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Lynnette Bernard is a fan of Broadway, the ocean, science fiction, romances, music, and babies. She has two babies of her own who were the perfect children and have turned out to be outstanding adults. She is a staunch advocate of “happily ever after” and changes the endings of any movie that she sees or book that she reads that doesn’t follow that rule. She has the hots for cowboys, shifters, vampires, and really nice guys, and lives her fantasies about them through her writings. The cowboys of Colorado will always hold a special place in her heart.

Q: How do you come up with your story ideas?

A: It really varies. Sometimes I dream the story. Sometimes it’s a personal wish. Sometimes I see something that sparks a romantic thought in my head. Seeing a couple walking through a store holding hands or sharing a laugh make me get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I think about the specialness of the love that they share, and in my mind, characters are created or an idea for a book is sparked.


Q: Do you have a routine for writing?

A: I am definitely a night writer. I find myself being able to write non-stop from nine at night until the early hours of the morning. That definitely plays havoc on my day job but I have learned to power nap when I get home from work and have learned to exist on less sleep—something I perfected when I had my babies!!


Q: Do you outline your stories?

A: No. I have a basic idea of what I want the story to be about but the actual story reveals itself to me as I write it. There are times when I think of a scene that I want to happen in the book and I write it down with dialogue and notes and put it aside until it fits into the story. Sometimes I get stuck and have to take a break because something just doesn’t seem right. I go to a movie or go out with friends to take my mind off it. Then I try again and I’m lucky that ideas start to flow. As I write, the story unfolds in my mind like I’m watching it happen, just like a movie. Sometimes I have to pause, rewind, or fast forward, but it always happens that way for me.


Q: Is there something you want your readers to get from your books?

A: Absolutely. I am a romantic who writes how I wish love really could be. Too many times I’ve read books where women fall for men who are not nice to them, don’t treat them with respect, and border on abusive. Yet they fall in love with them and become intimate with them without reservation. Why? I truly want every woman to believe that she should look for a kind man, or men, who make her feel good about herself and desire and enjoy the woman that she is. The same goes for men. I am annoyed that the nicest men end up with such unkind, selfish women. Gay or straight, it doesn’t matter. We all deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and love, and not settle for anything less.


Q: What do your family and friends think about your books?

A: Well…actually…only my children and a select group of friends know my pen name. I’m an outgoing person who loves to laugh and can talk to anyone at any time, but as a woman, I’m very shy. People can be funny about erotic romances, thinking they can’t be of any value but I strongly disagree. A truly beautiful love story can give us hope and dreams. The best compliment I have ever received was after one of my friends finished reading one of my books and she called to tell me how much she enjoyed it. It was when my friend’s husband got on the phone and thanked me for the great book that I felt overjoyed, and a little embarrassed, because my book put his wife in the mood for some seriously good rounds of lovemaking!!

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