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Mate for Two (MMF)

Helan Universe 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 40,997
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

It's not easy being king, especially when you're the king of a dying people. But that's exactly what D'Arik is. Now, he and his consort, Varin, are faced with the task of finding a female mate to carry their child.

Jacy Townsend is enraged by the thought of human women being bartered as broodmares to an alien race and helps to fund a rebellion. But what will she do when she is chosen to be the queen of the very people she is rebelling against? And what will D’Arik and Varin do when they find out she is supporting the evacuation of human women?

As emotions and passion clash with fundamental differences, Jacy, D'Arik, and Varin must find a way to come together if they want to have any hope of saving the Helan race.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I really enjoyed this book. There could of been a little bit stronger of a plot but for the enjoyment of just reading I give this book two thumbs up!

- goldfanny

Great start to this sci fi, really good storyline and the fiesty Jacy gives these large alien men a good run around.

- sarki

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D’Arik sat at his desk staring at the latest report from back home. The best scientists and statisticians all agreed. The population of Helan was dangerously low. If a compatible species wasn’t found soon, the entire Helan species would die out in about three generations. His own physician believed they had seventy-five, maybe one hundred years at best before the Helan species was completely gone. It was entirely conceivable that the beginning of the end of his people would be in his lifetime.

The starship lurched slightly as it corrected its orbit around the blue-and-green planet remarkably like his own home. The people on this small planet thrived, numbering in the billions. If only they knew what they had. Gods, if the Helans numbered even half of this species, he would be back at his own home, in his own room instead of crammed into a tiny bed with his very large consort. Not that he minded snuggling up to Varin, but there was something to be said for having enough room to stretch out without his feet dangling off the end of the bed. And poor Varin was even taller than he was. Luckily, Varin had simply smiled and told D’Arik that he’d slept on worse.

He forced aside the thought of the male waiting for him, asleep in their bed, and focused again on the report in front of him. His eyes snagged on one of the last paragraphs, detailing the conclusions of the report. In their incessant attempt to breed the ultimate male warrior, his ancestors had actually ended up breeding their women’s ability to carry female fetuses right out of their species. The few Helan women who were still alive were well past childbearing age and had never produced any female offspring.

D’Arik pushed the papers aside and spun his chair around so that he faced the window. He began to shake with the implications of that report. These humans were their last hope. If this species wasn’t genetically similar enough for the females to carry Helan children, they were out of luck. They probably wouldn’t be able to find another similar species in time to save themselves. Even if these humans were able to carry Helan children, there was no guarantee they could boost their population enough to matter in the long run. The scientists had warned him that if they found a compatible species, it may only buy them another few generations before the whole crisis started again. At least a few more generations would give their scientists more time to figure out a solution to their problem.

Gods, he was so tired. He’d been at this for hours, gazing at this forsaken report, praying with all his strength and faith that something would change and illuminate the solutions to every single one of his problems. He grabbed his goblet of miri and gulped it down. Seizing the bottle of the bitter alcohol, he tipped it upside down and let the last of it drain into his glass. He was disgusted with himself. The entire weight of his world was resting on his shoulders, and here he was, drinking himself into oblivion. His hand was shaking as he raised his glass to his lips, and D’Arik could feel himself shutting down.

He collapsed into himself, his shoulders hunching and abdomen contracting so that he was bent at the waist. The only thing that stopped him from being bent completely in half was the fact that his forearms were resting on his thighs, essentially propping him up. His head felt as if were too heavy for his neck, and it fell forward so that his gaze was directed to the carpet beneath his feet. He felt utterly hopeless, and fear had been his constant companion since his parents had died, leaving him the High King of Helan. He was so damn scared that he would watch his people die out before his very eyes and not be able to do a fucking thing about it.

A hot wash of anger flowed through him. How could his ancestors do this? How could they not have foreseen the results of their crazy endeavor to produce the perfect warrior? Rage continued to pound through his veins as he leapt to his feet and began pacing the floor. How dare they saddle their descendants with such an impossible-to-solve crisis?

He pivoted so that the wall was directly in front of him and threw the goblet as hard as he could, watching the miri drip down the wall onto the shattered glass.

