Long Time Coming (MM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,329
0 Ratings (0.0)

These five short stories by Gavin Atlas explore gay lust at its finest.

Meet young exhibitionists in “La Playita” and “Long Time Coming.”

Prefer voyeurism? Try “Snapshots of Seduction,” where a go-go boy entices with every pose he strikes.

In “Love and Rockets,” a young sub is rescued from the grasp of a cruel master by a loving man.

Finally, in “The Highest Bidder,” a guy auctions off his body only to be won by his ex, who’s the most punishing top he’s ever known.

There’s no need to delay gratification any longer. Quench your desire in Long Time Coming.

Long Time Coming (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Long Time Coming (MM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,329
0 Ratings (0.0)
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EXCERPT FROM "Long Time Coming"

“Ricky, I’ve been wanting to nail your hot ass for fifteen years.”

“But, sir. You --”

“I love how you still call me sir.”

“But you had an opportunity,” I said. I remembered the time we were together. He was so much taller and bigger than me. I have never stopped loving that. When he had hugged me, he embraced my whole body. It was the warmest, safest feeling in the world.

“You were only twenty and practically a virgin. You said you wanted to be in love. Not something I could do.”

“You had me in bed, naked, and you changed your mind.” This part of the memory didn’t feel good. It was confusing.

“Believe me. I remember being just about to enter you when I thought I’d better not if I still had feelings for someone else. But I still fantasize about you all the time. Your beautiful, innocent eyes. Your hair against your white skin. And your amazing round ass.”

I unbuttoned my work shirt, but imagined 4 José was in front of me, dark and hairy, towering over me at 6’5”, slowly removing my clothes.

“Yeah, I guess you did the right thing,” I said.

“When I heard 4 Lamont fucked you in the woods, I was so mad.”

I almost dropped the phone. It embarrassed me to the core anytime someone brought that up.

“I didn’t know you’d heard about that. It figures someone would have told you by now.”

“Yeah, I was probably the only one who couldn’t go to that -- where did the Gay Alliance go that day? That gay clothing optional campground?”

My heart rate increased. “Mill River Lodge.”

“Oh, that’s right. Of course.” José’s voice was a purr.

He was talking about the event that changed who I was forever. He knew, or he should have known, how talking about it made me dizzy with shame. “José, I don’t know if we should revisit --”

Everyone said you were lying on your stomach, naked and asleep, and he climbed on top of you and stuck his big black dick in your tight white ass in front of everyone.”

Oh, God, it had started. I really was dizzy now, and I had to sit down. Still, I reached into my underwear and started stroking myself at the memory.

“I wouldn’t have gone nude, I swear. But I felt stupid wearing shorts when everyone else wasn’t.”

“Don’t worry, muchacho. I’m not judging.”

I didn’t want to tell José, but that was another thought I jerked off to over the years. Lamont didn’t just fuck me. He flipped me around and fucked me in all kinds of positions for the better part of an hour. One minute I was the prim undergraduate who had to have his arm twisted to even go to a nude campground, and the next Lamont was just plowing my ass in front of everyone I knew while I moaned and thrashed. At first my friends just sat there shocked, but then they moved closer, forming a circle around me. They stroked my muscles as well as their own cocks while Lamont rammed my hole mightily. I remember looking from face to face, and then looking over my shoulder at Lamont’s dick owning my ass, thinking “this isn’t me. I’m not like this!” Then I hung my head. This was exactly who I was. Somehow Lamont figured it out, and now he was flipping me on my back and putting my legs in the air. He waved his hand like an actor in a commercial showing off a new car to draw everyone’s eye to my hole, which I could feel quivering. “See the good work I’ve done?” He tested my opening with his finger, before putting his penis in me again.

That had been too embarrassing. I’d started to struggle, but he pulled my ass to him and pushed in.

“Thirty-minute mark,” someone said behind me. When I moaned, I heard my voice shake with exhaustion and realized I could barely see Lamont through my sweaty hair. But I could see enough to know he never took his eyes off what he was doing to my ass. He’d flip me on my side and lift one of my legs. All he looked at was my ass. He’d put me back on all fours. My ass. My ass. All that mattered to him was my ass.

I looked at my friends, all eight of them stroking their dicks now and all less than two yards away. I wailed.

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