[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Diallo Lovett had his world turned upside when a man he’d believed was his mate not only lied to him, but kidnapped Diallo to torture him.  After years of abuse, Diallo was rescued, only to find the real torture was just beginning for now he had to find a way to put his life back together.
An explosion took Dugan Nash’s leg but not his determination to make those responsible pay.  With a lot of sweat and tears he finally was able to walk with the help of a prosthesis.
The moment Diallo meets Dugan, he knows he was fooled all those years ago. Dugan is his real mate.  The events of past make Diallo too leery to trust in the one man meant to be his.  Dugan knows of Diallo’s past but is determined to find a way to break down the walls Diallo has erected and heal the scars that surround his heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating Scars (MM)
24 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Diallo glared at Dugan. “My idiot of a mate tried to hide his prosthesis from me.”

Once more there was silence on the line. This time when Alek spoke his voice was incredulous. “Haven’t you two been sharing a room for the past couple of nights?”

Diallo nodded, forgetting the Alpha couldn’t see him. “Yep. And before you ask, yes, that means Dugan thought it a bright idea to keep his prosthesis on that entire time, not giving his stump a rest.”

He saw Dugan wince at his use of the word “stump,” but Diallo didn’t care. He wasn’t about to sugarcoat this. His mate could have ended up a lot worse off. “Since I haven’t seen any crutches around, I’m assuming the idiot didn’t bring those either. Could you ask Adam to bring another pair?”

The Alpha’s chuckle could be heard over the line. “I will. I’m going to let you handle this, this time, but tell Dugan if he does anything so stupid again, he’ll have me to deal with.”

The line went dead.

“I can’t believe you ratted out your mate.” Dugan’s incredulous words only inflamed his already bad mood.

Diallo stomped over to the bed and shoved his finger into the man’s face. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that. At least I didn’t lie to you.”

Dugan stared at him, his brows furrowing in confusion. “When did I lie to you?”

He pointed at the missing portion of Dugan’s leg. “You didn’t tell me about your leg. That’s a lie by omission.”

Dugan raised one of his brows. “Isn’t that stretching it a bit? You haven’t told me what happened to you that has made you so scared to have a mate.”

Diallo glared at Dugan for bringing that up. “That’s beside the point.”

Dugan curled his lips in as if he were trying not to laugh at Diallo. “That’s exactly the point. We’ve only just met, and you haven’t exactly been open to talking with me.”

“You promised me forever even though you planned to let me walk away because you lost your leg.” He hadn’t meant to shout the words, but Diallo had been so…scared. He’d only just started to hope there was a chance at a normal life, one with a mate, love, and intimacy.

To find out those dreams were once more being crushed had Diallo more scared than when Zanthar had done it the first time. All those memories of his time under the man’s thumb crashed through him, the carefully constructed dam holding them back, crushed.

A hard warm body surrounded him. Instead of cringing away, Diallo found himself curling into its comforting presence. “Shh, lovely. I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere.”

Diallo didn’t know why those words calmed him when they should have frightened him, but they did. The face of his tormentor was burned into his mind, laughing cruelly as Diallo screamed for death.

Lips slammed into his own. The sensation of that firm mouth on his own forced the terrifying images from his mind. The kiss consumed him, forcing his whole focus onto the man who was claiming him with the action. Dugan.

As he came back from his memories, Diallo found himself with his back pressed into the mattress, Dugan’s body completely covering him like a warm heavy blanket. Sighing into the kiss, Diallo relaxed.

He didn’t know what it was about Dugan’s kisses that brought him out of the nightmare that had paralyzed him. Maybe a part of it had to do with Zanthar never having kissed him, so there were no bad memories to associate with the act. But he thought it had more to do with Dugan himself.

The man had an aura of authority and power about himself. One that could push through any hold Zanthar had on Diallo. It was a little frightening to think this man could have a much greater hold on him than Zanthar ever did. Diallo had promised himself not to ever let another man control him, yet here he was kissing someone far more dangerous than Zanthar could ever hope to have been. For Diallo was starting to give his heart to Dugan.

Diallo was surprised to hear himself whine in disappointment when Dugan broke the kiss. If he wasn’t careful Diallo would find himself completely in love with his mate. It might be considered a good thing to love one’s mate, but Diallo still wasn’t sure it was a good idea to give his trust to someone else.

Warm honey eyes smiled down at him. “Better?”

What did he say to that? Of course he was better. He’d been in the midst of a flashback, and now he was lying under his very sexy mate being kissed senseless. “Uhm, yeah. Thanks.” Thanks? He was such an idiot. Dugan was going to think he was a complete moron.

