Lube Master (MM)

Cedar Falls 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,250
23 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains. 
Ryder Monroe came to Cedar Falls to save the dying town. On his way there, his life spiraled out of control when delays and unruly passengers caused him to be late. He expected Aidan, the man in charge of hiring him, to be there to greet him, but instead found a man he didn’t know, Tag Kendrick.
It was clear to Tag, Ryder was having some sort of meltdown. After the day the man had, Tag couldn’t blame the guy. His instinct was to take control and put the sexy little man over his knee, but he wasn’t sure Ryder would appreciate his dominating ways.
They learn just how perfectly they fit together as Ryder submits to Tag’s control. But when the mayor tries to undermine their budding relationship, will they be able to find their happily ever after, or will Ryder be forced to leave town?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lube Master (MM)
23 Ratings (4.4)

Lube Master (MM)

Cedar Falls 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,250
23 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Cedar Falls NC was dying. At least the Mayor was trying to make it that. But the casino that Zane worked for refused to allow that to happen, so, step in Ryder. Ryder knew how to make things happen. He could turn any city around, he just had to get there first. Tag got volunteered to pick up the strange man that was supposed to help re-image the town of Cedar Falls. Tag is isn't affected by the lack of tourism in the town, but he knows the town needs. First thought Tag has, is the man is a brat. Second thought, is he is still a brat, but there is something that draws him to the small man. Rugged and ripped from his job, Tag is someone that draws Ryder in. In the short time Ryder is in town, he knows he can help. But can he keep Tag too? And will he be drawn into the antics that starting to be known as the Cedar Falls Trio, Zane, Ethan and Jesse?




Seeing several barstools open along the bar, Tag made his way to the bar, stopping to say hello to several people on the way. That was the thing about a small town, everyone knew everyone. It was one of the drawbacks to moving back to his hometown.

When he’d decided he’d had enough of the war and left the marines, Tag hadn’t had anywhere to go. Cedar Falls had been where he’d grown up, the only real place he’d known. After a considerable amount of thought he knew he no longer wanted to work for someone. He was too strong-willed to keep taking orders.

Being a mechanic was all he knew so opening a garage had been an easy decision. Not having a lot of money to waste, he figured opening it in a small town would be less expensive than in a city, so he decided to move back to Cedar Falls.

Even though there were plenty of nosy busybodies, for the most part the people of Cedar Falls had been nothing but nice, welcoming him with open arms.

Piling some food onto a plate, Tag was finally able to sit down at the bar, where Bram generously poured him a pint of beer. He’d just taken his first sip when several gasps and giggling had him turning to the door. Betty Sue, the most aggressive woman Tag had ever met, was kissing Aidan, who looked like he was desperately trying to get away from her.

From experience, Tag knew just how strong that woman was when she had her hooks in a man. His repair shop was right across the street from her shop, The Coffee House. His first day open she had brought him a cup of coffee.

Grateful for the gesture, since he’d forgotten to bring in the small coffee pot he’d bought for the garage, Tag had taken a sip. The urge to spit it out had nearly won. Only the manners drilled into him from his mama had stopped him from insulting Betty Sue. After a week of her stalking him, he wished he’d spit it out.

“Betty Sue, if you don’t get your nasty mouth off my man I will rip that overly bleached hair right out of your head.” Zane Fisher had just walked in carrying pastries from his bakery, Sweet Buns. He looked ready to punch Betty Sue for touching his boyfriend.

Betty Sue took her mouth off Aidan, giving him a suggestive smile before turning to Zane with a sneer. “There is no way Aidan is gay. He’s all man and I already claimed him as mine.”

Zane smirked. “Oh really?” He walked right up to Aidan, shoving Betty Sue away. A coffee cup was shoved in his hands. “Drink that to get rid of her horrible taste.”

Aidan did exactly as instructed.

Not about to lose the man she claimed, Betty Sue tried to push Zane away with no luck. “Get away from him. I don’t want you touching him,” she screeched.

One of Zane’s best friends, Jesse Grant, a flamboyant man with a penchant for wearing three-inch heels stepped up to her. “Watch it, Betty Sue. We both know what will happen when I get bitchy.”

After meeting Jesse on several occasions, Tag could only imagine how the little man had gotten “bitchy” with Betty Sue, nor was he surprised when Betty Sue glared but still stayed back, too afraid of Jesse to get any closer.

Zane grinned up at Aidan. “Now kiss me like you mean it.”

Catcalls and hollers filled the room as Aidan did just that. A pissed-off Betty Sue stormed out of the pub. Tag just hoped she didn’t try to make trouble for what Aidan was trying to do for the town. Not many knew this, which was surprising considering gossip was the lifeblood of Cedar Falls, but Betty Sue had been having an affair with the mayor for the last five years.

Because the man refused to leave his wife, Betty Sue continued to look for a man she could marry but the perks of being the mayor’s mistress kept her from leaving the man. It was the only reason she was able to keep The Coffee House open, when her coffee tasted like sludge. Actually, a cup of sludge was probably better.

