[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Maui Knight can’t believe he’s found his mate when he saves Ian Carmichael from the psy labs. The need to keep his mate safe has Maui denying Ian’s request to go get his sister away from Ian’s father. Maui hadn’t counted on Ian’s determination to save his sister from their father’s dishonorable intentions.
Ian Carmichael runs from the safety of the Alliance Territory in order to bring his sister back with him. From the moment he enters his childhood home things go horribly wrong. He saved his sister but managed to get recaptured by the psy. The last time he’d been imprisoned by the psy they had tortured him, this time they took that torture to a whole new level. What’s even worse is they’ve changed him.
Ian’s only hope is that Maui will once more rescue him. Even if he does Ian isn’t sure Maui can love who Ian’s become.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating Forged in Fire (MM)
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“My real name is Ignatius Archibald Nicodemus Carmichael,” Ian quietly said.

Ian’s body slightly tensed as if bracing himself for Maui’s reaction. What Maui couldn’t understand was what he was expecting. Considering many of the older paranormal world had been raised in human labs with no names given to them, they had been allowed to name themselves when they’d been freed.

Not having experience with names, they all floundered to find a name so many had the strangest names. He was just one example. Maui. He’d taken the name after the Hawaiian God of fire. Since he was a fire mystic he felt it fit but he knew the name was considered strange. Still he could imagine in the human world Ian’s full name was not easy to deal with.

He continued to rub Ian’s back but he gave the hand that was gripping his a little squeeze of understanding. “That had to be a hard name to grow up with.”

A bark of laughter erupted from Ian’s body. “You have no idea. I was teased, bullied, and pushed around. Most days I cried myself to sleep at night wishing I was anybody but who I was, praying to the Gods to change my life, but every morning I woke up having to face another day of hell.”

Maui wished he could go back in time to save his mate that pain but he knew it made the man into who he was today, which to Maui was everything he’d ever hoped for in a mate.

“I didn’t know how to stand up for myself, nor did I want to.” His body gave a slight shudder before saying, “I just wanted to be like the other kids, ya know?”

Maui nodded his head against the top of Ian’s even though he really didn’t as his own childhood had been spent in a human laboratory.

“When I was seven I asked my teachers to call me Ian. It took another year or so before it really caught on but eventually most people forgot what my real name was. My parents, especially my mom, refused to call me by my nickname but because we were relatively poor they both had to work long hours, so they weren’t around my school or friends too often.”

Ian relaxed into Maui’s embrace as he told his story, which Maui took as a sign of trust. Ian’s hand rested against Maui’s chest gently petting him as he talked. “My mom died when I was sixteen.”

Damn that was rough. Wrapping his little angel tighter in his embrace he offered what comfort he could. “I’m so sorry, angel.”

Maui wasn’t sure Ian heard his words as he continued his story. “That was when things changed. I finally understood what my mother had been telling me about wanting a name I had to live up to. So I decided I would do whatever it took to live up to the name she gave me when I was born.”

With each word Maui’s heart kept breaking for his sweet mate. With a gentle kiss to the top of Ian’s head, Maui asked, “What does your name mean?”

“Well basically the name means to be fiery, bold, and to be a victory for others, which I still don’t exactly get. I could do the first two names and with each day I did exactly that, going after what I wanted and never backing down from someone just because they were bigger or stronger than I was,” he said with just a hint of pride in his voice.

“It fits you perfectly then. I’ve never met anyone who was as determined as you to live life by your own rules. It was what caught my attention first. Everyone else just put on the masks we gave but you stood up for yourself, not allowing anyone to dictate to you.” Even if it could have gotten the man killed, Maui had been impressed at Ian’s resolve to not back down.

Ian sat up to look into Maui’s eyes. “I thought you said I almost got myself killed by questioning you?”

Maui reached up his hand to sweep back a few strands of hair that were blocking those breathtaking blue eyes. “You did but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t captivated by your bravery. Based on the expressions of the others we were probably downright terrifying, especially since we killed the psy guarding you before your very eyes. But you didn’t back down.”

Maui’s thumb caressed Ian’s jaw as his hand held onto Ian’s neck. “You were absolutely stunning as you stood up to me.”




Leaning forward, Maui placed his lips a breath away from Ian’s giving the man a moment to pull away if he wanted. Relieved when he didn’t, Maui closed the remaining distance to kiss those plump red lips. As his mouth touched Ian’s a jolt of pleasure shot through his body, as if the physical contact confirmed their connection as mates.

Ian gasped, clearly having felt it also, Maui took full advantage of his angel’s lips parting to thrust his tongue deep within the recesses of Ian’s mouth. Ian’s flavor burst across his taste buds causing Maui to crave more. His thumb gently pushed down on Ian’s jaw to open him further to Maui’s exploration.

