[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Cursed a thousand years ago for the crimes of their forefathers, the warrior men of Lykaios are imprisoned to stay on their island home. This changed when Fate brought forth a solution: instead of them finding their mates, their mates will be coming to the island. Thus, the idea to turn the island into a paradise resort was born.
Construction for the island resort is well under way. Gabriel Montgomery, with his several degrees, was tasked to go to the island and conduct a feasibility study. What he didn’t know was that among its residents was his mate.
Lysander was a broken man who lost all hope of ever finding his mate. Angry, with a short fuse, and living as a pariah for a thousand years, Lysander is surprised—and delighted—when an intriguing man who piques his curiosity enters the forge one day. Unable to help himself, they share a searing kiss that changes both of their lives forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lysander (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this series. Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait for the next one.
Where do I start in my praise for this book? It was totally hot for starters, and not just hot, but you felt the chemistry between the characters from their first meeting! This is sometimes tricky for an author to pull off, but Frey does it with style!

Lysander is a blacksmith who has pretty much lost all hope that he will find the one meant for him, he has a reputation for not being the sunniest person to be around (the reaction to him smiling is delightful). When he meets Gabriel, one kiss seals his future!

Gabriel has a head for numbers, he is brilliant and an asset to the development of the Island project, but Gabriel longs for someone to see what he is worth in every way. When he meets Lysander, little does he know his wish is about to come true in a VERY sexy way! I love how the sparks fly with these two (no blacksmith pun intended :p), but more than that, you feel the connection they have in their hearts!

I can't wait for you to read this one, it is a wonderful story of love between two people who couldn't be more different, but more perfect for each other! Thanks Frey, for a book 2 that more than lives up to the epic first book!
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“Wh-wh—“ Gabriel stammered, his doe-like eyes wide and his lips quivering. His hands held his strange device closer to his chest.

Lysander didn’t realize how they were positioned until he realized how small Gabriel was. Lysander was broader, more muscular and larger than the human could ever hope to become, and yet… he fit in the space inside Lysander’s body. It was like he was the protective cocoon, and Gabriel was the caterpillar inside. The human’s face was flushed bright red, and Lysander’s own cheeks turned pink.

Slowly, Lysander could feel a gentle pressure against the top of his abdomen. Gabriel was touching him. He looked down to see the contrast in their skin – Gabriel’s pale, soft hands against Lysander’s tough, tanned skin – and the wolf shifter felt his insides warm, permeating from that point where they touched.

Then he slowly touched the hand on his chest, grasping it tightly, but not in a way that would hurt the human. He leaned in and pressed his nose against Gabriel’s neck, causing the human to gasp. Gabriel’s was an octave higher than earlier, and goosebumps appeared all over his neck where Lysander’s nose and lips pressed. The human smelled of fresh citrus and heady sweat from having been beaten down on by the sun outside. Titillating, yet strange, but altogether delicious, said the wolf inside of Lysander that seemed to purr in approval. Well, that was a first, Lysander thought, a grin appearing on his face.

Lysander broke the small space between the two of them to press a kiss onto Gabriel’s lips. Firm yet tender, the wolf inside of Lysander howled in approval at the feeling of the human’s lips against his own, and even more so when Gabriel seemed to close his eyes, his body seeking the warmth of Lysander’s own as the young human slowly wrapped his arms around the wolf shifter’s bare chest.

Lysander felt nails raking slowly against his back, and down his sides. Their kiss deepened, a primal passion Lysander hadn’t ever known before filling his mind. His lips opened for Gabriel, whose tongue slowly, curiously explored the warm cavern of Lysander’s mouth. In response, Lysander pressed his body ever closer to the human’s, just as his inner wolf was beginning to scratch and niggle at something inside of his mind.

Gabriel was his. It didn’t matter if the man wasn’t his mate. Centuries of loneliness had finally eroded the walls Lysander built around himself. Having a man so beautiful, so curious and seemingly so innocent as the one he was currently lip-locked with was enough to make his body react. His body became as warm as a furnace, nipples poking out like pinpricks in arousal as his large, muscular body wrapped perfectly around Gabriel’s own, drawing the smaller male into his arms as they deepened their kiss as far as it could go, with their teeth pressing against each other while their tongues dueled, danced, and tasted.

Lysander swore he could feel Gabriel’s erection press up against his own, but with all the pleasure driving him heady, he couldn’t make for certain. Despite him already being shirtless and Gabriel’s body being covered only by thin fabric, there was just too much clothing between the two of them for Lysander’s liking.

It took all of the strength and willpower Lysander had in himself to finally pull away. They both needed to breathe, and the hammering of his heart told him that it was sooner rather than later. As the thrumming echoes of his heartbeat filled his head, he panted, staring into Gabriel’s eyes as though he were in a haze.

