Lovers and Liars Box Set (MM)

Lovers and Liars 1


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 116,528
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lovers and Liars brings together Paul Alan Fahey’s thrilling gay historical wartime romances for the first time in one box set. Contains the stories:

Bomber's Moon: Following one’s heart can be a dangerous game, as Leslie Atwater discovers in this exciting story set during the early stages of the London Blitz. Leslie’s investigation into his lover Edward’s death takes him from Central London to a lighthouse on the English Channel. Tension mounts and, in a showdown with German spies, bombs fall, people die, and Leslie gets more than he bargains for in his search for the truth behind his lover’s untimely death.

Weep Not for the Past: In early 1941, U-boats patrol offshore and are a constant threat to British livelihood, as are the daily bombings in London. Leslie befriends an enigmatic woman who resembles his favorite actress. But when disaster strikes, Leslie, Edward, and Leslie's cousin Caroline must work together to discover the truth. Was it a tragic accident or premeditated murder?

A Manx Tale: In late summer 1941, Caroline and her new husband Cyril are honeymooning on the Isle of Man. In spite of the war raging around them, Caroline is enchanted by the small island’s history, quaint customs and superstitious beliefs. But as unexplainable events unfold, she becomes increasingly aware of sinister forces at work. Will logic and rationality prevail, or will it take a bit of magic and island whimsy to sort everything out?

A Christmas in Kent: It's December 1941. Caroline, Cyril, Edward, and Leslie are home for Christmas from their recent exploits. On the surface all seems right within Caroline’s world, yet there’s something bothering her that can’t be ignored much longer. Christmas in Kent proves to be full of surprises.

A Deadly Game of Malice: Caroline Graham is six months pregnant, miserable, and bored. Then a rash of poison pen letters circulate in the village and residents start to die. With Leslie’s help, Caroline must use all her cunning and put her life at risk to uncover a cold-blooded murderer -- a killer who continues to raise the stakes in a deadly game of malice.

Kindred Spirit: A bomb explodes near St. Andrew’s Home for Boys, unearthing a skeleton of a young boy. As Leslie, Edward, and Robert set about identifying the remains, the shocking discovery stirs up an old antagonism between the two brothers and brings to light a series of repressed memories for Leslie. Ultimately, it rests on Leslie and Edward to solve the senseless murder of a kindred spirit.

Lovers and Liars Box Set (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lovers and Liars Box Set (MM)

Lovers and Liars 1


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 116,528
0 Ratings (0.0)
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EXCERPT FROM "Kindred Spirit"

As they drove, Leslie slid over on the seat closer to Edward and again understood why he loved this man so much. “As usual, you’re right.”

“I don’t want to be right, sweetheart.” He took Leslie’s hand and squeezed it.

“What if a passing motorist --”

“Sod that. I should be able to hold my husband’s goddamn hand if I want to.”

“Yes, you should. But we still have to be careful. People --”

“We’re civilized, but not quite.” Before letting go of Leslie’s hand, he rubbed his thumb against Leslie’s palm. “That’ll bring you good luck in the bedroom. Lots of illegal sex coming our way.”

“Now you stop. Don’t you see where this could lead?”

Edward glanced down and raised an eyebrow at the bulge in his lover’s trousers. “I’m seeing it right now. Looks like you’re in the mood again. Doesn’t take much, if memory serves.”

“All right. All right.” They were stopped at a signal and Leslie took the opportunity to slide over to the passenger side. “There. Happy?”

“I’m not the one who wanted you to move clear over there.”

“No, me neither.”

“Listen, being serious again,” Edward said. “I don’t like to see you at odds with Robert, the one person who --”

“Doesn’t in the least deserve it. I need to make amends and I will. I promise.”

“Good. He’s such a decent chap. Salt of the earth. A saint.”

“I wouldn’t go that far.” Leslie laughed.

“I love seeing you happy.”

“You do?”

“Course I do, and you bloody well should know it by now. It’s part of my job keeping you smiling and chipper.”

“You make me smile a lot.”

“I’ve noticed,” Edward said. “Seems you did quite a lot of that smiling, chipper thing last night, not to mention this morning while we locked ourselves away in the guest room.” He paused and took his gaze briefly from the road to look at his lover. “But then, I could be mistaken.”

“You’re not. I’ve missed you the past weeks.”

“And I you.”

“Just know this very second, even though I’m sitting way over here, I’m holding your hand, metaphorically speaking, and I’m not letting go. Ever.”


“I’ve been in a rotten mood for days. Maybe this little outing will help brighten my mood, get my mind off other things,” Leslie said.

“That’s just what I’m hoping.”

“It’s not a secret is it, where we’re going? I thought maybe it was a surprise.”

“Not in the least. We had other matters to discuss first. Glad we did.”

“Me, too.”

“Didn’t mean to make this trip sound secretive. We’re off on a little adventure of our own to St. Andrew’s. Just to see what we can dig up.”

Leslie winced at Edward’s choice of words.

A cold mist wafted through the slightly open window and Leslie felt a sudden chill on his face. “I suppose if we have to revisit my past, we’ve the perfect weather for it.”

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