[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, sci-fi elements, shape-shifters, HEA]
Siberian Tiger shifter, Aleksi Rykov, is amused to watch the enemy chasing one of their own, psy, Seth Tilton, until he realizes it’s his mate. Rescuing his mate isn’t difficult for the powerful Alpha but keeping his mate safe from the war raging between their races may be more difficult.
Seth is taking a chance running to the one man he knows can keep him safe, Aleksi. Seth knows the psy’s secrets and the psy will do anything to get him back but with Aleksi’s help Seth can help turn the tide of the war and uncover the horrible truth. The question is will Aleksi be willing to help the enemy?
Both sides are against their mating and doing their best to tear the two apart but Aleksi and Seth are determined to stay together against all odds. Can Aleksi and Seth manage to find happiness by mating the enemy?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating the Enemy (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Alek couldn’t have stopped the low warning growl if he’d wanted to. He just couldn’t figure out what was causing the unease he felt. His gaze tracked the man running several hundred yards in front of the group hunting him.

Confused at the deep-seated need he had to protect this man, who was supposed to be his enemy, he didn’t take his eyes off the scene below them even when his friends’ jaws dropped in shock at his response. This was completely unlike him, but he couldn’t find it in him to care that he’d offended his friends. His entire focus was on the psy below him and he was unwilling to take his eyes off him.

The good thing about his friends, Alek knew they’d forgive him for his irrational behavior, even follow him no matter what he asked them to do, which was good because right now he knew he was going to save the man running toward them.

“Dude, did you just growl at Maui?” Wolfe asked.

Two hundred years ago Wolfe and Maui were in the first couple of labs Alek had attacked in order to free those of his kind that were imprisoned. Why these two, out of the hundreds he’d rescued, not only insisted on putting their lives at risk by helping him save others but seemed to make it their mission to stick by his side, protecting Alek even when he rushed headlong into death-defying situations, Alek would never understand. He was also extremely grateful, for these two were the best friends anyone could ever hope to have.

Even when some of the other paranormals agreed with the psy about killing the humans, Wolfe and Maui stuck with him and they, more than anyone, had a reason to hate their captors. Each of them had been snatched upon their births, never even knowing their parents, never knowing love or even kindness, yet they still had enough compassion to know killing the humans was not the answer.

His heart leapt into his throat when he saw the little psy below them stumble. Not willing to wait any longer he said, “I’m saving him.”

Both jaws dropped open again as his two most trusted friends stared at him. Wolfe was the first to recover. “What’s the plan?”

Alek’s lips curled slightly upon hearing once again his friends not even questioning his reasons but helping him even when they clearly didn’t agree. It was why he trusted the two so much. He knew no matter what, they would do as he asked.

Aleksi’s fangs slid down and his claws sprang out in anger as the psy tripped once again, allowing the others to get that much closer. His heart nearly stopped when he saw one of the psy pull out a gun shooting at the man.

“Wolfe, with me. Maui, when they get close enough, burn them.” Not sparing them a glance to see if they heard or agreed with his plan Alek took off with speed unlike any of the other paranormals. When a second shot rang out his beast couldn’t be contained.

Without missing a step he transformed into an eight-hundred-pound Siberian Tiger. He sprinted toward the man who he was trying to save, but his heart just about stopped when another shot rang out and he heard the man yelp in pain.

The need clawing through him let him put on a burst of speed until the fleeing psy was in front of him. The closer he got the more he smelled the sweetest scent, calling to him on a basic level. His tiger pushed him even harder to rip apart whoever harmed this man, who clearly held Alek enthralled.

The man stumbled once again, barely able to right himself, but still he kept going. Exhaustion was clearly etched on every feature of his face, attesting to how long he’d been running from his own people.

He hadn’t even heard Alek’s tiger approaching. Alek wasn’t sure the little man would have noticed a herd of elephants since it was obvious he was barely able to keep moving. Admiration for the man’s tenacity to continue pushing himself when he was so clearly fatigued filled Alek.

Those pursuing him were getting closer and as much as Alek wanted to tear the men apart he couldn’t take the chance one of them would get by him and kill the one they were hunting.

Suddenly the man he was hell-bent on protecting looked up and Alek felt like he’d been struck by the Gods. Violet, no, more like perfectly amethyst-colored eyes filled with fear and exhaustion stared in horror at Alek’s tiger. Even with an eight-hundred-pound tiger barreling toward him the psy had an unyielding strength to survive that shone through.

It was that core of strength that drew Alek to this psy even more than his gorgeous looks, which were phenomenal, even if he was covered in dirt, leaves, and blood. His tiger growled at the sight of his mate’s blood covering his body. There was nothing on this Earth that would stop Alek from keeping this man safe for one day. Sooner rather than later, Alek planned to possess this man.




A moan from Seth diverted Alek’s attention back to his mate’s face. Their gazes held as Alek finished licking his hand clean. The flames of desire quickly flickered to life in those amethyst orbs.

