Lisa's Tale

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,666
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In this erotic science fiction romance we come along on a journey with Matt Samuels as he seeks to overcome his Unrequited Fantasies and transform his life in five days at the most fabulous hotel chain in the world. In the ultra-posh business hotel market of the future, Courtesy Suites has led the way in innovation by adopting an entirely robotic staff for all their guest services. They have achieved their best-in-class reputation for their extraordinary attention to every detail, the luxury of their accommodations, their attitude that there is no such thing as a problem where a guest is concerned, and most of all -- their remarkable fembot staff. In this regard they have set the bar high up into the ionosphere for their competition. Yet while a robot can bring your deepest fantasies to life, Matt has come looking for something much more than that. He is on the hunt for the elusive Lisa -- a Courtesy Suites staff robot who is special even among their other extraordinary staff members, and who has left a lasting impression on him during a previous brief encounter. Having had one bite of the apple of all that Courtesy Suites has to offer, Matt Samuels, a top professional engineer, has now engineered himself a scheme to return and find out for himself if the fembots of Courtesy Suites are merely cleverly programmed machines -- or if there's the potential for more in them than anybody else yet realizes. And just maybe for the right man and the right fembot the best of these fantasies can come true in the most unexpected of ways. A sweetly romantic story from our own rapidly approaching future.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and robots in sexual situations.

Lisa's Tale
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lisa's Tale

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,666
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Matt unconsciously held his breath as he walked through the ornate door and across the beautiful reception area of the Courtesy Suites Hotel. He barely appreciated the intricate inlaid designs beneath his feet as much as the high domed, glass-topped, atrium that currently was showing the night lights of the city outside.

This is going to work, he thought to himself, as he approached the reception desk.

A very attractive woman with short auburn hair looked up to him as he approached the desk. Matt noted the name -- Traci -- on her blue name badge.

She smiled up at him the most inviting smile Matt could ever recall receiving from such an appealing woman, then asked in a warm contralto, "Yes, Sir. May I help you?"

For a moment, Matt forgot his carefully rehearsed lines for this situation, but quickly recovered.

"Yes, you may. I'm Matt Samuels. I believe you have a room for me?"

The woman briefly looked down at the computer screen embedded in the counter and tapped a couple keys with a perfectly manicured red nail, then looked back up and flashed an even warmer smile. That was all for show, since Traci had no need to consult the hotel's reservation's system in such a manual manner. She had a more direct interface available to her.

"Yes. Here it is. Arranged and prepaid by The Towers Hotel."

The tension Matt had been holding since entering suddenly released, leaving him almost needing to catch the counter to steady himself as a wave of weak relief rushed through him. He grabbed at his emotions instead, took a quick deep breath, and looked back up to see the same, even hazel eyes gazing at him as though nothing at all had just happened.

"If you'll just sign here," she continued, handing him a stylus and indicating the electronic pad on the desk.

"Uh, thank you ... Traci," Matt got out, and then quickly scribbled his name across the pad. Signing one's name these days was a quaint touch that added to the sense of quiet elegance that surrounded him here. He reached back toward her with the stylus and felt her cool fingers deftly take it from his hand.

Matt waited for the automatic request that didn't come. Finally he asked, "Don't you need to see my credit card?"

This got a small smile at the corner of the mouth from Traci. She quickly hid it however, lest it make this guest the least bit uncomfortable.

"Is this your first visit to Courtesy Suites, Mr. Samuels?"

"Uh, yes. I mean no. What I mean is, I was here once before, but not as a guest. I was visiting a friend ... coworker ... who was a guest ... at the time ..."

Traci broke into Matt's confused recitation with, "I understand completely. I don't need to see your credit card because your room has been prepaid. At Courtesy Suites the room rate is all-inclusive. There are no additional expenses to be concerned about, hence no need to run your card."

That left Matt very relieved. No additional expenses to need to justify to the accounting weasels back home. He'd considered even not reporting any additional expenses and just eating them himself, but as a still single man saving towards escaping from his small apartment, extravagant spending was the last thing he wanted to indulge in on this trip. Courtesy Suites, on the other hand, was exactly what he wanted to indulge in at the moment.

"I will, however, need your thumb print," Traci said, reaching gently out to take his hand and guide it towards the electronic pad. "To access the elevators and unlock your room door," she added, sensing his confusion. "Our security -- and privacy -- here are very strict."

