[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, sci-fi elements, shape-shifters, HEA]
Zeke Torres was always picked on because he was a scared mouse shifter.  When his mother married a hawk shifter, he had to suffer through his stepbrother’s cruelty on a daily basis.  He fought hard for his independence and vowed to never be under the control of anyone else.
Rangi Ku was an eagle shifter and Director of Communications for the Alliance’s Northern Territory.  Working late one night, he was shocked when his computer was hacked (a feat that no one had ever done), with a message asking for help.  He saved the man who hacked into their network, and was surprised to find Zeke was his mate.
When Alek, their Alpha Primus, accuses Zeke of being a traitor, Zeke must find the courage to put aside his reservations and trust Rangi to protect him.  A predator mating his prey may not seem plausible, but Rangi is determined to show his little mouse he is more than just a bird of prey.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating the Predator (MM)
18 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great series., wonderful characters.




The voices coming from the kitchen told them where to find the others. Once they stood at the doorway Zeke froze and refused to move another step as he stared at the biggest man he’d ever seen in his life. It wasn’t just his size but his presence. It just screamed I’m the most powerful man in this room so don’t fuck with me.

And Zeke definitely wasn’t about to do that. In fact if Rangi would just let go of his hand he’d go find a place to hide until the man left. Better yet he’d promise to never touch another computer again if the Alpha would just let him leave.

There was no way he could ever hope to survive if this man decided Zeke was the enemy. Hell, Raptor just about killed him and he didn’t have a tenth of the power that emanated from this man.

He felt his mate’s hand squeeze his and he thought about having to leave his mate. It wasn’t something Zeke wanted to do but if he stayed the Alpha would probably demand his death.

Hands gripped Zeke’s head on either side and forced Zeke to look up into brilliant blue eyes. It was in that moment with the love pouring from this breathtaking man that Zeke knew he’d gladly stay and face whatever the Alpha wished to do with him for just another minute with Rangi.

“Breathe, baby,” Rangi murmured against his lips. With each breath his mate took he exhaled right into Zeke’s mouth infusing him with peace. “I promise I won’t let anything happen to you,” his mate assured him as Zeke finally started breathing on his own.

Zeke nodded that he understood. His hands reached up to wrap around Rangi’s wrists. Holding onto his mate for a moment his eyes never left Rangi’s as he found the courage to face whatever the Alpha planned to do to him.

Ready, he touched his lips to his mate’s briefly before pulling back. “I’ll be fine,” he assured Rangi.

Rangi looked like he wasn’t sure he believed Zeke but he nodded and turned back to Alek. “Alek, I’d like you to meet my mate, Zeke.”

Alek held out his hand. Zeke couldn’t remember ever seeing a hand so large. He was worried every bone in his hand would be crushed and was surprised the Alpha’s handshake was firm without crushing Zeke’s much smaller one. “Congratulations to both of you,” he said to them before turning his attention to Zeke. “It’s a pleasure to meet the only person to have ever hacked my system.”

Zeke felt a shiver crawl down his spine at the Alpha’s tone. Clearly he wasn’t happy his system had been hacked but that wasn’t really Zeke’s fault. Okay, it was since he was the one to hack it but make it more hack-proof and he wouldn’t have been able to. So really it was the Alpha’s fault for not having a more secure system.

With his hand back in Rangi’s, Zeke followed his mate to the large island. Food covered just about every available surface. There were fruits, cheeses, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon buns, various juices, water in pitchers, and a stack of plates.

Zeke couldn’t remember ever a time he’d seen so much food. Rangi handed him a plate that had to weigh ten pounds with all the food that was on it. His eyes bugged out of his head. Did his mate honestly expect him to eat all this?

He watched as Rangi poured a glass of water and turned to Zeke. “What would you like to drink, baby?”

He felt his cheeks flush at the nickname. He hated to admit how much he liked that Rangi called him baby but not when everyone could hear it. “W–water’s fine,” he said a little disconcerted.

Rangi put both glasses in one hand. Taking the plate from Zeke with the other, he nodded his head to the kitchen table that was nearly filled with guests Zeke hadn’t even known were there. Zeke wasn’t sure what to do. Clearly the plate Rangi had filled had been for Rangi. Should he fill his own or do as Rangi said and follow him to the table?

Even though he was starving, Zeke decided it would be best to just follow Rangi. As he walked past the plate of cheeses he reached out to grab a couple of cubes. He didn’t want to draw any more attention to himself but he just couldn’t resist. Rangi had the best cheeses Zeke had ever tasted and he should know, he was a mouse.