Gabriel was gasping for breath. His lips, which were already full and slightly pink, were even redder now, reminding Lysander just how good the human tasted. Already, he wanted to sink back in to kiss the human. Lysander remained there, his arms finally moving from being wrapped around Gabriel’s lithe form to slowly moving back to his sides.

Lysander’s eyes traveled over Gabriel’s form. He quivered, pushing a bit more firmly with his hand on Lysander’s chest, and although the wolf inside of Lysander didn’t want to, he pulled back and looked into Gabriel’s eyes. Lysander heard the thundering of Gabriel’s heart, the way he audibly swallowed as he gently pressed fingers onto his lips. Then, his eyes darted up and down, from Lysander’s chest to his face, down and up again, before finally the human spoke.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t usually kiss people like that after first meeting them. That may have been a mistake,” The human said softly, trying to inch away. Lysander noticed this and immediately took a step back, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He turned his gaze to the side, taking deep breaths to calm down and to settle his racing heartbeat.

“O-oh god, what must you think of me now?” Gabriel asked suddenly, his hands suddenly coming up to his cheeks. Lysander immediately turned back toward the petite male. The man’s face was flushed pink, and, Lysander noted, for all the wrong reasons, too.

“I think you are intriguing.” Lysander replied plainly, though he was still taking deep breaths and trying his hardest not to break his composure. “And I would ask to see you again another time.”




“Take your time, erastes,” Lysander bit down on his lower lip. “Want to feel all of you. This… This feels so good.”

Gabriel took a deep breath. He was barely containing his excitement as he grasped a tighter hold of Lysander’s chiton, his grip so tight that it started to rip the fabric. With a quick pull on Lysander’s part, he aided in the destruction of the garment, revealing his entire body for Gabriel to touch and feel.

Just gliding his palms up and down the hills of Lysander’s stomach was like a dream. The wolf shifter prickled with sweat and he was panting, but as Gabriel grabbed a tight hold of Lysander’s pectorals, he eased himself down onto the man’s prick, until Lysander was completely balls deep inside Gabriel, and the human could feel each throb and twitch of his lover’s cock inside of him.

It was then that Gabriel’s heartbeat and his breathing began to go back to normal. Even though there was the slight prick of pain mixing with the pleasure inside of him, Gabriel couldn’t get enough. It was like the two of them were finally connected at that moment.

Gabriel started to swivel his hips, undulating his waist and rubbing his own shaft against Lysander’s navel, staring down into his lover’s eyes. He grasped tightly at Lysander’s pectorals, elevating his rear ever so slightly, just enough for the taller man to begin bucking his hips forward and back. His own shaft grew as hard as it could, and Gabriel knew that he wanted so much more – craved so much more – of Lysander filling him.

Chanting Gabriel’s name softly, Lysander’s hands grasped tightly on the sheets around him. Wildly bucking his hips forward and back as he rode his lover, Gabriel had to bite back a gasp when he’d hit something inside of him that made his legs weak.

“A-ah, Lysander…” Gabriel whimpered, just as Lysander’s hands found their way underneath his shirt, gently tugging on the buttons until they were loose and Gabriel was just as naked as he. Gabriel looked down to see the man’s eyes glimmer in the shade of gold, showing him the lust that permeated inside of his body.

Erastes, you look so wonderful bouncing like that,” Lysander whispered, his face contorted into a slight grin as he continued to thrust up and down, his cock sliding just a single inch in and out of Gabriel’s needy little rear. “Am I pleasing you?”

Gabriel’s only reply was a heady, breathless moan, which made Lysander chuckle and thrust upward even harder. “Ah! Ah! Shit… Ah, L-Lysander, you feel so good…” Gabriel’s face turned a bright shade of pink at his perverse words, but it wasn’t like he could do anything. He adjusted his spectacles that were beginning to go askew from all of their movement, simply out of habit. Now, he was a slave to the pleasure that brimmed between the two of them.

“I wanted you to be the one to take the reins and take control,” Lysander’s voice became softer, more ragged as he continued to thrust, panting in between words. Gabriel smiled. “But I can’t resist. You look beautiful. Sweat glistening down your face and your body, and your body is so tight, I don’t know if I can last long…”

Gabriel pressed himself down, sliding their chests together, pressing their bodies into each other as he kissed Lysander’s lips. Gabriel’s manhood rubbed against Lysander’s muscles as the man underneath him writhed and took control. The wolf shifter’s hands grasped the perfect pair of Gabriel’s cheeks, pulling them apart to make it easier for him to push his pelvis up and slam his cock right into that tight, hot body.

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