Her touch was gentle, affirming, and Matt suddenly realized he hadn't asked the first question that should have come to mind.

"Excuse me, but, uh, are you a ... you know ... a ... "

"A robot?" she finished for him. "Yes I am." She smiled back to him, yet again. "All hotel staff members with blue name badges are robots -- or fembots, if you prefer that term. We never confuse our guests about what we are unless ... " she looked at him with a positively mischievous twinkle in her eye that must have left some programmer very proud of his results, "they want to be confused."

"I'm happy to hear that," Matt replied, realizing that Traci was still holding his hand -- and that he didn't mind that at all.

He might have stood there all night, quite enchanted with realizing that if he couldn't tell Traci was a robot until she told him then the rest of the hotel's staff would be equally convincing. His previous brief experience here had left him thinking that would be the case, but it was much better when actually confirmed. But then she gently gave him back his hand saying, "I guess that just about completes check-in. Your room is 9104 on the ninth floor. The elevators are just around the corner and your luggage will be waiting for you there when you arrive."

Matt mumbled a thank you. He was already turning towards the indicated elevators when he realized he'd forgotten something very important. He turned back to inquire, "Excuse me again, but do I arrange with you my, uh, services ... "

Traci pulled up another of her dazzling array of smiles as she replied, "Any member of the staff can make arrangements for you at any time. Most guests prefer to make their choices from the comfort and privacy of their rooms after they get settled in."

That sounds good to me, Matt thought to himself, before adding to her, "Thanks, Traci." While it seemed strange to thank a machine for doing its job, Matt didn't see her that way. And besides, she seemed to genuinely appreciate his courteousness.

"You're welcome, Mr. Samuels. Have a nice stay at Courtesy Suites."

* * * *

Matt walked down the hall, still not believing this was actually happening. Expecting someone to call out his name at any moment and tell him there'd been a mistake. That he'd have to go back to his stuffy, technologically challenged, regular business hotel.

A couple of young women were coming the other way down the hall towards him, caught up in some mutual secret that they were laughing over, not paying any attention to the rest of the world. Matt stopped and moved to the side to let them pass. They looked up at the last moment to see him and he caught the flash of blue badges.

Astonishing. Even with each other they act like real girls.

As he stood there for a moment in the hall, realizing what he'd just seen, there was a light brush on his shoulder and a soft, "Excuse me," as a man brushed past on his way down the hall. Did he have a blue badge too? If he did he certainly wasn't a fembot. Just what is the proper term of address for a male robot?

Just ahead was 9104. The little silver plate with the illuminated amber oval beside the door rewarded the touch of this thumb with an almost inaudible click as the room door smoothly opened, and just as smoothly closed behind him.

* * * *

My own room at Courtesy Suites.

That had been the primary goal, which was now achieved. The result of the careful arranging of a room at a busy business hotel on a trade show weekend; guaranteeing the room through his corporate credit card; and then asking for late changes to a much in-demand No Smoking room with a single king bed. Lastly, arriving late and trusting that they were overbooked. The feigning of disappointment -- while pointing out that they had a responsibility under their room guarantee to get him a room somewhere -- and the suggestion that his business appointments over the next four days required him to be housed in the immediate area.

When they offered to arrange a room at the nearby Courtesy Suites -- because your company does a lot of business with us, they explained -- at no additional charge, and provide transportation to the hotel, it had been hard to show the right degree of quiet resignation to that fate -- since that had been Matt's carefully crafted plan since his last trip to the city nearly four months earlier.

* * * *

Matt was nervous about seeing Lisa again. He paced around the room, taking sips from the glass of wine that was part of his request for this evening. That had been delivered to his room moments after he'd requested it. He kept thinking back to four months ago when Bob, the top salesman in the company, invited him and the rest of the engineering team to come over and spend the evening with him at Courtesy Suites.

Matt had to deal with a last minute technical glitch in their demo unit first and had arrived later than the rest of the group. By the time he'd arrived the party was in full swing.

Bob was celebrating the closing of the deal -- and his sizable commission, no doubt. He was also paying back the people who'd made it all possible for him in this way. His junior sales partner, the four other engineers, and a couple of the customers, were already in the room when Matt arrived. The suite was full of food, music, loud talk -- and four of the most beautiful women Matt could ever remember seeing.

