Love Is in the Script (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,100
0 Ratings (0.0)

London is closing in on thirty and love-starved. He’s a county bus driver and rides his bike to work. One day while riding past a home, he sees a woman fall and goes to help. Her name is Angela, and London is surprised to learn she’s his favorite author of gay erotic stories. She’s welcoming and loving, so unlike his distant parents, and the two become friends.

Joel is Angela’s son and the first openly gay officer in the San Jose Police Department. He visits his mom when she has London over for dinner as a way of saying thanks for saving her. At first Joel distrusts London, but attraction simmers between them.

Both men tend to rush into relationships and bed new lovers, which usually screws things up. So it’s no surprise that, on the first date, they end up in bed together. But London mistakes Joel’s constant clock checking for boredom and leaves, upset. Angela smooths things over, but a chance email sends London running again. Will they be able to overcome his insecurities and make a life together?

Love Is in the Script (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love Is in the Script (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,100
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Joel was wide awake at four P.M. when he should be sleeping. He drove to Mom’s and noticed her and a stranger through the kitchen window. Maybe a new neighbor. Or con artist. He strode in, pulling Mom into the usual hug, kissing the top of her head.

“Hi, Mom.” He glared at the stranger wearing his mom’s favorite apron with the map of Italy. The guy was clean cut with an air of familiarity to his face.

Mom said, “We were just talking about you --”

“What’s he selling?”

The man lost his smile.

“London was the one who helped me yesterday when I got hypoglycemic. Kuma approves of him, so you can turn off your overly protective cop attitude.” She smiled. “Joel, this is London. He’s a fan of mine.”

Kuma wormed his way between them, throwing his paws over Joel’s shoulders.

“There’s the puppy.” Joel stared at London. “You look familiar.”

London pursed his lips, and a sweet pink glow filled his cheeks. “Um, yeah. My picture’s been around the county and on TV. I’m the bus driver in the latest publicity campaign.”

Joel took in the handsome man with long shiny hair over his ears and touching his collar along with the front bangs. Joel felt he could come just staring at him.

Mom clapped her hands. “And you’re more handsome in person.” She turned to Joel. “Why are you here at this hour?”

He remembered staring at those ads. “Usual issue. Trouble sleeping. I thought I’d get a jump on the lawns. Did you fertilize them?”

She saluted. “Yes, sir, as ordered.”

“Mom, you’ll give him the wrong idea.” And why did Joel care what this stranger thought?

“Oh, I’m sure he hounds his mother.”

London moaned. “I’m not close with my parents. Never have been, besides they don’t approve. Didn’t get a call or card for my recent thirtieth birthday.”

Joel didn’t mean to bore his gaze into London’s sparkling hazel eyes, it just happened. They held the look for a magical moment, sending a momentary sizzle through Joel. “I’d better start on the lawns.”

Mom asked, “You’re staying for dinner, right? It’s my formal thank-you to London. I was so weak, he carried me inside.”

Joel shook London’s hand. “Thank you very much for helping my mom.” He held the shake longer than social standards dictated. Joel nodded and went to the garage, stealing a final gawk at London. He hurried to finish mowing.

Later, finished with the lawn and inside, Joel checked out London’s ass as he bent into the refrigerator.

Mom scolded, “Joel, you’re sweaty. Wash up and change.”

Joel saluted. “Yes, ma’am.” London stood and turned. Their gazes met again, sending a sweet flutter through Joel’s stomach. “Stick around, and she’ll control you, too.”

The guys chuckled, and Joel strode to his old room where he still had clothes. He stripped in the bathroom and took a sponge bath, his cock stiffening as he thought of London.

Mom served, and London helped, wearing a cool smile. They sat at the small kitchen table, Joel getting a whiff of a fruity cologne when he passed the handsome stranger.

They talked comfortably. Joel and London regaled each other with work stories. London told of the time he stopped a stabbing by spraying an attacker with the fire extinguisher. Joel told of chases and fights. Mom wore a content smile. The stories the guys told were usually funny with a peppering of sadness. Joel recalled the tingle in his body at cradling a lost five-year-old, carrying her back to the waiting parents.

Joel usually kept a tough façade with strangers, but London was turning into a friend by the minute.

Dinner sped by. Mom asked, “Joel, do you want to go to your room for a nap before you start your shift?”

“Yeah, I probably should.” He kissed her, started to walk off, and stopped at London. Their eyes met, and the stomach quiver returned. “Nice meeting you, and again, thanks for helping Mom yesterday. Would you like to go out sometime? I mean, when you said your parents don’t approve, I took it to mean --” Damn, the guy was sexy when he blushed.

“I am. Yeah, I would like that.” London bit his lip like a little kid.

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