Living With Syn (MMF)

The Sarrans 2


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,908
2 Ratings (4.0)

Sequel to The Sarran Plague

Syn Sinclair is one of the women taken from Earth to Sarran to replenish the fem population. While still en route on the Brightstar, Syn meets the Sarran Elder, TeZaron and thinks he looks down on her because of her checkered past. Upon landing, Nafer, TeZaron and TeBron's offspring, recognizes Syn as his "Mommie," something the Elders didn't realize because of the mind blocks they had placed on each other to ensure the success of the mission to Earth.

Syn, a former prostitute and drug addict, left home at sixteen because she was sexually abused by her father and his friends. She made it out of the gutter and into the halls of higher education, getting her Masters in Psychology with a specialization in PTSD. Now she’s afraid her WarriorPair won’t accept her because of her past. As soon as they bring her to their home, she works to gain their respect.

Supported by her WarriorPair and their son Nafer, Syn settles into her new household with grace and energy. She is happy, very happy, except for one niggling doubt. Although she knows her Warriors have accepted her, she worries how others will view her new social position on Sarran. In particular, a fem from Syn's past lets everyone know she’s unfit to BondStir with the High Lords. Madeline Dixon-Howard sees Syn as a blight on the new society.

Additionally, an even deeper evil is hiding in the Sarran government. Someone has sold information to the roach-like Zyptz, someone who planted a bomb and listening devices in the homes. Someone doesn't want Earth women to mix into the Sarran genepool. Syn's insights as a psychologist combined with her new Psy powers just might help her Warriors find out who the traitors are and devise a plan to capture them.

Living With Syn (MMF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Living With Syn (MMF)

The Sarrans 2


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 51,908
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

::It is our duty to prepare our fem for the evening. Back in the days before the Clan Wars there were fem who took care of the bonded of princes and Elders. After the Clan War, the Goddess Ulna declared that all Warriors must serve their fem in every way.::

“You don’t have to do that for me.” Syn said, her voice small.

“Yes, Pa Chette, we do.”

“This is the main suite of the house. We were not going to move here until after the bonding, but circumstances ... ” Bron shrugged.

“After Nara passed, we couldn’t bear to be here. Now we can start fresh and make new memories. All the bedding, hangings, pictures and mirrors have been replaced. Everything is new for you, our Syn.”

Zaron began to rifle through the clothing the armoire. She knew she had no clothing this morning. At least nothing that fine. She heard water running; since Bron disappeared she assumed he was running the bath.

“Where did all this clothing come from?” She joined Zaron and peeked in at the rows and rows of gowns in fabulous fabrics in all colors.

“Is it customary for Warriors to pick out clothing for their fem?” Syn picked through the gowns.

“In the sense that we love to dress you in the finest material we can afford. The styles are all Sarran. We had the tailor make some up using your clothing as a guide to size. We would like you to have some Earthen gowns as well, but we are not aware of the styles and therefore must find the styles with which you are comfortable although we had some made up from a catalog.”

::And they’ll fit Mommie, I promise,:: Nafer added.

“Naffie, this is a ritual that we do for Mommie. It is not your place to be here. You should be with Garlance getting ready.” Zaron tuned, giving him a stern look for which he earned a pout.

“She’s my mommie too!” Naffie stormed.

Syn knelt down in front of him. “Zadda and Poppie want to teach me Sarran customs. This is the first time and I think they want to be alone with me for the ritual dressing.” She cocked an eye at Zaron.

“This is true, offspring.”

Naffie looked even sadder.

“However,” Syn said, “I have some jewelry from my grandmother and maybe Zadda and Poppie might let you help with that.” Little eyes brightened.

“May I?” he asked, eyes begging to be included.

::Yes, you may,:: both of his sires answered.

“You are very good with him, Pa Syn,” Bron said with sincerity in his golden eyes.

“He is an intelligent, exuberant boy who needs a female ... uhm, fem to soften him and make him more responsive to requests.”

::We all do, Pa Chette, we all need your gentle touch. Allow us to pamper you. To us you are a gift from the Goddess, one we needed but never expected to receive. To have you with us gives us, including Naffie, great joy.:: Zaron stepped out of the bathing chamber.

“May we undress you?” Each Warrior put a hand on a shoulder. Bron kissed her in the hollow below her chin, while Zaron caressed the back of her neck. Syn shivered. She never felt such love and care.

“Yes,” she murmured as her whole body became sensitive to their touch.

Zaron lifted her T-shirt over her head. Bron knelt and unfastened the button of her jean shorts and struggled with the zipper.

“What is this contraption? Is it designed to inhibit lovemaking?” Bron asked, exasperation clearly apparent in his voice?”

Syn kissed his head. “No, it is a familiar Earthen device to keep pants closed.” She showed him how to pull down the zipper.

As he pulled down her jeans, he noticed a scar just at her hip. “How did this come about?”

Syn smiled sadly, “My father, you would call him my sire, did this to me when he threw me out of the house.”

“Does he still live?” Zaron’s voice adopted a menacing tone.

“Yes, I think so, but he is of no concern. He hasn’t been in my life for the last twelve of Earth’s years.”

“The man needs branding as a torturer of fem,” Zaron growled. “A Warrior who harms a fem commits the worse crime on Sarran, followed only by abuse of an offspring and murder.”

“... and treason,” Bron added.

Syn sighed, “That is not the way of Earth.”

Bron kissed the scar. “We shall have the healer fix it, if that is what you wish. You should have no reminder of such horror.”

A tear slid down Syn’s cheek. “I swear I have cried more tears of happiness on Sarran with you in six hours than ever before in my life.”

“That is how it should be.” Bron took off her sandals and she lifted one small foot at a time to allow him to remove her jeans. Zaron unfastened her bra and took the straps off her shoulders. “What are these marks?”

“Uh, I am overly endowed and the bra straps cut into my shoulders.”

“You are perfect.” Bron reached up to palm her breasts, kissing each tip. He rolled down her panties and took them from beneath her feet. He stood, and asked Zaron, “May I have this privilege.” Bron looked at his bonded.

“Yes my Dearest. The rest we do together.”

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