Five years ago Juliet Morgan tossed away the only man she'd ever love and the only life she'd ever want to live. Honorably retired from the Air Force she hops the first plane in hoping there's something left to repair. Trent Joplin's never gotten over sexy Juliet, but it doesn't mean he's ready to open his heart to her again. Five years is a long time to for love to linger, but maybe it's all about scratching an itch. Juliet's ready and willing to do anything to win her way back in Trent's life. While Trent takes her body to new heights of passion, Juliet's determined to sneak her way back into his heart faster than you can say lickity split.

Lickity Split
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Heat rushed to her cheeks as her stomach rumbled at the scent. "I...ah...just landed and haven't had a chance to stop for food." She explained while holding tightly to the goodies in her arms. Plus, she was shivering in the cold under her thick coat. Trent's anger kept him from feeling the same chill until he saw her reaction.

Then her words sank in. "Just landed as in flew in from California?" Her home base the last time they'd been together. "Or just flew in as in 'still have sand in my boots.' "

"The second one...uh...sand in the boots," she offered with a tentative smile. Oh God did that sear him straight to the bone.

He wasn't such a bastard as to throw a woman out of his house. Especially one who looked as tired and hungry as this one did. Not to mention the promise he'd made himself all those years ago.

"Fine, get in here and I'll let you share my pizza. You may use the time to talk, but I'm not promising to listen." Liar his conscience yelled. "I said everything I had to say to you years ago."

"I'll take what I can get." She closed the remaining distance between them and offered up a slight smile. "At least I've come baring presents, right?"

"Depends on the presents," he grudgingly replied. Her body covered in nothing but those sexy heels and chocolate sauce would be a present he'd never turn down.

"I stopped by Valentino's," she said naming the specialty shop they'd always enjoyed exploring together. "Mr. Valentino made some specific recommendations and swore you'd love them."

Trent knew things would never be the same once they took this step. What he couldn't see was whether his possible acceptance would lead to the happiness of his dreams or a life devoid of any possible chance of happiness.

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