Martini Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,957
54 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, Consensual BDSM, F/F play, Multiple Partners, Public Exhibition, Sex Toys]

Heather Marceau is ready to show the world that she is not a wallflower. To prove it, she takes a job in an upscale martini lounge. Then one night in walks a gorgeous guest who doesn’t want anyone but Heather to serve him. Heather is instantly attracted to the tall blonde stranger who seeks her out at the end of her shift. With his lips hot against hers and his fingers doing wicked things under her skirt, Heather helplessly gives in to his command to go home with him. To her surprise, he introduces her to the seductive world of submission and Domination.

Ethan takes one look at the dark haired hostess with her innocent eyes and lush curves and is determined to claim her. He will put his mark on her as her Dom, because whether she realizes it or not she’s about to submit to his Martini Seduction.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Martini Seduction (MF)
54 Ratings (4.2)

Martini Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,957
54 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Loved the creative scenarios and BDSM in this book! While it's not as romantic as some books, it is definitely hot, well-written and the relationship fits the characters in the story. I love you was never said, but you can see they care about each other later on and the ending was good. I never give a book five stars, but honestly this one deserves it. Good character development, fast-paced, hot and kinky!
Very enjoyable storyline, well writen. I hope we see more stories based around Ethan and Heathers community.
Professional Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Hot, hot, hot! Christa Tomlinson just acquired a new fan in this reviewer with Martini Seduction. I was initially pulled in by the intriguing cover art, which perfectly suites this book, and my interest was captured from the very first pages. I couldn’t stop reading until it was finished. The sex was naughty, the entire setting and taboo sexual activities Heather participated in were smoking hot. The writing, dialogue and characters swept me away on an erotic journey into a new, sexy world. I look forward to more work by this talented new author." -- Stacey, Dark Diva Reviews

4.3 STARS: "Martini Seduction is a smooth slide into the alluring side of BDSM. The sex is scorching. Super hot, spank me, tie me up, hold me down, yummy!" -- Romancereader, Seriously Reviewed

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Her panicked internal rant stopped as that voice spoke her name. Again chills chased down her spine, but this time a little dose of trepidation and regret blended with her arousal. That voice was so beautiful, and she was going to have to listen to it fire her. She turned around and saw that Lori had already handed him his coat. He shrugged into it and buttoned it before he spoke again.

“You’re done working.”

 Oh no. This was it. She was fired. She stood there, eyes wide, lips parted in shock, barely able to draw in a breath. Her dream job hadn’t even lasted two weeks.

Ethan came closer until he was just a deep breath away from her breasts brushing his chest. “You’re done for tonight, and I want you to come home with me.”

Heather’s shock changed to confused surprise. That certainly hadn’t been what she expected him to say. Heather had to lick her dry lips before she could respond. “I can’t go home with you, sir. You’re the owner, and so, technically my boss, and it just wouldn’t be right.”

Ethan took another step forward until his chest was brushing her breasts. Then he kept coming so that she was forced to back up until she was in the little alcove next to the hostess stand and her back was against the wall.

“You will come home with me, Heather. Because I desire it.” He placed his hand at her neck and smoothed it down the curve of her breast until he came in contact with her nipple. He brushed his thumb back and forth across the tender flesh.

Heather felt every movement through both the soft knit of her dress and thin silk of her bra. Her nipple hardened in response as lust spiraled from her breast straight down to the heated center between her thighs. She saw his eyes flash as he noted her body’s reaction against his thumb. “And you desire it too.”

Heather was helpless to stop herself from pressing her breast into his palm. Her eyes half closed, and she wanted to purr and do everything he told her to with that deep, commanding voice. But a tiny shred of sanity hadn’t yet been blotted out by lust.

“Sir, I can’t. I really want to keep my job.”

Ethan smiled, and before she knew what to expect, he pinched her nipple hard. At her gasp, he leaned down and kissed her. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth just as she’d fantasized about doing to him. Then he deepened the kiss, and before she knew it, she was kissing him back. The hand at her breast continued to pull at her nipple but his other hand settled on her thigh and began moving up the high slit that was cut into the skirt. She was dimly aware that she was making out with the owner of the restaurant in the hostess nook, but she was so focused on his kiss she couldn’t think why that was a bad thing.

Ethan’s hand slipped under her skirt and found the wet silk that covered her plump and moist clit. When he rubbed his finger in a slow circle over that sweet spot she couldn’t stop a cry of pleasure from breaking free. He continued to rub as he broke their kiss and whispered into her ear.

“You will come home with me, Heather, or I will make you scream and come in front of everyone in this restaurant.”

Heather gazed up at him, her heart thundering, her body both straining for release and trying to fight off that sweet tension. Ethan pressed his finger hard against her clit just before he spoke again.