Seth’s lips opened as if begging for a taste and Alek didn’t deny him, capturing Seth’s mouth with his own, he let his mate taste himself from Alek’s lips. Their bodies closed the miniscule distance until they were plastered against each other. The feel of Seth’s cock rubbing against his had Alek’s getting impossibly harder.

For too many hours Alek’s dick had been begging to be buried in Seth’s tight ass. If he didn’t do something about it soon he would suffer serious damage. Breaking off the kiss, he started a trail down Seth’s body, making sure to bite, lick, and kiss every inch he came across.

A whimper of pure need escaped his mate’s lips when Alek’s teeth pulled on his right nipple. Laving it with his tongue elicited a deep moan from the beautiful man fate had gifted him with. Seth’s sound of desire and need pushed at Alek’s control, his tiger riding him hard to claim him. But Alek wouldn’t be rushed.

He wanted to taste every inch of his mate’s skin until Seth was vibrating with need and begging Alek to claim him. With this in mind he worked the other nipple with his mouth as his hands continued to caress skin so smooth it felt like silk. Muscles quivered beneath his fingertips as Alek ran them down Seth’s toned body.

Dipping his tongue into Seth’s belly button, he felt his mate shiver. Gods this man was sensitive. How destiny saw fit to give him such a responsive mate Alek didn’t know, but he was willing to bow down to whatever force brought them together.

Pre-cum was dripping from Seth’s cock, making Alek’s mouth water. Swiping his tongue across the tip he heard a strangled groan as he tasted what had to be ambrosia. Holding onto the base of Seth’s dick, Alek licked up and down before finally wrapping his mouth around the tip and gently sucking.

“Holy fuck that’s good.” Seth said it all in one quick breath as his feet dug into the mattress, his hips thrusting up trying to bury himself into Alek’s mouth.

With a smile of satisfaction Alek gripped Seth’s hips, holding him down while he continued sucking on the most delicious cock he’d ever tasted. Not wanting to be pinned down, Seth tried to thrust but Alek only held him down tighter, forcing his mate to accept his will.

Once Seth seemed to understand he wasn’t to move Alek reached over to the bedside table to grab the lube. Popping the lid, he quickly spread it on his fingers. Not letting up on the suction of the cock in his mouth, Alek grazed the pucker of his mate’s ass with his fingers.

When Seth’s balls drew up next to his body and his cock jerked in Alek’s mouth he pushed against Seth hole with the pad of his finger. The sweetest cry spilled from Seth’s lips as cum filled Alek’s mouth.

Not wasting a second, he thrust his finger deep inside Seth’s relaxed hole. Alek gave a groan when he felt the snug heat of his mate’s ass. It was all he could do to hold off his own release as he thought about his cock being squeezed deep inside his mate’s body.

As Seth’s body became accustomed to his finger Alek quickly added another. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold onto his sanity as he continued to watch the complete ecstasy on his mate’s face. It was perfect and Alek wanted nothing more than to put it there one more time.

Determined to make his mate hard once again, Alek crooked his fingers to brush across his prostrate. “Oh! My! Gods!” Seth shouted as his fingers gripped the sheets, twisting them in his fists as Alek started an assault on his prostate.

“Does my kotёhok like that?” Alek whispered in Seth’s ear.

Uhn,” Seth moaned, writhing beneath Alek.

Nipping his neck, Alek smiled against Seth’s skin at his inability to form words. He must be doing something right if his mate couldn’t even talk. Adding another finger, Alek knew he wouldn’t last long even as he tried his best to stretch his mate out gently.

“Please, Alek.” Seth’s begging went straight to Alek’s cock, making it throb painfully.

When he pulled his fingers out the sweetest whimper of need came from his mate, leaving Alek ready to shoot without any other stimulation. Grinding his teeth together, he tried to think about mundane things, but the sight below him was so enchanting he just couldn’t get his brain on anything else.

Seth’s pupils were blown and glazed over with desire. His lips were swollen from kissing and slightly open as if begging to be taken yet again. Alek yanked on his sac, trying his best to stave off an orgasm that was churning deep in his balls.

The pain helped a little but Alek knew it wouldn’t last. With one hand on his cock poised at his mate’s fluttering hole, Alek gripped Seth’s head with his other hand, forcing his mate to look at him. Slowly he pressed his prick against his mate’s tight pucker until it finally yielded, those snug muscles wrapping around his cock in a grasp so unbearably tight it tried to pull his spunk right out of him.

Every muscle in Alek’s body tensed, trying to hold off spilling his seed before his dick was fully seated inside Seth’s exquisite body. The intense heat and pressure of Seth’s channel gripping Alek’s cock was almost too much to bear, but the need to make this good for his mate helped Alek hold off.

“Alek, please,” Seth begged as his body, now having gotten used to Alek’s shaft, begged.

The man was an angel spread out for Alek’s pleasure. “What do you want, Seth?” he whispered.

Those beautiful amethyst eyes, nearly black as his pupils were blown from pleasure, opened to stare at him. “You.”

It was all Alek needed to hear. Pulling back slightly he thrust home, sinking his cock as deep into his mate as he could go. The ripples of Seth’s inner muscles massaged his dick, pushing him to the edge once more.

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