It was as if he couldn’t get enough of his angel. Maui devoured every inch of Ian’s mouth. His cock jerked at the feel of his tongue being sucked on like Ian couldn’t get enough. With both hands he tilted Ian’s head until it was at the perfect angle to delve deeper.

The sudden need for oxygen had him pulling back just far enough to allow them to breathe. Panting, Maui rested their foreheads together as he worried he’d pushed Ian too fast but every cell in his body was screaming at him to claim his mate.

As much as he wanted to kiss Ian again, Maui knew he had to make sure his mate was on the same page. Scanning Ian’s face his dick got even harder at his mate’s flushed cheeks and dazed eyes. He’d done that to his mate and damn if he didn’t want to do so much more.

But first he had to be sure Ian was ready for more. “Angel, am I going too fast?”

He saw confusion in Ian’s eyes before those deep blue orbs softened. Ian leaned forward to press his mouth against Maui’s briefly before saying, “Thank you for asking but I’m fine.” Those luscious lips captured Maui’s once more.

When Maui felt Ian’s tongue brush across his lips he opened his mouth letting his mate set the pace. A fire unlike anything he’d ever experienced flickered deep within Maui setting his every nerve ablaze. The glide of his mate’s tongue against his as Ian explored his mouth was the most erotic thing Maui had ever experienced.

His cock got impossibly hard as it tried to punch a hole into his pants to get to Ian. As if sensing what Maui was feeling Ian turned to straddle Maui’s hips settling that pert ass right on his dick. A groan of pure pleasure erupted from Maui’s mouth as his mate rubbed against him creating a wonderful friction.

Fuck. He needed to feel his angel’s ass wrapped around his cock more than he needed his next breath and considering his lungs were deprived of air from the kiss they were still engaged in, that was saying something. There was no way he was going to be able to stop himself from burying himself balls deep within Ian’s body in the next few minutes and he’d be damned if he was going to take his mate for the first time on the porch where anyone could walk up.

Standing up he was pleased when Ian wrapped his legs more firmly around his waist as he strode back into the building not stopping even when he heard the catcalls sent their way. He didn’t think a bomb going off would have stopped him from taking his mate and based on the way his angel continued to rub his cock against Maui’s abs, Ian felt the same way.

Relieved to finally get to his room, Maui slammed the door shut with his foot not stopping until he was next to the bed. With Ian wrapped around him like a monkey, Maui wasn’t sure how they were going to get their clothes off, especially since he didn’t want the man to let go but the need to have skin against skin rode him hard.

Gripping Ian’s shirt in his hands he ripped it off the man. “Fuck,” Ian whispered against his lips before devouring his mouth once more.

Now that there was skin for Maui to touch he explored every inch with his hands. His mouth watered as he imagined tasting all that silky smooth skin. That thought was enough to pull Maui from their scorching hot kiss. The whimper of dismay that came from Ian had Maui nearly losing his mind.

Dropping them both onto the bed without breaking their embrace Maui mapped Ian’s body with his lips, nipping with his teeth before soothing the sting with his tongue. Each moan that poured from Ian heightened the pleasure until Maui was burning from it. When Ian’s tongue licked a similar path along Maui’s shoulder he would swear it was like a flame scorching across his body.

He couldn’t help but be pleased when Ian screamed out Maui’s name, his body arching into Maui’s when he bit down on his nipples. Soothing the little hurt by bathing the nipple with his tongue he relished the noised of desire coming from Ian. He’d known that mates had a special connection but this went so far beyond anything Maui had ever experienced he wasn’t sure how anyone survived this much pleasure.

Special attention was paid to each of Ian’s sensitive areas, especially the ones that made his angel scream out Maui’s name like he was a God. When he was inches from his mate’s cock, Maui chuckled at how Ian was straining to get closer. He nipped Ian’s hip in reprimand, pleased when his mate whimpered, begging Maui without words to give his neglected prick attention.

When Maui didn’t do as Ian wanted he started begging in earnest, “Please Maui…”

Oh fuck. Hearing his sweet little mate beg was something Maui could see becoming addicted to. “What do you want, angel?” he asked wanting to hear his mate beg some more.

A little cry of frustration fell from those kiss-swollen lips. “Please suck my cock.”

Yeah, that’s what Maui wanted to hear, his mate beg for exactly what he wanted. Ian’s cock was flowing with pre-cum. Licking his lips in anticipation, Maui gave his mate exactly what he wanted as he popped the head of Ian’s dick into his mouth.

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