Lost... Found (MF)

Love Unexpected 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 41,282
1 Ratings (5.0)

[BookStrand Mainstream Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Evie Prince is fed up with her life. But somehow she has drifted way off course. She decides it’s time for her to take her life back. However, on her journey to launch her own business Lost… Found, she meets a handsome gentleman. Evie instantly falls for him. But to her dismay, Evie is warned to keep her distance from the dangerously alluring Liam. Evie decides to ignore her warning and gives in to her burning obsession. But will Evie find out that her decision was unwise?

Liam Caine hasn’t stepped foot in California for years. Sent to Europe by his parents while in high school because of an unspeakable incident, Liam hates the unpleasant circumstances that have called him home. Unexpectedly, Liam crosses paths with the bewitching Evie. Something completely unpredictable causes Liam and Evie’s destinies to become intertwined. But will the threat from Liam’s past destroy any future they could have?

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Lost... Found (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Lost... Found (MF)

Love Unexpected 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 41,282
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
This book is a romantic thrill ride! Their love is intense and awesome! And...WOW, HOT!





Evie pressed her lips against his. Liam responded. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. The two of them stood there lost in time, kissing. Dangerous intensity grew with every second that passed as they continued to kiss.

She wanted more. She pressed her body into his. She knew what she was asking for even though she knew that it was risqué. They were in a public place. Yes the spot was secluded but still public nonetheless. What had gotten into her? Evie for a moment sat back from the intoxicating kiss. She looked at Liam. She could see it deep inside his blue-greencolored eyes. He wanted what she wanted just as much.

So she said to herself, “What the hell, why not!” She scanned their surroundings. Next to where they stood Evie spotted a section of the building that was being renovated. As if reading her mind, Liam took Evie and led her behind the plastic tarp. The tarp provided even more seclusion, blocking the area from view. Once behind it Evie saw a beautiful sitting area with white marble benches in a shape of a circle. In the center of the massive circle was a white fountain which was still under construction.

But the two were able to find a bench deep inside the construction area that had already been completed. And since the construction crew had gone home for the day, they knew that they had found the perfect spot for what they wanted to do.

Liam sat down on the bench and placed his hands on Evie’s waist. Standing in front of Liam, Evie bent her head down and kissed him placing her hands on the sides of his face. This time when their lips connected, they both kissed the other with an all consuming passion.

Kissing him wildly, Evie wrapped her arms around Liam’s broad shoulders. She ran her fingertips down his back, gently scratching the strong muscles under her touch. She slipped her hand on top of his belt. She couldn’t believe what she was asking him to do. She wouldn’t have dreamed she would want to do something like this just a few short days ago. But it was him. The effect Liam had on her was hypnotic. It was like she had no control over her actions.

He had started his own journey down her backside with his hands, down her thighs to her exposed skin. He inched his right hand around her left inner thigh underneath her skirt, lifting it along the way. Unexpectedly, Liam reached with his other hand and freed Evie’s long luscious hair allowing it to cascade down her back. A slight moan escaped her lips as his fingers easily slipped passed the string of her bikini underwear and found their destination inside her welling wetness.

There he lingered twisting and teasing her with a relentless in and out motion. She could feel her knees weakening as pleasure ravished her body. She wobbled just a little and he steadied her by resting his left hand on her hips. But nothing slowed their rhythm. He kissed her deeply caressing her tongue with his.

It was time for her to finish what she had started. With shaky fingers she undid his pants. He lifted off the bench allowing her to ease his pants and charcoal gray briefs to his knees. They slowed for just a moment to sheath him in a condom but quickly went back to their electrifying task at hand.

Removing his fingers, Liam gently pulled Evie closer to him. She was glad she had worn the heels she had, he was so tall. If she hadn’t worn them she might not have been able to move the way she needed to experience their passion so effortlessly.

Hungrily, Evie slid down and surrounded Liam inside her flaming hot sex. As he slid deep inside her, both moaned low. Evie was so happy to finally taste the moment that she had imagined so many times since she first laid eyes on him. He must have been feeling the same way because he moved closer to the edge of the bench to penetrate her deeper.

 It was her turn for teasing. She bounced on him with haste and then slowed circling her hips in a sensual grinding motion. With his hands at her waist, Liam smoothly assisted Evie with a vigorous delicious penetrating motion. She ran her fingers through his smooth blond hair. She gripped his hair at the nap of his neck.

Liam gripped her hips causing her to increase the pace of her bouncing and circling. She cried out from the intense pleasure she felt from their new speed. Feeling him deep inside her, Evie knew she was starting to spiral out of control. The highest of heights threatened to crash in on her like a giant wave from the ocean. Liam kissed her bottom lip and then playfully tugged at it. His playfulness didn’t disguise how close he too was to his delectable release.

And with one more deep thrust, Evie shot through the sky, releasing the rest of her limitations. She felt the final freedom rush over her. She was freed now by the sexy creature who kissed her tenderly in the after moments. He, too, had found a magnificent release with that last thrust signified by him rolling his head back and groaning.

The vigorous motion between the two of them slowed, allowing their breathing to calm. Evie rested on Liam’s lap, their arms wrapped around each other tenderly. She rested her head on Liam’s shoulder. Evie had never felt such peace like the one she was experiencing as she listened to him taking deep breaths. She closed her eyes and drank him in. She loved his scrumptious scent which was a heady mixture of his cologne and his natural musk. Her head was spinning.

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