nugent, her fiancé. She declares the wedding off and moves into the honeymoon stage. Alone and miserable, she questions her decision while waiting for her bags at the Las Vegas airport.

Dan Higgins, Mary's high school crush, is in Las Vegas for the annual bash his family's company hosts. So far, he's had nothing but trouble--a long trip ends with his room being given away. Then he turns and looks into the eyes of a sexy woman. Imagine his surprise when the angel turns out to be sweet, studious Mary from high school.

When Mary offers him private quarters in her suite, he knows Lady Luck is sitting on his shoulder.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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4 STARS: "Las Vegas Honeymoon is a titillating read; I almost felt like a voyeur because Ms. Drake did a great job of pulling me into the story. I totally got why Mary was insecure and I liked how Dan was neither a sinner nor a saint, but a yummy combination of the two. And the sex - mmm, mmm, good. You'll be over the moon once you read Las Vegas Honeymoon." -- Amy Wynn, Ecataromance



Mary was beginning to wish she’d ordered real drinks instead of virgins. The lights, the throbbing, thumping music, and the signs all around of sex, had wound her into a state of severe horniness. Being seated in a darkened booth against the wall gave an aura of privacy. She looked up. Dan was intently watching the show. If not for her, he’d be up front with Pete. Did he wish he was?

She wanted his attention. She studied the girl on stage to get some idea of how she used her body. Sighing in frustration, she admitted there was no way she’d ever be able to move to music like that, and what if she tried and her body incited disgust rather than excitement?

All Mary sensed in Dan was the tenseness of his muscles. He talked a little—as much as he could above the music—but he hadn’t touched her at all, or given her smoldering looks like he had at the party. Had she imagined the message in his eyes or the possessiveness of his touch? A blazing bird of paradise would command his attention. Such a woman wouldn’t doubt her abilities, she’d make Dan notice her.

Mary placed her hand on Dan’s groin. He gasped. She gasped, too and almost yanked her hand back, nervousness threatening to overcome the needy pulse centered between her legs. Dan dropped his hand over hers, pressing her fingers into the bulge under his fly, then pushing down and tugging up, making her hand stroke him through his clothes. His cock, already long and hard, stiffened and grew under her palm. Something like a groan escaped his lips.

The club’s atmosphere stifled whatever inhibitions were left in her. Not considering who might be watching she released her breast from the dress bodice, then guided his free hand to caress her waiting flesh and pebbled nipple.

He draped his arm across her shoulders and turned her toward him. Even in the dim lighting, a look of hunger shone clear in his eyes. He kneaded her breast while his lips nibbled at hers.

“You know people can see us, don’t you?” he whispered.

“Everyone’s watching the action on stage.”

“Not that man over there.”

She looked over her shoulder to a nice looking middle-aged man at the next table. He raised his glass in salute with one hand. His other hand was inside the placket of his slacks. At that moment Dan dipped his head to suckle her nipple. A moan of pleasure escaped her, and any thought of the creepy man flew out of her head.

Dan nicked her breast with his teeth and she gasped again. The strange man at the neighboring table widened his eyes as though he knew what Dan had done.

How exciting. The thought shot through her head. Being watched turned her on in a way she’d never imagined. Of course, no sweet violet ever thought about things like this. She winked and then turned her attention back to Dan.

She pulled on the zipper tag and released his cock. It surged, full and long in her hand. Dan lifted his mouth to hers again, but her tongue took control of him before he had a chance to play invader. She licked, touched, stroked, nuzzled, while her hand smeared pre-cum over the head of his cock.

Then she broke the kiss. Struggling to one knee on the banquette seat, she bent her head and sucked him. His hand moved down her back to her bottom. He lifted her skirt. Under the thong, he had full access to her feminine regions. They would also be exposed to their watcher. The thought made her hotter than a jalapeno.

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