The anger faded from him as quickly as it had risen, leaving him with a weird sense of dissociation. Those ancestors were long dead, and anger really wasn’t helpful.

He dropped to his knees and automatically began cleaning up the sharp pieces of glass, not even flinching when an uneven edge sliced through his thumb, leaving blood welling from the shallow cut. He stared at the small wound, completely at a loss as to what to do. He was dimly aware that he was displaying symptoms of shock.




Lord have mercy, what a beautiful sight. The two men were lost in their pleasure.

Jacy wondered if they would mind if she just slid her hand down her stomach and brought herself off while she watched them.

Just then, D’Arik rolled off his consort and flopped onto his back. His dick was still hard and sticking straight up, as was Varin’s. Jacy wondered if her eyes were about to fall out, and she felt her jaw drop. They had both come, she was sure of that. But they both seemed ready and raring to go. “Care to join us, lira?” D’Arik asked with a leer. On anyone else, that look would have earned him a slap across the face. On D’Arik, it looked sort of cute. And really, who was she to decline such an invitation. They were her greatest fantasy come to life, and, even better, she had every right to go right over there and climb up on the bed with them. A little voice in the back of her mind chided her for contemplating their offer, but she pushed it down. She was stuck with them now, so she may as well make the best of it.

She forced herself to walk those few steps to the bed rather than flinging herself at them. D’Arik, it seemed, wanted nothing to do with restraint and grabbed her wrist as soon as she was in reach, hauling her up on the bed and right over his body, rolling her until she lay snugly between the two men.

Immediately, her body heated even more, pushing her lust to even higher heights. She began to panic, the feeling was so strong. What the hell was wrong with her? This couldn’t be normal. She closed her eyes and began panting, concentrating on sucking oxygen into her hyperventilating lungs. “Open your eyes, lira.”

The tone was so authoritative and so commanding that she had no choice but to obey. Varin leaned over her, his long black hair falling over one shoulder. She looked into his chocolate-brown eyes and saw both concern and reassurance. “Shh, Jacy. We bond with our mates physically and mentally. You’re experiencing both of our arousals on top of your own. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.”

That should have panicked her even more, the thought of someone in her head, but she was so relieved she wasn’t going crazy and that nothing was wrong with her that she gave in and wrapped her arms around Varin’s neck. She kissed him as if she would die without him, and that was how she really felt.

Relieved when he kissed her back, she pushed her butt back into D’Arik’s pelvis, where his hard length pressed into her from behind. His dick slipped between her legs and slid against her wet folds, the flared ridge of his head rubbing over her clit with every pass. She whimpered and squirmed, desperate for something more. She was at the point where she really didn’t know what she needed. All she knew was that her lust was burning so high, it almost hurt. Even the feeling of D’Arik’s cock slipping into her from behind did nothing to soothe her.

Varin pulled his mouth away from hers and panted against her temple. “It’s okay, lira,” he whispered. “We know what you need.”

He slithered off his side of the bed as D’Arik shuffled her closer to the edge of the bed. Every time D’Arik pushed her across the mattress, his hard dick hit her in just the right spot, and she started to wonder if it was possible to die from pleasure. And she hadn’t even come yet.

Lifting her leg, D’Arik brought it up and over his hip, still thrusting gently into her from behind. Varin pushed a couple of pillows under her head and knelt next to her face, guiding his thick cock to her lips. He rubbed against her lips, wordlessly demanding entrance. She pursed her lips and suckled just the very tip of him. She may be out of her mind with lust, but he could damn well ask her politely for what he wanted.

“Open,” he ordered. He pushed harder at her mouth. Everything in her wanted to submit to his order, but she just couldn’t make herself do it. If there was anything she had learned living with her father, it was that if she submitted now, at the beginning, she would have to fight tooth and nail for any type of authority later. She pulled right off him and glared up at the man. His braids swung freely as he stared down at her, shock written clearly across his face. Evidently he was used to complete obedience.

D’Arik laughed and smoothed his hand along her hip until he came to the juncture at her thighs. He teased her clit with the tip of one finger as he spoke to Varin. “I think she’s waiting for a ‘please,’ liro.”

A wicked smile bloomed on Varin’s face. It was at once tender and seductive, and she almost gave in to his demand without a fight.



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