Lust of the Vikings 2 (An Erotic Menage Romance)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,600
1 Ratings (4.0)

Confronted by an invasion of fearsome raiders from the north, two very different women must fight for their survival in this six part, erotic series. Lora Green, poor and downtrodden, has been labeled a witch and treated like an outcast her entire life. When she is taken, the lovely brunette fends for herself, yielding to the heathens who demand her complete surrender. She loses her heart in the process…but not to the man she thought would be her lord and master.

Charlotte Abbot, the daughter of the wealthiest man in the village, is the epitome of everything a young lady ought to be. Fleeing from the invaders, she is plucked from the forest, along with her sister, Emma, and an entirely different world presents itself, filled with wine, candles, and a seduction so thorough, she will never be the same again. A man from the past emerges…a knight on a horse, come to rescue her. Who is he?

This collection contains the last three books of the “Cum For The Viking” series (books four, five, six) by Virginia Wade.

Lust of the Vikings 2 (An Erotic Menage Romance)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Lust of the Vikings 2 (An Erotic Menage Romance)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,600
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Shutterstock/Coka

“I’ll never regain my strength, if I don’t sleep. How am I to fight now? Or is this your plan, you English wench? Are you trying to exhaust me?”

I wrapped my hand around his cock. “What about this? It doesn’t seem tired, my Lord.”

He groaned, rolling onto his back. I leaned over him, dropping kisses on his chest. “You needn’t do much. I can pleasure us both.”

“No doubt.”

“You’re in no condition to protest, my Lord. You can’t leave the room like this. What would your men think?” The pad of my thumb drew teasing circles over the tip of his penis. This was easy because he had begun to leak. “It would be unseemly to walk around in such an aggravated state.” He groaned in response. My smile was saucy. “It seems you’ve been struck down with a rather serious affliction.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s horribly inflamed.”

His grin was crooked. “Indeed.”

“You do know what they say about infections, don’t you?”


“They must be drained, my Lord.”

“You don’t say.”

“It’s the only way it’ll find relief.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more.”

“Or, perhaps, it’s a sign from God. You’ve been punished, and you must repent.”

“I like the first choice better.”

“You don’t wish to repent all of your sins?”

“If I started, we’d be sitting here for a week straight. I’m a heathen, my dear. My sins are…long and distinguished.”

I squeezed his cock. “They most certainly are.”

He sat up, grabbing my arms. “You play a naughty game, Lora, but I like it. I like you.”

Our eyes met, as heat flared between us. “I like you too.”

He closed the distance, meeting my lips for a sweet, yet searing kiss that I wished would go on for all eternity. Our tongues battled in the silken wetness. I snaked my arms around his neck, holding him close, while he savaged my mouth, pillaging me thoroughly. He smelled of mead with a hint of tobacco, because he had shared a pipe with a friend after dinner.

We collapsed to the bed, while he kissed my throat. “Oh, my…Lord…” Our evenings always ended this way, with a cozy fire followed by a bout of delicious sex. His kisses descended to my breasts, which he crushed together, the heaving mounds jiggling wildly. Each nipple was sucked to a hardened peak. “Ooohhh…”

He growled his appreciation, his kisses landing on my belly. I squirmed beneath him in lustful anticipation, knowing exactly where he was going. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for this particular act because the feel of a slinky, hot tongue twirling over my nub was as sinful and pleasing as a cock itself. He settled in; his blonde head dropped between my thighs, while I drove fingers through thick, silky hair.

“Oh, yes,” I hissed through my teeth.

“This is my idea of penance.”

“I’d gladly suffer at your hands, my Lord. Deliver me from sin.”

The low rumble of a laugh reverberated through him. “I’m about to deliver you to sin.” His tongue ran the length of my slit, dipping into my dampness.

“Oh…yes…you are…” My eyes rolled into my head, as speech left me. I floated into the void of bliss, while my senses were teased to distraction by an expert tongue. His finger breached my entrance, sliding in and out while he prodded my little nub. This went on for long minutes, and, with each thrilling assault, my body tensed and shivered. “You must let me do the same, my Lord.” I pushed him gently.

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