In fact several of the different varieties he’d tasted last night had been from his extended family on his father’s side. His father hadn’t wanted to join the family business, finding computers much more to his liking, so he’d left the European Territory and moved to the Latin Territory to find his own way.

He’d done reasonably well. He’d worked for the same company Zeke had ended up at and while neither of them had been rich working there they had made enough to live fairly well. His mom had told Zeke how he’d gotten the computer bug from his father. He had to admit he liked knowing he was like him, even though he’d never really gotten to know him since he’d died when Zeke was young.

Rangi put down their dishes and sat down. Zeke wasn’t sure what to do since there wasn’t another free seat but Rangi took care of that by pulling him onto the man’s lap. Mortified at the others seeing him sitting on the man’s lap like a little kid, Zeke’s cheeks flamed.




At the top of the stairs Rangi turned right, taking his mate into his room, as his eagle wouldn’t accept Zeke sleeping anywhere else. Gently so as not to awaken his him, Rangi pulled back the covers laying Zeke on the mattress.

He slipped off Zeke’s shoes and socks before starting to unbutton his pants. It wasn’t until he was sliding the zipper down and his hand brushed against his mate’s groin that it dawned on him maybe he shouldn’t be doing this.

Would Zeke be upset at Rangi’s undressing him? Although to be fair Rangi was just trying to make the man comfortable. He hadn’t planned on taking off Zeke’s underwear so it shouldn’t be a problem. Decision made he slowly pulled Zeke’s pants down his legs. Once off he lay them across a chair so they wouldn’t wrinkle any more than they already were.

Next he lifted up Zeke’s shirt to reveal a taut abdomen. No muscles but it was slim and smooth. He couldn’t seem to help himself as he let his hands skim the rest of the way up Zeke’s body on the pretense of taking off his shirt.

Rose-colored nipples lay flat on his chest. Rangi let his thumbs brush over them as he continued to take off the shirt and they pebbled into hard nubs. Biting back a groan as he wanted nothing more than to suck those sweet nubs into his mouth, Rangi quickly took the shirt the rest of the way off.

There was no doubt he was taking this too far, especially since Rangi wasn’t sure Zeke would allow him such liberties if he were awake. Shaking his head in disgust at his behavior he pulled the covers over his mate. Since his own bed was now occupied and not willing to leave his mate’s side Rangi plopped down in one of the recliner chairs across the room.

He hadn’t planned to sleep as he watched his mate sleep but the next thing he knew the sun was streaming through the windows that he forgot to cover. Slowly he came awake as his body protested the position he was in. His hand touched the surface around him. Why wasn’t he in his bed?

Zeke. His eyes popped open as he looked over at his bed to find it empty. The covers were thrown back and Zeke wasn’t there. He scrambled out of the recliner to search for his mate but his full bladder had him detouring to the bathroom first.

In his desperation to find Zeke, Rangi hadn’t been paying any attention to the sound of the shower. So as he entered the bathroom it was to find his very naked mate with his eyes closed and his face turned up to the water that cascaded down from the rain feature in the shower.

Bliss was the only way to describe the look on Zeke’s face at that moment as he enjoyed the way the water fell over his body. Rangi knew he should back out of the room but he was transfixed. He wasn’t sure he could have moved even if he wanted to and in the next instant he was glad he didn’t.

Those small, delicate hands caressed that wet skin down Zeke’s body until they reached a very hard prick. Rangi almost swallowed his tongue as Zeke’s hand wrapped around his own cock giving it several strokes. Rangi’s dick hardened in an instant at the entrancing sight, leaving him breathless with need.

When a small moan followed by a little squeak escaped those lush pink lips, Rangi’s balls pulled up tight to his body as he fought back his orgasm. He hadn’t felt this ready to explode without a touch to his cock since he was a randy teenager.

He knew it was wrong to keep watching but he just couldn’t help himself. Worse, he yanked open his jeans and pulled out his dick. His eyes were glued to Zeke as he began to stroke that hard flesh. Zeke’s other hand caressed his balls gently rolling them in their sac.

Zeke’s sweet pink tongue flicked out to lick the water from his lips. Images of that same tongue licking Rangi’s cock almost had a moan of arousal escaping his lips. The hand on Zeke’s cock started stroking faster as Zeke’s body arched.

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