Sequel to The Vampire and The Man-Eater

Brock Hart fell in love with a vampire. There was nothing strange about that, was there? But when four-hundred and fifty-three year old Daniel Wolf had changed into a human, now that was strange! Brock and Daniel were convinced that the combination of a man loving a vampire, a vampire who had never in four centuries felt love, had brought about a miraculous change in Daniel. But…that change was short-lived and within months, Daniel is once again, a ‘bloodsucker’. On the week of Halloween during a chaotic masquerade party, Brock’s friend Adrian Tripp invites his California friends to join them. To Daniel and Brock’s horror, Lionel Valley, the big Dom from LA, is…not human. Enjoy the thrill and adventure of a Halloween tale that will keep you up at night, in more than one way!

Lie With Me
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Cover Art by Dennis Dean- Photographer- Adrienne Wilder designer

Halloween was like Christmas and New Years wrapped in a bow for gay men. They could be their fantasy character.
The costumes were so elaborate, and risqué, Brock was in heat staring at bare ass cheeks and gleaming pecs.
“Lion!” Adrian called out as he continued to wave a man closer. While he did, he gripped Brock’s arm and said, “One of my LA friends has arrived. You’ll love him!”
Brock tried to see, though his eyes were struggling to focus from his inebriation.
A big man wearing similar bondage clothing to himself, emerged from the crowd. ‘Lion’ was enormous, at least six foot three, covered in tattoos and had a shaven head and trimmed beard. The man was so imposing, Brock actually stepped back to make space between them.
He watched Adrian and Lion embrace, laugh and whisper into each other’s ear, then in the din Brock could see Adrian introducing Lion to Brian, Eli, and Marty.
When Adrian gestured to Brock, giving the men a chance to shake hands, Brock noticed Lion’s eyes glowing in the dim club. He gasped, retracted his hand immediately and shook his head. “No.”
Adrian laughed to cover the awkwardness and Brock heard him say, “Sorry, Lionel, he’s wasted.”
“He’s spectacular.” Lion reached for Brock’s face.
Getting away from that touch as fast as he could, Brock stumbled into the men dancing behind him. The men he hit made sure Brock knew of their displeasure, cursing at him and holding up their spilled cocktails.
As panic seized him, Brock felt as if he were in a tunnel, trying to find his way out.
The noise was so loud, the lighting disorienting, flashing white, blue and red, Brock actually began to feel sick.
Just as he was about to flee to the exit or the men’s room, someone grabbed him and brought him into an embrace.
Brock was about to fight when he realized it was Daniel.

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