Love at First Bight (MMMF)

Deep Space Mission Corps 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,542
321 Ratings (4.7)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Menage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F with various combination of M/M, M/F, M/M/F, M/M/M, monogamous polyamory]  

Dr. Emilia Hypatia is recently-graduated and looking for adventure. She's an Alpha-ranked healer, has a degree in psychology, and empath training. Fresh out of a bad relationship with a cheating ex, her five-year assignment to the Deep Space Mission Corps vessel, Tamora Bight, seems ideal. Especially when she meets the three handsome crewmen she'll spend her time caring for--in more ways than one. 

First Officer Caphis Bates is playful and rowdy. Mate Ford Caliban is her intellectual and emotional partner. But it's Captain Aaron Lucio who is an enigma; passionate, with a deeply wounded and carefully guarded soul.

While sharing their communal bed is a scorchingly sensual experience, Emi soon learns the three men suffer a shared grief, their "crew story." She patiently works to unlock their secret past, but space exploration is cold--and cruel. Will time run out for all of them before she can heal their hearts?

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"I love wounded heroes. I think a character is much richer when he (or she) is trying to overcome not only current obstacles, but issues from their past as well. It makes me cheer them on that much more. I'm looking forward to seeing where these characters take me in future stories." ~ Tymber ~


A Siren Erotic Romance

Love at First Bight (MMMF)
321 Ratings (4.7)

Love at First Bight (MMMF)

Deep Space Mission Corps 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 84,542
321 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Loved this book. Great read from start to finish. Lots of story, the world building was fantastic. Emi's character was well done - will be interesting to see how she develops in the series. Although she is an Alpha ranked healer (a big deal!!) she hasn't shown what this actually means as yet. Aaron, Caph and Ford are amazing!! Really looking forward to their relationship developing further in the series.
Tymber has become an author who I really enjoy reading. Her stories just come alive in my mind when I'm reading.
Professional Reviews

BEST BOOK: "Full of passion, wonder, and emotion, Love at First Bight is a fascinating story that took me on a journey that I never wanted to end. As for this unexpected and interesting twist, I won't spoil it, but it definitely surprised me as I never saw it coming. Yet as I thought about it, I realized that the author dropped subtle little hints throughout the story and I never realized what they were all leading up to. I thought the author did a beautiful job of doing this and it really made the story stand out to me as everything fell into place. Overall the story is a very emotional one, more so than I initially thought it would be as I read the description. While it does have scorching hot and touching love scenes between all of the main characters, it also has heart as the four bond and form an unconventional relationship. The group becomes so close and emotionally linked that I ached for them toward the end during one of the most emotional and pivotal scenes of the story, however, I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling it. I will say that the author did a fabulous job of making me care about these characters and allowing me to experience and feel their pain and emotion with her words. I was drawn into this fascinating world and relationship and loved every minute of it. Love at First Bight has more than earned a spot among my keepers and I look forward to reading more of what this talented author has to offer." -- Lilac, Whipped Cream Review

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Love at First Bight got me. It totally got me.  However, to say why would mean giving away the story and that is something that I will not do.  Each reader deserves to enjoy this skillfully written and sexually scorching book on their own.  Be assured that Love at First Bight is truly a fun and frolic filled time.  I am hooked on Tymber Dalton - totally and completely." -- Natasha, RomanceJunkies