The mayor not only waived the rental of the storefront, but also all taxes for Betty Sue. He also paid her to keep her mouth shut about their extracurricular activities.

“You know, as always, I appreciate the exhibition but I think you’ve proven your point,” Ethan Chapman called out.

Slowly Aidan pulled back but his eyes never left Zane’s. “Is there a reason why Ethan is always breaking us apart?”

“Is there a reason you always have your tongue shoved down my best friend’s throat when I walk into a room?” Ethan snapped back. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you wanted me to watch.”

“Boy.” Bram’s eyes were on Ethan even though he was across the room.

“What?” Ethan asked. “I was just making an observation.”

A stab of jealousy shot through Tag as he watched Bram point to the spot in front of him and Ethan immediately went to the man.

That’s what he wanted, that obedience, that desire to serve. Had Bram not met Ethan first, Tag would have been tempted to pursue him for himself. It was probably a good thing Bram had met Ethan first. Tag was intense, he knew that. It would take a special man to handle just how dominant he was.

Ethan wasn’t that man.




Ryder grunted as the paddle made contact, but otherwise not a sound was uttered. No longer out of control, Tag didn’t think his lover would need to scream his frustration and anger out as he did the night before. In fact, once Tag had started strapping him down, taking away all his options, the man seemed to settle into his skin again.

He imagined this was how Ryder normally was. Only when the pressures of the outside world became too much, did he need an outlet. He doubted Ryder had seen a Dom in some time to give his rigid control some release, which was why he’d lost control as badly as he had the night before.

The first five he kept fairly light, allowing Ryder’s ass to get a chance to warm up to what was coming. His hand rubbed against the warmth of the skin. “Those five were for disobeying a direct order. The next ten will be more severe since not trusting your Dom is considered a grave transgression.”

A loud gulp could be heard before Ryder said in a resigned voice, “Yes, sir.”

The next time his paddle connected, the room rang with the blow. Ryder’s grunt was just as loud. The ass before him turned red. He planned on making sure Ryder felt this long after he left Cedar Falls to go back to Oregon.

He wanted his little one to remember what only Tag could do for him during that long plane trip. For he planned on Ryder coming back as soon as the man backed up his belongings.

Each smack of the paddle was given with that in mind, Ryder taking them beautifully. Several times Tag had to wrap his hand around the base of his cock to stop himself from coming. Never had he had such a lack of control over his body.

There was just something so erotic about Ryder’s submission. After the ninth one, he tore open the condom wrapper, sliding the latex onto his dick.

“One more,” he said through clenched teeth as he fought back the orgasm threatening to rip through him.

Tag let his arm fly, the paddle connecting with force.

“Ungh,” Ryder shouted out as he struggled to absorb the pain. Yet when he did the look of utter peace on his face had Tag completely entranced.

He dropped the paddle to the floor. Grapping the lube, he poured it onto his prick, not caring that a glob hit the floor.

Coating two fingers, he used his other hand to spread those red globes to expose that little rosette. The heat from Ryder’s ass poured into his hand. As much as he wanted to sink in deep, the need to taste was even stronger.

He knelt behind Ryder, his face close enough he could feel the warmth radiating from his lover’s ass. The pink pucker enticed him further. With the flat of his tongue, he swiped along Ryder’s crack.

“Oh fuck,” Ryder shouted as he tried to buck back against Tag’s face.

The musky taste of his lover had Tag craving more even as he continued to lick and nip that sweet little star. Ryder was reduced to nothing more than noise as words were too difficult for the man.

Loving how much he affected his lover, Tag drove his tongue in as far as it would go. His face was pressed up against those heated cheeks, the sensation driving him wild.

Not able to wait any longer, he pulled back. The sight of those rosy cheeks and saliva-slicked pucker had him on edge. Tag pushed two lubed fingers against Ryder’s pucker but not breaching him. As much as he wanted this, he had to know Ryder did too. “I need to know if this is what you want.” His voice was shredded as lust rode him hard.

That rosy ass pushed back onto his fingers as Ryder tried to impale himself. “Yes, please. Tag. I need.”

Pleased that his lover’s voice was just as husky as his, Tag pushed two fingers deep. Gritting his teeth at that tight heat surrounding his digits, Tag worked quickly to open his lover up for him. So close to the edge, a stiff wind could easily push him over, Tag barely held onto his control.

Sliding a third finger in, he stared, completely mesmerized by the sight of that tight little hole gobbling his fingers up. Not able to hold off any longer, he pulled them out.

Ryder’s needy cry when Tag placed the tip of his shaft against his entrance had him thrusting deep. So much heat. So tight. Fuck. Tag felt his legendary control snap as he thrust wildly inside Ryder. His hands gripped his lover’s hips hard, his fingers digging into the flesh. He was sure there would be bruises.

Each thrust was punishing in its intensity as he fucked his sexy man.

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