“Come with me, Heather.”

And she almost did before she realized he was telling her to go with him, not come all over his fingers in the front of his restaurant. Unable to speak, she nodded, shuddering when he pulled his fingers from between her legs. He lifted his hand to his nose and inhaled her musk. A soft groan of appreciation rumbled from his chest.

“Get your coat.”




Ethan watched her approach. God, this woman was arousing. She was soft, sweet innocence and curvy sex all bundled into one fuckable package. Her pale skin held that rosy flush that he’d known would come with her passion. Her nipples still pouted for his attention and her lips were chewed a bright red from trying to hold back the continuing orgasm that he knew she was experiencing. He was so turned on that he felt if she even grazed his cock he would explode in his pants. He wasn’t sure why he responded this way to this girl. He’d trained girls new to submission before, so he knew it wasn’t that. Yet something about her made him come close to losing his Dom control, and he wasn’t letting her go until he figured out what it was.

He kept his features schooled into stern lines as she slipped the buttons on his Oxford shirt free of their holes. He relaxed his arms from their folded pose so that she could slide the shirt off his shoulders, but he gave her no other help. She had to move in close to push the shirt off and her plump breasts brushed his chest as she did. Heather quickly undid his belt and pushed down both his pants and boxer briefs at the same time. Without him having to ask, she again dropped to her knees so that she could help him out of his shoes and socks. Ethan placed one hand on her head to balance himself as he kicked out of one shoe and then the other. He nodded in approval as she quickly stood up and returned to her submissive pose of head down and arms behind her back.

“Go to the couch, kneel, and put your arms behind your back.”

Ethan quickly sheathed his stiff cock with a condom as she obeyed. “For coming without your Master’s permission, your wrists will be cuffed behind your back while I fuck you. Nod if you understand.” After Heather nodded, he clasped a pair of leather cuffs on both wrists, making sure not to pull them too tight. In this position, balancing on sofa cushions on her knees with her hands behind her back, she would have to take all that he could give her. He intended to give her every hard, thrusting inch.

Ethan rubbed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her slick channel. Heather thrust backward against him, clearly hoping to hurry his penetration. Instead he gave her a swift slap on her cherry-red ass cheek.

“I decide the pace, little sub, not you.” He reached forward and grasped a tight fistful of her hair and slowly pulled her back and up until her spine arched. “Did you enjoy that spanking I had to give you for being such a bad girl and disobeying your Master? You may speak.”


* * * *


Heather spoke without hesitation this time, the words tumbling from her lips in a mad rush. She knew that if she answered him correctly, he would be inside her within seconds.

“Yes, Master! It was more erotic than anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never enjoyed anything like that before.”/span>

Ethan pushed her back down without releasing her hair and then rammed his cock home. Heather hissed as his hips came up against her sensitive ass and his cock stretched her pussy wide. Finally! He was finally inside her. It was well worth the wait. He surged inside her with hard swift strokes. His heavy ball sac slapped against her pussy, and Heather whimpered as he absolutely dominated her. She couldn’t move from her face-down, ass-up position as he pumped into her. The only thing she could do was spread her legs wide to take more of him.

She felt him let go of her hair and then grasp her hips. Ethan used his hold to push her forward and then slam her back hard on his cock. He groaned each time his hips made contact with her ass. The sound was unbelievably sexy.

The sex was so wild and raw that she didn’t care that her face was being shoved into the cushions and that her arms were aching from being twisted behind her. In fact, she bent at the waist even more so that his hard, driving cock pushed so far inside, it felt as if he was thudding against her womb.

Heather dug her fingernails into her palms as her pussy clenched in rhythmic spasms. She had another orgasm building, but she was not going to come without his permission.


* * * *


Ethan grasped his new slave’s hips hard as he pumped inside her slick, hot pussy. Sweat broke out across his forehead from the effort of holding back. Her pussy was so fucking tight. He felt each of the tiny tremors that brushed along his cock every time he surged inside. She was so wet her pussy made a slurping sound each time he pulled out, like it was greedily trying to hold on to his cock.

He slapped her ass for moving without his permission, even though he loved the way he could ram even farther up her hot core. She moaned as if she liked that so he continued to spank her, the sound of his palm cracking against her ass loud above their harsh breathing. Her cheeks were bright red from all the attention he’d given them.

“You like being spanked, don’t you, little sub? You like me smacking that tight little ass.” Heather didn’t respond, but her soft gasping moans were all the answer he needed. The second he felt her pussy beginning to clench down on his cock he knew she wouldn’t be able to hold back for much longer, and neither would he. He stopped spanking her to reach between her legs and rub her engorged clit.

“Come for me, Heather. Let me feel this hot little pussy squeeze and milk my cock.”

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