5 STARS: "Love at First Bight is an exceptionally erotic, extremely smooth read, and is infused with emotions. This first book of the Deep Space Mission Corps series blew me away, ensuring that I will pick up the next book, without fail. The sex is out of this world, pun intended. There is everything from sex between a man and a woman only, to sex between just men, as well as all four crewmembers. There is some male on male sex, which is so effortlessly depicted that it was extremely erotic and didn't seem out of place. The plot revolves around this quartet getting to know each other, allowing this story to showcase true love. Overall, I highly recommend this book as a deeply loving romance and an extremely erotic story. I can't wait for the next book in the Deep Space Mission Corps series." -- Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Tymber Dalton is a talented author who draws her readers in with interesting and in-depth plots and even more interesting and in-depth characters. After reading one of her other books that had a polyamorous relationship, I knew I had to read this one. I was not disappointed. Ms. Dalton brought to me in this book four strong characters with whom I fell in love. In Love at First Bight, it is the future, and space travel is an everyday thing. Ms. Dalton has created an imaginative world, using vivid descriptions of her characters' world, including alien planets. Another job well done for Tymber Dalton!" -- Melissa C., Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "I’m a big fan of Tymber Dalton’s work. So when the chance to read her Deep Space Mission Corps series came up I snatched up my chance! I absolutely love the way she has this series set up to continue with the same relationship throughout the whole thing. Love At First Bight is the book that starts it all, and the one that gets you hooked! Dr. Emilia Hypatia has just graduated as an Alpha-ranked healer, with a degree in psychology, and empath training. She is also fresh off a breakup with a cheating loser of an ex-boyfriend. So the opportunity to sign up as the Med Officer for a Deep Space Mission Corps comes up she jumps in head first. She has the pick of three different ships with crews as different as their ships, but she makes the choice of the Tamora Bight and her crew. She isn’t just there to see to the health needs of the crew but all their other needs as well. Each of the three men meets the needs that she has. First Officer Caphis Bates is playful; Mate Ford Caliban is the one she can connect with on an intellectual and emotional level. Although it is the brooding Captain Aaron Lucio who she is drawn to more, she wants to help him heal from whatever it is that has him so deeply wounded and guarded. Will they let her in on the “crew story” that is the source of all their pain as well as their hearts? With each page and the more you learn about these three individuals the more I grew to love each of the four!! Tymber has great talent for having her characters grab hold of your heart deeply! I cried, loved and laughed with this one soo much! It is truly a great quick read!! Grab up this book and series! You will not be disappointed!" -- KC Lu, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Dinner was great, the guys were sweet. Clean-up was quick, and the men settled around the table with her and started teaching her the game.

“We’ll play for chips first,” Aaron said, shooting a warning look at the other two men. “Just so you learn the game. No pressure.”


She realized she’d lost track of time. It had to be getting late, but she didn’t care because she wasn’t even tired. This was fun. The men had settled into an easier, relaxed mood now that it was obvious she wasn’t running, screaming, out the main hatch. This made it a lot easier for her to read them, although Aaron was still cloudy and guarded in many ways. An enigma she wouldn’t mind spending more time exploring.

Ford partnered with her first, helping her with her cards and teaching her the finer subtleties of betting and calling. Apparently they played a very standard, basic version of the game and not one of the more horribly complex ones.

Good thing, because she hated games that were more trouble to play than they were fun.

An hour later after several rounds, she started getting the hang of it, although she had trouble remembering which hands were worth more than others. She also realized she had an unfair advantage because she could tell when the men were bluffing, especially each other.

That would be cheating, right?

Or not. They had her resume, they knew she was a trained class two empath.

After another hour, Ford let her play on her own and she started wiping the men out of chips. At first she wondered if they were letting her win, then realized they were genuinely surprised a beginner could pick up the game so quickly.

When it was her turn to deal she flashed them a smile. “So what happens when you run out of chips?”

The men looked at each other, then Aaron spoke. “What do you want to happen?” he carefully asked. She tried to read him. The men had all shifted slightly back to nervous, afraid of doing something to spook her.

His eyes never wavered from hers. “So how’s strip poker work?” she asked.

The twins said, “Holy shit!” She’d gotten used to their frequent unison comments and thought it was funny that two unrelated men could be so close as to talk like that.

“You want to play strip poker?” Aaron asked in disbelief.

“Well, from the looks of it, you guys would be doing the stripping.” She didn’t blink, holding his steady gaze, waiting until he turned to Ford to look away.

“Well?” he asked Ford.

Ford shrugged. “I’m game.”

He looked at Caph. “What about you?”

The large man eagerly nodded. “Sure.”

Aaron turned back to her. “We can’t force you to do anything, understand? You also realize it would be fucking mean to tease us, right?”

She narrowed her gaze and imitated his amused smirk. “I’ve never been accused of being a tease, gentlemen. You want to talk or play? I still have chips. If you want to get me naked, you’re going to have to start winning back some money.”

They played. Within four hands, the three men were totally out of chips and shirtless.

