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Lusty Lawyers and their Innocent Interns Vol 2 Nude is the New Black

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 21,600
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Welcome back to Crystal Hills, a wonderfully naughty city were only the naughtiest lesbians come to live, work, and engage in pleasurable activities. The drama continues within the exclusive penthouse suites of the notorious lesbian law firm, Lilley, Beaux, Reyes and Paxton. The new initiative put forth by August Lilley, the firm's leading and most scandalous firm attorney, for starting every week with Nude Mondays, is quite a success. With an entire staff of gorgeous interns and secretaries forbidden from dressing for work, the lady lawyers attend to the business at hand. Tigress Woodson returns, dealing with nasty marital ramifications, having been caught cheating with a stable of mistresses. And the diabolical attorney general, Dia, brings the leather glove of the law down on the firm with a devious counter attack. Will Tigress and her scorned yet beautiful supermodel wife split or reconcile? Does the powerful attorney general give in to her salacious desire or fall victim to another of August's sexual schemes? Will the new interns receive their proper spankings as they continue to develop lusty skill sets? Come spend a day with August, Madison, Bella and Sicily as they shoot from the hip and turn the practice of law into a contact sport.

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The multi-million dollar lawyer and her sexy nude secretary strut across the opulent ground-floor lobby of the skyscraper like they own it.
Jinxy's high-heels click sharply as they stroll across the marble floors. It's the only sound among the silenced onlookers. As predicted, the seething lower-office dwellers gave an abundance of
jealous sneers, but August simply winks, swinging the gilded leash.

With a perfectly naughty and subservient look on her face, Jinxy accepts
August's gentle tug on the chain, walking a step behind. Batting her
thick eyelashes at the frozen bystanders, Jinxy keeps her gaze on her
boss, loving the burn of the bitter stares and stunned expressions.

The steely elevator doors open, revealing a packed compartment. “Good morning
everyone,” August says, clearing her throat for the others to make room for them.
Muttering under their breath, they move aside, creating a smidgen of space for August and Jinxy.

Entering first, August assists Jinxy as she wiggles her petite frame in
between the women in suits. The heavy doors close and the long
journey to the top of the building begins.

Ruling the shaft as it ascends the office floors, assuming they all know exactly
who she is, August speaks again. “I trust you all got laid over the

No responses from the others—just rustling and nervous flinching.
August owns her bad-ass reputation as a woman worth fearing, glaring
at those too intimated to answer. “And this is why I own the top
floor, and have a pet for a secretary because I don't fear coming
first—I insist on it.”

blushes and takes liberties with her nipples in the cramped quarters,
twisting and turning them with glee. “Yes, this is true, Ms.

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