Love And Desire at the Coffee Shop (The Girls Next Door Meet The Alpha Males Of Their Dreams)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 82,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

The girls at the coffee shop may not love their jobs there is one aspect of the job that makes going to work worthwhile - the hot guys that show up on a daily basis. While the majority of the time nothing develops beyond harmless flirting, between the girls and the hunks that pop in, there are occasions when a connection to strong to deny develops.

These are their hot and steamy stories...

Total word count: approx 82,000 words

The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

For Jade, there is one customer who makes going to work at the coffee shop worthwhile, Officer Alex Kane. With just a look, Constable Kane turns her body into an inferno of desire, but being too shy to make the first move she endures countless nights longing for his hard body and tender touch. Luckily, fate has plans for the sexy cop and the cute, shy girl from the coffee shop.

Length: Approx 15,000 words

The Politician And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

Twenty-one year old, Jessie has been working at the coffee shop to save for college. While she knows better than to get involved with the customers, she can't help herself when it comes to the sexy and highly charismatic Senator Jeff Morrow. Despite their casual daily flirtations, she realizes that Washington's most eligible bachelor is way out of her league and would never be seriously interested in the young virgin from the coffee shop. Or would he?

Length: Approx 16,000 words

The Bounty Hunter And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

Lincoln Kyle had thought bringing Angelique Donovan in would be a routine job, but he was wrong. Angelique is feisty, silver-tongued and so damned sexy it takes all of his restraint to keep from touching, tasting and caressing every inch of her curvy body. Lincoln is stubborn, determined and such an alpha male he borders on being a jackass, but there is something about him that draws Angelique unlike any other man she's known. In the days and nights that it takes them to travel across country, the fugitive and the hunter come to realize there is a fine line between love and hate.

Length: Approx 26,000 words

The Assassin And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

The graveyard shift at the coffee shop is usually uneventful for Lily, until the night the devilishly handsome Scott Redding shows up. In the blink of an eye, Lily's mundane life is thrown into chaos as she finds herself on the run with Scott, fending off rival assassins who are hot on their trail, and fighting her raging desires for the sexy, seductive killer

Length: 23,000 words (novella)

Excerpt From: Deceiving Him: The Billionaires' BDSM Sex Club

Lexie is a struggling journalist fresh out of college and looking for that big scoop that will launch her career. When her roommate lands a job as a shooter girl at an exclusive, BDSM sex club called the "Billionaire Club," the scoop of a lifetime is virtually thrown into her lap. Going under cover, Lexie finds herself pulled into a world beyond her wildest imaginings. But after she meets one of America's most eligible bachelors and he introduces her to pleasures beyond anything she's experienced before, can she still go through with her expose?

Length: 2,600 word excerpt

Love And Desire at the Coffee Shop (The Girls Next Door Meet The Alpha Males Of Their Dreams)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love And Desire at the Coffee Shop (The Girls Next Door Meet The Alpha Males Of Their Dreams)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 82,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Terry Towers

"Has Officer Hottie been here yet?" Jade asked into the headset to her co-worker for the night, Jenny, as she tucked her long chestnut brown hair into her hairnet and then placed her ugly shit-brown visor on top of her head. Inspecting herself in the full length mirror of the small employees’ restroom, Jade cringed. The bulky, brown uniform did nothing for her figure. How was she supposed to secure a good amount in tips with her blouse buttoned up to her chin and her hair - which she considered one of her best features - secured tightly to her head and covered in a ridiculous hairnet and visor?

"Nope, not yet hun, but I'll let you know if I see his car," Jenny replied back through the headset, from the front of the store.

Hmm, good. Jade and the sexy dark-haired, green-eyed police officer whom she'd dubbed 'Officer Hottie' - though to his face she called him Constable Kane - had been flirting through the drive-thru window each night for the past month now and he was the one and only reason she became excited about going to work each night.

Giving her appearance one final look in the mirror she decided she looked about as good as she was ever going to, given the clothing she was wearing, so she made her way to the front of the restaurant so she could take her position at the drive-thru window.

She and Jenny had a great system. Jenny - a no-nonsense woman in her mid-fifties - hated serving people so preferred to clean, whereas the majority of the overnight customers consisted of men whom Jade would shamelessly flirt with to score them each almost as much in tips as they received as an hourly wage.


Just as Jade began to restock the paper cups the headset dinged notifying her of a car approaching the speaker. Damn it! Clearing her throat she pushed the 'speak' button on the control box of her headset and in her sexiest voice asked to take their order.