And they all had very nice chests.

Emi dealt the next hand and kept raising the ante, forcing the men to give up a shoe each. Three more hands left them in their pants and underwear.

“You guys want to keep playing?” she asked.

They all nodded, their eyes on her.

The next hand saw them sacrificing their pants. Aaron wore boxers, but the other two wore briefs. All three men were stiff, and from what she could tell, large.

She smiled. “I like what I see, gentlemen. What do we play for after you lose all your clothes?”

Aaron met her gaze head-on from across the table. “What do you want to play for?”

“What do you usually play for?”

Ford and Caph silently watched them like a tennis match, their heads pivoting back and forth, their jaws slightly gaped in disbelief.

Aaron narrowed his gaze. “Once our clothes are gone, we play for favors.”

“Favors as in little birthday party toys, or favors as in blow jobs?”

He smirked. “The second. Usually we play cards in bed when we get to that point.”

Okay, she was definitely soaking wet now. Emi took a sip of her water and licked her lips because her throat had gone dry. “Really?”

All three men nodded.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, it didn’t feel real. “How fascinating, gentlemen.” She picked up the deck of cards and stood, heading toward the doorway leading to the crew quarters. The men watched her, and she turned. “Well? I thought you said you normally play in bed at this point.”

After a brief moment of stunned shock, the men scrambled to follow her. Aaron took the lead. She didn’t bother keeping her eyes off his ass as he opened the cabin door.

Their banter had ceased. Apparently they were too shocked by her willing acceptance of their situation to think of any pithy, snarky comments. She waited for them to get settled on the bed, then kicked off her shoes and sat with them. She removed her linen jacket, leaving her hard nipples clearly visible, pressing taut against her shirt.

From the direction of their collective gazes, they’d noticed.

Emi shuffled the cards and tried to conceal her amused smile. Five years with a crew of guys who were apparently more than satisfied with her appearance, who were pretty good-looking, who absolutely could not cheat on her, and whom she was able to stun into silence.

Not a bad deal at all. She liked the feeling of…power. Feeling desired, because frankly, her two exes never made her feel like she was beautiful, just that she was available.

“Ready, gentlemen?” she purred.

The men nodded.

She dealt the next hand and didn’t have to be a full clairvoyant to know they were too distracted to play well. At the end of the hand, all three men stood and shucked their underwear without comment.

Emi stared, her throat dry. The men were well-endowed. Not porn stars, but definitely fairly proportioned and larger than either of her exes had been.

Much larger.

Holy crap!


Because Mars didn’t have much of an atmosphere yet, and because of the reduced gravity, it was easier for the Tamora Bight to take off and land from the planet under her own power. More pilot tugs arrived to assist their drop, as they called it, to their station berth. Once safely docked and their cargo and main hatches were connected to the gangway, Aaron ordered the front plates raised.

Caph flicked the switch. The plates retracted, leaving a natural view as the vid screens deactivated.

Emi sucked in a sharp breath. It was daylight, giving her a perfect view of the Martian landscape.

“Wow!” she breathed, walking to the front ports.

The men gathered behind her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Ford asked.

Unable to form a coherent word, she simply nodded.

“Much of the base is underground,” Caph explained. “Protects it, helps regulate the temperature.”

Pictures never prepared you for the first-hand sight. She stared for over an hour, amazed.

Eventually she was aware of Aaron slipping his arm around her waist. “You want to stand here all day, sweetie?”

She leaned into his warm body, shaking her head, pulling his other arm around her. “Just trying to take it all in, that’s all.”

His lips brushed the back of her neck, sweet and tender. “I have something else you could take in, you know.” He rubbed his hips against her ass, his cock firmly pressing against her.

She slid one of his hands lower, between her legs. “You do, hmm?”

“Yes, I do.”

Emi writhed against him, encouraging. “You don’t have something to do now that we’re here?”

“Not for a few hours.” He slid his other hand up to her breast, running his thumb over her nipple through her shirt. “I could do you, if you’re in the mood.”

She closed her eyes and threw her head back against his shoulder. “That sounds great.”

He scooped her into his arms and carried her to their cabin. “Where’s the twins?” she asked as he lifted her shirt.

