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Last Orders: A Buffalo Steampunk Adventure

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 73,816
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Buffalo Police Sergeant Brendan Fagan, investigating a series of grisly murders spurred by clashes between humans and automatons, only wants to save his city. The last thing he needs in his life is a rule-bending, steam-cannon-toting, unpredictable female like Ginny Landry, a woman who could possibly bring down his career and the one woman he quite likely can't resist.

Ginny means to settle the estate of her mother, an infamous madam, quickly and get out of town. She has no intention of becoming involved with any part of her inheritance or falling for Brendan. In fact, she makes it a point never to date handsome men. But when her rash behavior brings them together, the attraction can’t be denied.

And when the city erupts in chaos, forcing her to choose a moral side, can she deny what’s in her heart?

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Ginny glared harder at the tall, strapping hunk of man—police officer—who stood before her. She supposed being a police officer didn’t exclude him from being a man but at the moment she felt a little fuzzy about it. In any case, he was much too good looking, well over six feet with a good set of shoulders, reddish hair and features that had been entirely too well-carved. And those eyes—just look at those eyes: bright blue and snapping with rage.
She detested handsome men.
He had to be the most detestable she’d ever seen. And his voice! That Irish accent of his caressed his words the way his tongue might well caress a woman.
“I do not wish to be arrested. What blame fool would want to get arrested?”
“Then hand over your weapon. You can reclaim it tomorrow at the station.”
How professional he was. How well he kept his anger under control. But Ginny could feel it and she wondered what it would take to make him lose that control.
“I’ve had this steam cannon since I was fourteen years old.”
“Well you and it are going to have to spend the rest of the night apart. Dennis?” The officer jerked his head at the second cop—at least Ginny thought there were two and she wasn’t just seeing double. The two of them closed in on her again, one from either side.
She raised the weapon, dimly aware it was a stupid thing to do.