Lust in Space - Punished by her Alpha Commander

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,265
3 Ratings (4.7)

"I'm in for it and I know it.

My lover is angry with me and I don't blame him at all. I disobeyed direct orders out in the field. I could've been killed. That will never be okay with Arviel."

Lana's star is shining bright. She's saved the Capella Ambassador and dispatched his kidnappers in a daring and risky feat of skill. Her superiors are pleased and she's sure to receive a commendation for her quick wits and quicker trigger finger.

However, her First Commander and lover is furious. Arviel, a blue-skinned hybrid with the height and body of an old-world god, coldly orders Lana to his room for punishment. Usually he spanks her for their mutual enjoyment, but surely this will call for something worse. Now Lana awaits him in silence, knowing her lover's ire can only bring the sadist out in him.

Is it wrong that she can hardly wait? After all, Arviel has molded her so that everything he does to her feels good and has her panting for more...

WARNING: This 10,100 story contains explicit language and sexual content. Oral, domination and submission themes are explored in graphic detail.

Lust in Space - Punished by her Alpha Commander
3 Ratings (4.7)

Lust in Space - Punished by her Alpha Commander

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 10,265
3 Ratings (4.7)
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“You disobeyed me, Lana.”

“Yes, Sir.” I keep my gaze trained on his stomach. I don’t dare going any higher for fear I’ll see the disappointment in Arviel’s exotic blue gaze.

“Your actions were intolerable.” Arviel steps closer, crowding me and daring me to take a step back. “What’s your defense?”

“Sir, I saw an opportunity and had to take it.”

“Wrong. You chose to take it.”

What do I say to that? I agree with him and I implicate myself to have deliberately disobeyed when it really was a decision based on instinct. I disagree with him and I am being disrespectful, which gives full cause for punishment.

Point being, either way I’m definitely getting punished.

“Answer now, Lana.”

“Sir, my professional opinion dictated need for immediate action. I could not communicate my intentions to you, Sir, or I would’ve lost my chance.”

Arviel’s large hands grip my shoulders and lift me high to his eyelevel. “You did not have clearance to make those decisions.”

I blink in confusion, hating to argue with him, but needing to point out “Sir, I’m an L5. My duties dictate I can make these decisions in the field.”

Arviel brings his face closer to mine. The hardness of his jaw and lips make him a beautiful threat. “You. Did. Not. Have. MY. Clearance.”

I sag in his hold. I knew when I took those shots what was going to happen in this room. I knew how much it was going to hurt. I knew how wet I was going to get.

My pussy clenches. I feel the moisture quickly soaking through my underclothing.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

The apology does little to appease Arviel. The black ring around his blue pupil contracts. Stardust blue stares me down. “You were nearly shot in the back, Lana.”

It’s true. After I took down the lead abductor, I kicked the Ambassador’s legs out from under him before shooting the other captor in his throat. Although I had surprise on my side, the last man standing got his weapon up faster than I gave him credit. Desperation has its way to make even the tubbiest of us faster I suppose. I turned just in time and lunged to the side far enough to be grazed by the shot. My temple feels tender but it’s such a minimal wound that I don’t even worry about scarring.

“I understand, Sir.”

“Good.” His dark smile makes me curl my toes in sick anticipation. “Then you will understand my need for discipline.”

Absolutely I do.

Arviel is a sadist. Which is wonderful since I’m a masochist. Even so, his punishments can and do take me to the limits. I can’t help but wonder how well I’ll hold out this night.

My gut tells me not so well.

Usually when Arviel punishes me, it’s for play. This is different. Arviel is angry and when a hybrid is angry—well, let’s just say it’s not as much as fun being on the receiving end of his punishments versus when he’s amorous and wanting to play.

Thank the Gods I’m wired in a way that it all ends up feeling good to me.

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