Except instead of laughing at him, Dugan smiled even brighter. That head of chestnut hair dipped down until they were nose to nose. “Anytime, lovely. Anytime.”




He heard a soft whine, and the next thing he knew a very naked Dugan was next to him. His body reacted instantly to being next to his mate. His cock went rock hard, sliding against Dugan’s. Oh… Oh just… He let out a low moan that mimicked the one Dugan let out. He should have realized he was naked too, but Diallo’s mind hadn’t been able to engage when he saw Dugan’s nude body.

His hips rocked forward of their own volition. A hiss escaped his lips at the rough texture of the man’s pubic hair caressing his dick. He didn’t know if Dugan leaned forward or if he did, but their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss that left his head spinning.

This was so much different than their previous kisses. This one was wild and filled with passion. It was like being unable to touch for so long, had been a ticking time bomb, set to go off at the slightest provocation. Not that nearly dying was slight, but it sure caused them to both explode.

Dugan’s velvety tongue thrust deep within Diallo’s mouth, exploring every inch as if he were mapping it for further reference. Letting his mate have control of the kiss, Diallo explored the man’s strong, defined body with his hands.

Dugan’s physique was like a work of art, chiseled to perfection. Hard ridges led down into deep crevices along his shoulders. Muscles rippled under his fingertips as they traveled the length of Dugan’s back sending sparks of fire through Diallo’s hand. It was a heady thing to know the man he was touching was his mate— his—no one else’s.

 Diallo’s hands continued their downward path, cupping each globe of the man’s ass, kneading the muscle. The sweetest sound was pushed into his mouth, encouraging Diallo to continue exploring. He ran a finger along Dugan’s crease until he came to his mate’s tight puckered entrance.

The deep groan of need that filled the room as he massaged the ring of muscles was music to Diallo’s ears. It had been so long since he’d had consensual sex, he’d forgotten how much he enjoyed it. The touching, the sounds, the glide of two sweaty bodies as they found release was something he used to enjoy with great enthusiasm.

Although he had to admit there was something even better knowing it was his mate he was doing this with. The sounds were richer, like a symphony. The touches, more erotic, as if Dugan were setting fire to Diallo’s skin with each caress.

As he continued to play with his mate’s entrance, Dugan broke the kiss to nibble along Diallo’s neck. When the man got to where Diallo’s neck and shoulder met, he bit down, not hard enough to break skin, but he could feel the man’s teeth take hold. Like a lightning rod to his dick, Diallo felt pre-cum shoot out of the tip.

Arching into it, he silently begged for more. The slow slide of Dugan’s canines scraping across the spot forced a low groan of pure desire from deep within his chest. It just didn’t seem possible that every touch was more erotic than the last, yet it was.

Diallo was going out of his mind with need. It was so much more than he ever hoped for. He was filled with hope for a happy future with Dugan, and it was all due to this man who showed him what love really was.

The man’s velvety tongue licked the same path his teeth just had, sending shivers down Diallo’s spine. Wanting to be sure he was pleasing his mate just as much, Diallo let the tip of his finger slip into Dugan’s passage.

His mate dropped his forehead onto Diallo’s shoulder with a throaty moan. Emboldened, Diallo drove his finger deeper. Another groan, this time followed by his mate’s firm ass pushing back into his touch.

“Oh fuck, lovely. I love the feel of you inside of me.”

His mate’s naughty words made Diallo pause in what he was doing. Diallo wasn’t sure when he’d turned into such a prude, but he was. He hardly ever swore, and talking about sex…well, that just wasn’t allowed.

Dugan’s head came up to look into Diallo’s eyes. He could feel himself blushing under Dugan’s gaze, especially when his mate gave him a smile that could only be described as wicked.

“Is there something wrong, lovely?”

Diallo desperately tried to deny it, but he only blushed harder when his mate continued his dirty talk.

“Don’t you like me telling you that the feel of your finger deep in my ass, stretching my chute just right, makes me crave the feel of your long fat cock inside me?” As if to put credence to his words, Dugan’s channel clamped down on Diallo’s digit while the man’s hand wrapped around his prick, giving it several slow strokes.

The heat poured off his cheeks as his blushing grew. Was it possible to combust from being too embarrassed? Diallo was pretty sure he was going to burn up if his face got any hotter. The weird thing was, his body loved the naughty words. His dick had never been harder.

Dugan chuckled as he continued to stroke Diallo’s cock. “So fucking pretty.”

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