[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, with sci-fi elements, shape-shifters, HEA]
Wolfe Koa grew up only knowing pain. As a newborn wolf shifter he was placed in a lab where every experiment known to man was inflicted on him. When he was finally freed he vowed to destroy every lab the humans had built to torture paranormals in the name of science.
Caleb Reid was a scientist who loved helping others. When his own race, the psy, kidnapped him and forced him to create a breed of super soldiers, humans that were infused with animal and shifter DNA, Caleb rebelled. His act of defiance had his father’s finger cut off with the threat of the same happening to his four-year-old sister. Not having a choice, Caleb did the unthinkable and gave in to the psy’s demands.
When Wolfe realizes Caleb is his mate, he fights the need to be with his mate. Can Wolfe overcome the mate pull or will he end up mating his worst nightmare?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating His Nightmare (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved this story, but it’s frustrating when the names keep getting mixed up. Eg Alek explains to Alek what he’s about to do. Needs a re-edit, but otherwise a great addition to this series
very good story.. i like both of them... never regret buying it..




How Caleb was able to walk into his dreams, Wolfe didn’t know, nor would his mate tell him. Whenever Wolfe tried to force Caleb to tell him the man would just disappear and Wolfe would wake up with an ache deep inside from missing his mate. It was that way every time he asked questions Caleb didn’t want to answer. Instead of facing Wolfe, his mate would just disappear.

Every night Caleb was there in his dreams, except they were so much more than dreams. He could still feel his mate’s skin, taste his unique flavor, and smell his scent after waking.

He’d learned to choose his battles, especially if Wolfe wanted more time with his mate, which Wolfe loathed to admit he did. Caleb was someone he should hate, not desperately want to know. But the mating pull wouldn’t let him leave this man alone. It’s why he’d followed Caleb halfway across the world to this sandy hellhole.

“Do I need to go?” Caleb asked with resignation.

The fact that Caleb knew his moods that well bugged Wolfe. It meant he’d let the man get too close. A whine sounded in his head. His wolf wouldn’t allow him to stay away from this man who was becoming everything to him.

Not able to continue cuddling with the man who was driving him insane, Wolfe stood up and started pacing. “No, I don’t want you to go,” he said but he knew he hadn’t kept the frustration out of his voice.

Wolfe heard Caleb sigh. “I don’t know what you want me to say,” his mate said as he rose to his feet.

That pissed him off even more and Wolfe whirled to face his mate. “How about how you find pleasure in inflicting pain? How about why you keep coming here in my dreams? How about how you can keep working in that lab after I’ve told you I grew up in one?” Wolfe yelled.

He knew this would only make Caleb leave that much sooner but Wolfe didn’t think that would be a bad thing right then. There was no stopping the feelings of rage he felt for his mate at the moment. The thing was he couldn’t really blame Caleb for all of this. Wolfe had been the one to chase the man across the ocean to one of the most uninhabitable places in the world just to be closer to him.

Wolfe should have killed him when he realized the man was his mate.Iit would have made Wolfe’s life a whole lot easier. A growl ripped from him at the thought. Caleb thought it was directed at him. The fear in his mate’s eyes just about killed him and yet at the same time he felt the power it gave him over his enemy. Gods, he was so fucked up.

“I’m sorry I’m not who you wanted for a mate,” Caleb timidly said, as if unsure if he should even speak.

“Then change,” Wolfe demanded unreasonably. He knew he was being a selfish prick but for the life of him he couldn’t see Caleb’s point of view on this one.

The regret was clear in those brilliant emerald eyes, yet Wolfe didn’t miss the determination at Caleb’s core. “I’m doing what I must.” Then he was gone.

Wolfe woke once more aching for his mate.

Damn! Why did he always push Caleb away? He knew the reasons but he still hated himself every time he did it. Knowing he’d never get back to sleep, Wolfe dressed, went down to the stream nearby to wash the clothes he’d worn during the night. Going back to the crumbled building he was hiding in, he lay his clothes out to dry and made his way to the psy compound where Caleb lived and worked.




The softest lips he’d ever known pressed against his, eliciting a soft moan from Wolfe. When Caleb’s tongue licked a path across his lips, Wolfe did as the man wanted and opened his mouth so Caleb could dip that sweet appendage inside.

As much as he wanted to talk to his mate, Wolfe needed Caleb’s touch even more. His hands roamed over Caleb’s muscled back, tracing every ridge and dip, learning his mate’s body with each stoke.

As Caleb continued to deepen the kiss, his hands started to explore Wolfe’s body. When those long, tapered fingers pinched his nipples Wolfe couldn’t stop the groan of need. Apparently Caleb liked his response as he continued to play with Wolfe’s nipples making them hard and achy.

Not able to control himself, he found himself writhing under Caleb’s touch. Normally Wolfe was much more dominant and controlling but there was something about his mate that made him and his wolf want to roll over for the man. As long as Caleb continued to touch him, Wolfe was pretty sure he’d even let the man fuck him. Wolfe had never allowed anyone to do that.

Sometimes it scared Wolfe how much he was willing to do for his mate. Worse, he was pretty sure he loved Caleb. His wolf was sure but his human half was having trouble reconciling what Caleb did for a living after everything Wolfe had been through in those labs.

Over the past few months he’d seen his friends fall victim to their mates and Wolfe never understood it. How they acted like idiots over another person confused the hell out of Wolfe. He’d known Alek for nearly two hundred years and in all that time the Alpha had been the most self-assured, in-control man he’d ever met. Within an hour of meeting his mate he was begging the man for forgiveness for not telling him everything about mates right away.

It was like watching your idol fall before the masses to find he was not as infallible as everyone once thought. That was when Wolfe knew he would be better off without a mate. He’d been too scarred by those human labs to be anything but the domineering, controlled asshole Maui accused him of being.

Yet here he was every night in a paradox of loving a man he should hate. Often he begged Caleb to tell him what was going on and was hurt when his mate refused. Pulled out of his thoughts by those beautifully sculpted fingers wrapping around his cock, Wolfe could help whimpering.

Fuck! That was so good that he didn’t even care what noises he made, just so long as Caleb didn’t stop. Gods, he’d turned into his friends, helpless when it came to their mate. “Babe, please,” Wolfe begged as that talented hand stroked him as fingers from his other hand started pushing against his entrance.

He’d never known just how good that could feel. His back arched off the floor as a finger breached his hole. The burn hurt so good he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Surprised how much he liked the feel of his mate inside him Wolfe started moving his hips, trying to ride Caleb’s digit.

“You like that huh?” Caleb said with a smile.

With anyone else that smile of satisfaction would have pissed Wolfe off but with his mate he found not only endearing but he wanted to do whatever it took to keep that expression on Caleb’s face. As much as he wanted to answer, he could only manage to groan as another finger joined the first.

The need to come was right there but no matter how much he rode those fingers, Wolfe couldn’t find release. He begged with his eyes for Caleb to do something, what, Wolfe didn’t know, but he was so close he just needed a little push.

Caleb smiled down at him before leaning down to place his lips on one of Wolfe’s hard nipples. “I love you, mate,” Caleb whispered against his skin before biting down hard.

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