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Life's Too Short (MFFM)

Mr and Mrs Average Joe

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 56,327
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Inspired by gratitude, best friends Elaine and Mika decide to share their positive ideas in a book. Both realize, however, that much of their own happiness is derived from the active, fantasy filled sex lives they enjoyed. When the project begins to reflect this, husbands Joe and John eagerly offer assistance with research. Who knew orgasms had so many health benefits? Christmas delivers an exciting new development for the book but, could change everything for the two couples. Deciding that, life’s too short, these friends and lovers throw caution to the wind, taking things further than ever before. Finally, a getaway to a secluded, lakeside cabin turns into a life-changing, dream vacation where fantasies really do come true. Enjoy every moment. Life’s too short.

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Still wearing the Santa hats, they whispered to each other before coming back over to sit down together with me on one of the couches. John refilled everyone’s glass until the first bottle was empty. He walked to the kitchen and returned promptly with the second bottle and sat down on the other couch with Derek and Tara. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before, surprisingly, Tara was the one to break the ice.

“All right, I have to ask. Do you all…?” she inquired, pointing at the four of us with both hands then crossing them.

Elaine laughed a little and took a sip. “Do we all what?”

“You know, swing, swap husbands, whatever you call it,” Tara answered.

“We’re all consenting adults who have a great time together.” Elaine looked right into her eyes, fully enjoying the opportunity to talk about this. “We all get to live out our fantasies. It’s safe and we have a lot of fun. Don’t you have fantasies, Tara?”

“Yeah, I guess. But I have a hard time thinking about my husband with another woman.” Instinctively, we all glanced at Derek, who sunk a little lower on the couch and looked away. Tara then leaned forward toward Elaine and asked, “Have you and Joe always had an open marriage? I kind of expected it from her,” she continued, nodding toward Mika. “But, you guys seem so normal and happy.”

We all burst out laughing. “We are normal and happy! What makes you think we wouldn’t be?” Elaine asked. “And, no, we don’t have an open marriage. We were together for thirty years before we ever did this and these two are the only people we share ourselves with.” After a slight pause, she added, “But, we could make an exception.” She smiled and looked Tara right in the eyes. Mika then reached over and touched Elaine’s hand.

It wasn’t unnoticed by Tara this time and she asked, “So, do you two, um…?”

“Yes, Elaine and I are lovers,” Mika told her. “Don’t worry, Tara. We’re not trying to recruit you.” Elaine turned to kiss Mika then looked back across at Tara.

“I don’t know, Mika. She’s pretty hot,” Elaine said with a smile before taking another sip.

She was kidding, I think, but Tara gave the two of them a little smirk and said, “Hmm.”

Then Elaine got right to the heart of it. “Tara, Mika told me you were religious and how you felt about this and that’s okay. Mika and I believe that God gave us this incredible gift, these bodies capable of giving so much pleasure to ourselves and the ones we love. Listen, this relationship with the four of us began as a fantasy, mine actually, and we just let it evolve.” She paused for another drink but never lost eye contact with Tara. “You’re a very beautiful woman. You know men look at you and fantasize, right? Do you like that?” Elaine asked her. Tara nodded with a smile. “And, trust me,” she continued, “there are plenty of women who look at you, too, whether you realize it or not. Being with another woman is really nice. We know just how we like to be touched, don’t we?” Elaine asked, turning to Mika again, who smiled and nodded. “So, what are your fantasies, Tara?”

Tara took a sip of her champagne but didn’t say a word. She was reluctant to respond but I thought maybe she was getting aroused.

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