Even a rough, tough, badass former Marine knows that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a little seduction. So after a stop at Valentino’s Wine and Gourmet Food Shoppe and armed with a decadent bottle of chocolate wine, Noble Loving tracks down Bliss Harper, the star of his most wicked fantasies. His sexy business partner should be firmly off limits, but he’s sick of playing by the rules. Time for some new ones. It’ll take a slow hand and some hot loving to convince the lady she belongs to him, but this Marine is up for the challenge.

Loving Bliss
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Instant heat from the cozy fireplace chased over his chilled limbs. Noble set the bag that bore the logo of Valentino’s Wine and Gourmet Food Shoppe on a handy dandy entry table and shrugged out of his coat. It was Valentine’s Day in the hub of American Democracy and tonight he had plans. Big Plans. Enticing Bliss into making things about more than “business” between them was his top priority. At the moment she sat curled up on the couch, the laptop screen throwing light over her pale blonde hair and delicate face. He’d never been a big fan of short hair on a woman, but the pixie cut she sported framed her beguiling features to perfection. Tinker Bell turned seductress. Intelligent, hazel eyes, partially obscured by the lenses of her glasses were narrowed in concentration but then she looked up. An adorable one-sided smile tilted her lips as her eyes swept him slowly. “Well, now. Don’t you look like a man who needs some warmin’ up.”

Noble flat out forgot to breathe.

She was a true Georgia peach with a voice like melted honey and he’d bet his last nickel those southern men were all crying in their beer over losing her to chilly Washington DC. And, hopefully, to him. Bliss was a fine specimen of a woman, hotter than a July afternoon and sweet enough to make him want to check her blood sugar levels. And her intellect? Well, that was pretty damn spectacular, too. He’d always been a sucker for smarts and she had plenty of them.

Bliss uncurled her long legs from the sofa to peer at him over the tops of the dark frames of her glasses. Her smile widened. She removed the eyewear sending them sliding across the surface of the coffee table then stood to give him an utterly wicked look. “Why don’t you come over here by the fire and we’ll get you comfy.”

Noble’s cock twitched. The hot-buttered-sex quality of the invitation had him yearning to slip her pencil thin black skirt over her hips and down those ultra-long legs. He reached into the temporarily abandoned sack and pulled out a wrapped bundle of bright red Gerbera daisies, a single crystal flute, and a chilled bottle.

Bliss’s pretty eyes widened.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

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