“I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t care right now. I’ve got you all to myself for a little bit.” He sucked one nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the hard peak.

Emi squirmed under the firm attention from his eager mouth. “So what are you going to do with our time?”

He sat up and yanked his shirt off, then stood and dropped his pants. His stiff cock sprang free, the action sending a flood of moisture straight to her sex. The sight of one―or all―of their ready members wanting her always did that to her.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to make you come.”

It took her only a second to shimmy out of her pants. He knelt in front of her and grabbed her arm, pulling her to him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

Sometimes he was like this, forceful, almost aggressive―and she loved it. Emi squirmed against him and he flipped her over, his hands skimming down her body to her hips, positioning her.

“Do it,” she begged, wiggling her ass at him.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to do you, all right.” He dipped his fingers into her, making sure she was wet and taking a moment to tease her, thrusting them into her. “I’m going to do you real good, baby girl.”

He pressed his cockhead against her pussy, not entering, his fingers gripping her hips. “What do you want? Tell me.”

“Fuck me good, Aar.”

He slammed home with a growl, forcing her to hold still and not grind against him like she wanted. “You want it, baby? I don’t think you want it that much.”

Gripping her pillow, she tried to thrust backward against him, but he held her too tightly. “I do, I want it.”

He chuckled and leaned over her, one arm wrapped around her waist. “No you don’t. I don’t think you want it at all.”

Playful didn’t begin to describe his mood. All the men had been happier since leaving the orbital hub, eager to be on their way. “Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me with that sweet cock.”

“Mmm.” He flipped them onto their side, still inside her, and hooked one leg around hers. “I’m going to fuck you good and slow, sweetie.” His hand found her clit. She groaned as he stroked it, slowly fucking her at the same time. “Gonna keep you right on the edge.” He ran his lips across her shoulder, gently nipping her, sending shivers through her.

“Oh, nice!” At the sound of Caph’s voice, Emi and Aaron looked up. Caph stood in the cabin doorway, his pants tented.

“I guess I don’t have you all to myself anymore,” Aaron murmured in her ear. “How you feeling, baby?”

“Horny,” she gasped.

Caph laughed and shook his head. “Is this an open party, or should I come back later?”

Emi thought Aaron might ask for more alone time, but he lifted his head. “I think she needs a little assistance.”

Caph crossed the room in two strides, and was naked by the time he dropped to the bed. Aaron moved his hands to her breasts, rolling her nipples in his fingers and sending spasms straight to her pussy. Caph spread her legs wider, cool air brushing against her throbbing clit.

“Are we keeping her begging for a while or going for a fast explosion?” Caph asked.

“Ah, let’s keep her begging for a while,” Aaron said.

Emi whimpered, closing her eyes and loving the sensation of them taking control.

“Cool,” Caph said, his lips closing around her clit.

Heaven. She’d died and gone to Heaven.

Aaron groaned. “Jesus, you should feel the way her pussy throbs when you do that.” He fucked her agonizingly slow, taking his time.

She moaned, squirming, wanting release. “Fuck me, please!”

“I am, baby. What’s your rush?” He kissed her jaw, nuzzling her.

Caph lifted his head and met Aaron’s eyes. “She’s awfully chatty today.”

“Yeah, why don’t you give her something else to do.”

Caph snickered and changed position. Emi sucked his cock into her mouth with a greedy moan.

“Oh, yeah,” Caph said with a growl. “That’s it, honey. You know what I like.” He licked her clit, flicking his tongue over her, making her moan around his shaft.

“Jeez, I’m down in engineering working, and you three are up here fucking around.” Ford’s good-natured ribbing startled them.

Aaron looked up. “Then get your ass over here.”

Ford stripped and stood over them. “This is like one of those friggin’ puzzles,” he said with a grin.

Aaron reached over and patted Caph’s ass. “Right here, buddy.”

“Mmm. Good idea.” He grabbed the bottle of lube and slid into position behind Caph, nudging his cock against his rim.

Caph lifted his head for just a moment. “Do it, goddammit. Don’t tease me.”

“Such a romantic,” Ford joked, thrusting his hips. Both men moaned as Ford sank his full length into him. “Like that?”


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