Suzie looked like a little -- and very well-built -- curvaceous French maid with black curly hair and a figure too lush for the small maid's outfit she wore -- or half an outfit, since it had no back on it at all. She was working behind the food tables, and was handling both food and bar service. She was short, barely five-feet-four, and had the cutest giggle each time she was pinched. And each time any of the men went over to get more food or another refill they pinched her.

Sharon was a perfect five-foot-seven-inch tall honey blonde in a very short dress and skimpy top who was sitting with two of the engineers and the sales partner, all involved in some sort of drinking game that seemed to involve the answers she was giving to their questions.

Darci was the absolute center of attention. She would have stood five-ten barefoot, and was perched on four-inch heels. Her bright blond hair, and a dress even shorter than Sharon's, showed her figure to perfection. And it was a figure to appeal to any engineer who worked with figures all day long. Forty-DD breasts. The thinnest waist. And legs that seemed to stretch forever. In fact, what she looked most of all like was a very popular girl's doll grown to life-size. Darci stood in the middle of the rest of the group that was laughing uncontrollably about something just as Matt came in.

It took a moment to see what had just happened -- and several more to fully understand it. As Suzie pressed a drink into Matt's hand, Matt was watching Bob, who had his TV remote in his hand. Except that the TV wasn't turned on, and every time Bob pressed a button the men started laughing again.

Matt finally realized that each time Bob pressed a button, some part of Darci stopped moving. Like an arm, or a leg. Then he'd press it again and she could move it once. The men surrounding her -- along with Darci herself -- were finding this uproarious.

As Matt figured out what was happening -- if not why -- and walked over to get a closer look, Bob started doing combinations of the buttons. He'd ask Darci to fetch him something, or shake hands or kiss one of the other men, then freeze several parts of her and watch how she tried to accommodate his request. The rest of the group was just about falling off their feet now. Curiously, Darci seemed to be having as much fun with it as the men were.

Then Bob announced loudly, "Now watch this."

He then told a bawdy old joke about a one-legged seaman, a mermaid, and an octopus, that would be absolutely unrepeatable to any audience and probably get anyone else fired if they ever repeated it back in the office. While the men laughed, Darci wrinkled up her noise in the prettiest possible expression of distaste -- just as any woman would. Bob then pressed a button that Matt saw was labeled BACK 2, and Darci froze for a moment, then tried to move an arm that hadn't worked a couple minutes ago.

"How'd you like that joke, Darci?" Bob asked with a leer.

"What joke?" she queried him back with a confused look.

"What did I tell you, guys? How many times in your life have you been with a pretty girl and suddenly realized that you really wanted to take back what you had just said or done in the last two minutes?"

The sounds of assent were unanimous.

"Well here you can have exactly that," he finished with a flourish to loud applause.

Now that Bob was finished with his demonstration, everyone else wanted to try it out on her as well. While they fought over the remote -- which was obviously not the TV wall remote -- Bob wandered over to the bar to harass Suzie. Matt took that opportunity to inspect now what he'd only glimpsed before in the rest of the crowded room. And there she was, sitting alone, looking far too good to be part of this crowd.

* * * *

Lisa looked elegant even sitting in the corner. Long dark brown hair. A face and figure that was the definition of Supermodel, rather than that of Darci's extreme sexuality. And a quietness about her that set her apart from Darci's party girl appeal, Suzie's flirtatiousness, or Sharon's approachability. Matt walked over to get a closer look.

As he approached he wondered if she was frozen too. Then she rose smoothly from her chair to stand on stylish rather than trashy three-inch heels. Even so, she topped Darci. In fact, her deep, clear brown eyes looked directly across to Matt's own. At that height himself, Matt seldom met a woman at such a convenient viewing angle.

How long that look lasted Matt couldn't say afterwards, but it was broken when Bob came over and slapped him on the shoulders in greeting.

"Finally made it, I see. Everything okay?"

"Sure, Bob. It was just an adjustment that had slipped. I reset it and locked it down tightly. She's humming like a kitten now."

"Glad to hear. Got to keep the customers happy. I see you've met Lisa. Lisa, this is Matt."

"Pleased to meet you, Matt," the tall woman said in a warm contralto.

She extended her hand, which Matt took a moment later after moving his glass to his left hand. It was warm and soft in contrast to his cold, wet grip of the moment. This woman didn't seem to mind that, however.

"Matt's a loner, like you I guess," Bob added unhelpfully, before wandering off to check on the drinking game. This was his party to keep moving along.