"Well, my sexy girl is working tonight," came a high-pitched male voice, a voice she knew all too well. It belonged to a cab driver she referred to as the 'ass man,' though his real name was Richard. She called him the ass man simply because he made it a habit of waiting until he got to the window and then asking for something that he knew she'd have bend over to get so he could get a nice peek at her round, tight nineteen year old ass. The ogling of her rear she could handle, it was the low whistle he would usually make as she bent over that annoyed the fuck out of her.

Maintaining her sexy voice she depressed the talk button. "Doing great Richard, what can I get yah tonight?"

He placed his order, which she already knew off by heart and was in the process of making as he spoke and told her he'd be up in a jiffy. Seconds later, his yellow cab was pulling up to the window and his grinning face eyed her from head to toe; eyed her in a way that made her skin crawl.

"Oh hey, do you mind getting me a few more of those low fat creamers, honey?"

Keeping the sweet-as-sugar smile on her face, Jade nodded. "Don't mind in the least." Walking over to the fridge she bent to the bottom shelf where they were stored and grabbed a couple of low fat creamers. A low whistle of appreciation sounded from Richard at the window. Fuck, I hate my job.

She could hear Jenny's laughter sounding in her earpiece. Jenny knew what Richard was all about and loved watching the song and dance he put Jade through each night. "You're an ass Jenny. It's not funny," Jade growled after depressing the 'Private' button on her headset. Another peal of laughter sounded.

Taking a deep breath, Jade straightened, put the sweet smile back on her face and went back to Richard, passing him the creamers.

"Thank you. You are just the sweetest little thing." He shot her what she guessed was his seduction grin, which came across to her as plain creepy. Passing her a ten dollar bill, he told her to keep the change which was a little over four dollars. That nightly four dollars is what kept her sweet and allowed her to grit her teeth when he ogled her rump. "Have a good night, sugar."

"You too Richard, see you tomorrow."

As she watched him drive away, she let out a sigh of relief. "How come every time he comes through here I end up feeling dirty?" she asked Jenny through the headset. Yet another bout of laughter was her only reply.

Three hours into her eight hour shift, while she was in the middle of cleaning the coffee machine, the ding she'd been waiting for happened. Officer Hottie. Clearing her throat she answered in her special Officer Hottie seduction voice. "What can I do for you tonight?" As she waited for him to respond she quickly undid several of her blouse buttons, and then tore off the headset, visor and hairnet covering her hair and began fluffing out her long dark locks.

"Hey Jade, it's just me tonight. Can I come on up?" she heard him ask as she placed the headset back on.

"Sure can." By the time his patrol car rolled up to the pick-up window Jade had his order ready - large coffee, black and a tea biscuit. The less time she took preparing his order when he was at the window meant the more time she had to flirt with him until the next customer interrupted them.

"First things first, the hooker report so I can justify sitting her and chatting with yah." The coffee shop was situated on the corner of what the little city referred to as 'hooker block.' Each night she'd give him the lowdown on who was out working tonight and how busy they were that evening. Officer Hottie usually didn't bother the 'working girls' unless they became a major nuisance and the station began receiving complaints.

Leaning over the counter Jade passed him his coffee and tea biscuit, making sure that he was able to catch a glimpse of her cleavage in the process. Alex's dark green eyes dipped briefly to her breasts before shifting back up to her meet her gaze.

"We have a newbie tonight." Jade informed him, taking a moment to allow her eyes to drink in the sight of him. He was a tall man - at least six foot two - close to a foot taller than her, with dark hair, strong-wide shoulders and he had the most adorable dimpled smile that she'd ever seen. She would guess he was in his early to mid-thirties, but when he smiled that sweet dimpled smile it took close to ten years from his age.

He cocked an eyebrow at her and his grin widened. "Really?"

Jade nodded. "Really. Tall, thin girl, long curly blonde hair. Getting lots of action."

Officer Hottie chuckled as he began to reach for his wallet to pay her, but stopped when the radio sounded for him. Jade backed away from the window, not wanting to eavesdrop.

After speaking briefly with dispatch he hung up the radio and shifted the car into gear, flipping on the siren. "I'll be right back." he promised as he sped away.

Slumping against the counter, Jade released the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

"Has he asked you out yet?" Jenny rounded the corner and entered the drive-thru section, joining her.

Jade frowned and shook her head. "Nope."

The older woman planted her hands on her hips and scowled at her. "Did you at least find out if he was seeing anyone?"


"Want me to find out for you?"

Jade laughed at that. High school all over again, getting your friend to find out if the boy you liked, liked you back. "Nope."

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