Making Wise Decisions (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,716
0 Ratings (0.0)

At a friend’s wedding reception, Strider is berated by a man who assumes Strider is his son’s lover. He doesn’t even know the guy! The man apologizes and offers Strider a sales position at his company. After the reception Ryan, the man’s son, calls to apologize for his father. The two start talking, and Strider confesses his attraction to men, though he’s only ever dated girls. The two find they have a lot in common, and one date leads to another as their relationship deepens.

On top of the world with a new love and a new job, Strider accidentally comes out to his boss, putting his position in jeopardy. Can Strider learn to accept who he is and come out, celebrating his new relationship with Ryan while working for Ryan’s homophobic father?

Making Wise Decisions (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Making Wise Decisions (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,716
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Strider called the number Ryan left. Voicemail kicked in.

“Hi, this is Ryan. I’m not home, so please leave a message.”

“Hi, Ryan, this is Strider, the guy your dad thought was your boyfriend. Thanks for the call. I often wonder if I handled things right, and your words lifted me.” He gave his home and cell numbers and hung up.

Strider finished his workday and headed home. He spent the evening with a dinner of leftovers, videogames, and paying bills, including for his death bullet, the motorcycle. Maybe I should sell it. At eleven P.M., he slipped into bed. The phone rang, and he jumped to answer it.


“Hi, Strider, it’s Ryan, from the wedding. Is it okay to call at this hour? The time got away from me.”

Strider’s heart jumped as a smile grew. “Yeah, it’s cool. Thanks for the call.”

“Um, well, I’m sorry about my dad.”

“I understand. Everyone else was cool. Too bad your sister is married. She’s really nice.” Aw, shit, why’d I say that? Now he’s convinced I’m straight.

The phone grew heavy with silence.

“Uh, I just wanted to thank you again. I’m sorry to call so late. Good night.” He hung up.

Strider hung up and lectured himself. “Idiot. Why’d you mention his sister? He had to have another reason to retrieve your card and call. Fuck!” He stared at the phone. Call him. Call him. He remained motionless. The phone rang. “Hello?”

“Strider, it’s Ryan again. I’m sorry, but look, you know I’m gay. I like you. I don’t have a boyfriend, and I know the odds are that you’re straight, but you didn’t say you are, just that you’re not gay, but I was just hoping, fantasizing that maybe, just maybe, you might have some interest in guys, and specifically me.”

Strider was speechless. How’d he get all that out in one breath?

Ryan’s voice weakened. “Okay, I’m really sorry, but I had to ask. Clearly, you’re not interested. I won’t bother you again.”

“Ryan, Ryan, no, wait.” Strider figured he had hung up.


“Don’t hang up. I have to think.” Strider’s mind flooded. Don’t be coy. Make wise decisions. Strider’s voice croaked. “Ryan, I, uh, well, Look! I’m not straight, but I’m not gay. Well, maybe I am gay. I don’t know. I’m not out, hell, I haven’t even told myself. Maybe I’m sort of bi, but definitely to the guy side.” He laughed. Shit, how lame. You sound like a teenager.

Ryan said, “I’m thirty and came out five years ago.”

Silence hovered, and seconds passed.

Ryan asked, “So, does that mean you’d be interested in dating me?”

Strider admired Ryan’s baritone voice. “Yeah, but I have to warn you, I’m kind of a virgin. I’ve had fuck-buddies but never dated a guy.”

Ryan gave a short laugh. “I’ll be gentle then. How about dinner tomorrow?”

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