With the moment broken, Matt could take a moment to look at the rest of Lisa beyond her eyes. Unlike the other women, Lisa was wearing a full-length, silky white dress with a slit up the right side clear to her hip. Her fashionable black heels, which were little more than soles with thin straps and a spike at the rear, were the only things she needed. The dress softly hugged her slim figure, showing just a hint of nipples from what might be B-size breasts nudging the fabric at chest height. They were such a difference from Darci's ample double-D chest that held everyone's attention. Somehow this was far more elegant and sexy to Matt. He noticed how the slit, which had somehow managed to fall open at the moment, showed a length of shapely leg to rival even Darci.

"You're new here, aren't you?" Matt heard her ask him.

"Uh, yes."

Lisa reached down and picked up a control from the table like the one the group around Darci was fighting over. "May I explain to you how these work?"

"I don't, uh, think that will be necessary. I've already seen Bob's demonstration. But can I ask ..."

"Yes?" she prompted, lowering her eyes in a way to become even more intriguingly mysterious.

"Does it, uh, hurt?"

Lisa eyes snapped open again as she looked up and directly at him once more in apparent surprise. It was as though this was the last question she had expected him to ask.

Then she laughed a beautiful, natural laugh. "Of course it doesn't hurt. We are explicitly designed and manufactured to be able to respond to our controllers without damage. And to any reasonable guest's request as well."

This was just extraordinary. Now don't think Matt was dumb. He knew -- everyone knows -- what Courtesy Suites was all about. It's just the reality of it is so very different from that previous, theoretical, understanding.

Lisa sensed his confusion. Most guests were quite taken aback by their first full-on encounter with a Courtesy Suites staff member. And taken even more aback by her than by most of the other staff. Lisa was at the far end of the curve for the staff, being the tallest, along with having certain other special qualities that added to her ability to daunt others. Fortunately one of those special qualities was her ability to adapt her behavior modes in several ways to break the ice with new guests.

"Would you like to dance?" She asked softly.

Matt only trusted himself to nod yes. That worked just fine as Lisa flowed into his arms for a sensuous slow dance that made up for all the long hours of the project in an instant. The moment might have lasted forever except that a strong tap on Matt's right shoulder soon rudely interrupted it. Fred had left the drinking game -- from his looks and steadiness, either the winner, or loser, depending -- to stagger over to Matt.

"Mind if I cut in?" he slurred.

"I suppose not," Matt replied, lying through his teeth.

Fred was a good six inches shorter than Matt. Lisa looked him over, then gracefully reached down and slipped out of her heels before taking him into her arms.

Damn! Matt thought to himself. That's how it always happens. You find someone beautiful, available, and willing. And once you've proven that she's approachable, everyone else who was too timid to go near her before now feels free to horn in.

Matt noticed that Fred wasn't going to be able to finish his dance with Lisa before the junior sales assistant was going to take his shot, so he wandered back towards the rest of the group. There was still a crowd around Darci and Bob seemed to have taken Fred's place with Sharon. That seemed to have degenerated into a strip poker game with Sharon's top already off. Sharon was very lovely with perfect pointed breasts, but after his brief encounter with Lisa, Sharon seemed just another pretty girl. She was also at a distinct disadvantage since she was required to play all her cards face up so that everyone else could see them.

Matt wandered over to Suzie just to talk, and learned that these services were common at Courtesy Suites. Everything Bob had arranged for this party was covered by the basic room rate for this room -- a Prince Suite -- and that Suzie had seen much wilder parties than this one as recently as this week.

Did anyone ever just have a quiet evening with a staff member? Of course. In fact, it was surprisingly popular to have a member of the staff drop by just for the guest to have someone to talk to, or get a massage from. Courtesy Suites catered to a wide range of guest requests. Whatever the guest wishes, they'd do their utmost to provide. And Suzie confirmed that, "Yes, Lisa is one of our nicest staff members."

Too soon, however, the party started to break down. It was clear what Bob had in mind for the rest of his evening, while the junior salesman was clearly staking out Sharon and the couch. Suzie started cleaning up the remains of the food and drink. And while Lisa looked over longingly at him once, she was continuously double and triple-teamed by the remaining men now. It was time to go back to the strictly business lodgings that the company had gotten for the rest of them.

How Bob had pulled this off -- getting a room at Courtesy Suites -- would remain one of those mysteries in life. Bob just went out and did things, and as top salesman it never seemed questioned. As Matt fell asleep that night however, a glimmering of a plan was already hatching in his mind.

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