Love to Bear: A Werebear Shifter Romance

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,500
2 Ratings (4.0)

Samantha Aarons left Sioux Falls with a broken heart for a fresh start in the Montana wilds. Outside Kalispell, the native bears are strange and ferocious – especially when a hulking grizzly steps out of the woods and frightens Sam half to death.

Werebear shifter Don Flood can't believe his incredible luck. The beautiful woman he discovers on patrol just might be his fated mate! The delicate flower faints after seeing him turn into a man, and Don sees his opportunity to charge straight into her heart.

But love makes men do stupid, dangerous things.

The Grizzly Bone Clan has a standing policy against allowing humans on their turf. Still, Don refuses to let the Elders' prejudice steal her away, doubling down on love after Sam reveals the key to the Clan's flatlining population.

Sam soon adores the passionate, wild love of her dominant grizzly man. But Happily Ever Afters never seemed further when a wicked conspiracy threatens to scatter their fate forever.

Can she survive becoming his mate...or will she feel heartbreak twice?

This 41,000+ word werebear romance novel contains steamy situations and language that would make a grizzly blush! Buckle up.

Love to Bear: A Werebear Shifter Romance
2 Ratings (4.0)

Love to Bear: A Werebear Shifter Romance

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,500
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh!

He tore into my sweater. There was a loud ripping sound like it was shearing clean in two.

I didn't know where I'd find another outfit my size in the shifter world, or when someone could bring me a new one from Kalispell.

Did it even matter? Not when I had other things on my mind.

Strange, muscular, wonderful things.

I stepped out of the scraps in his hands, pushing my bra clad breasts into his chest. It felt good to lose a little clothing, to be so close to this half-human Adonis on a rampage no sane woman would stop.

More importantly, it was right. The minute I kissed him, I let go.

My kisses were equal parts forgiveness and hunger. I had to show him I understood the beast inside him, especially when he was so repentant.

But more importantly, I had to tame the one inside me, and that meant burying old heartbreak forever in heaps of lust driven ash.

Don lifted me off the floor and threw me over his shoulder. He carried me down the hall to the bedroom, sneaking his fingers beneath my belt.

“Not so fast!” I whispered. “I don't care about the sweater, but I can't afford to lose these jeans.”
Luckily, our destination wasn't far. I didn't trust him to hold off the temptation to tear away the rest of my clothes for long.

I leaped out of his arms onto the bed, reached for my belt, and began unclasping my pants before I'd rolled onto my back to face him.

“I can't believe how beautiful you are, Sam,” he whispered down at me. “How fragile. How sweet. How absolutely perfect!”

His breath hitched. I practically heard his heart beating through his chest.

Excitement sang inside him and burbled out his lips. Its sharp sonnet passed through my flesh and echoed into me, especially when he lowered himself while I worked off my jeans, eclipsing me in his unbelievable bulk.

Don kissed me again. Hotter and steamier before – just a few degrees below burning. If the temperature went up anymore, I feared I'd faint, and then I'd never get to sample his flesh the way I'd dreamed about since morning.

Hard to believe. All these terrible hours fighting for my life, and he's the only thing that's been in the back of my mind. The only thing that really matters...

“Stop, Sam.” Baring his teeth, he grabbed my wrist, and pushed my hand away. “I won't ruin anything. But I'm going to to do this. I need to unwrap you for the first time myself, and then claim all the parts I've been so hungry for.”

Who could argue with that?

I was beyond ready. No, eager to become a naked morsel for this bear, this man, this beautiful god...

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