McCade's Miracle

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 65,052
0 Ratings (0.0)

Miracle Johnson knows two things for certain: First, she grew up without a father, thanks to his obsession with The River Maiden, an 1860s Mississippi Riverboat. And second, the original owner of the River Maiden, Matthew McCade, was the devil-incarnate himself, a man who took advantage of the masses, pandered to their weaknesses, and—by reputation—bedded every woman in site. Then why, when she’s accidentally transported back in time, and into the arms of this man she hates so much, does Miracle find herself unable to resist his legendary charm. Struggling to acclimate herself in a time and place totally foreign to her, she vows to rid herself of the handsome riverboat owner, only to find herself in his bed, time after time.

McCade's Miracle
0 Ratings (0.0)

McCade's Miracle

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 65,052
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martin Jardin

“Part your legs for me, Milagro.”

Miri swallowed. Her pulse raced. She slid her foot to the side, parting her legs slightly. When Matt slid his finger inside her, Miri tensed.

“Relax, sweet Miri,” he whispered. “Allow my touch inside you.”

Miri released her breath in a deep sigh, willing herself toward relaxation, capitulation.

Matthew delved deeper, withdrawing completely and then stroking her again. “You are wet, Milagro. Slick.” He stroked her once, twice, a third time. He stepped backward slightly. The gown fell further until it hung on her parted thighs.

Miri opened her eyes. Her breath snagged on more emotions than she could ever remember feeling.

“Is this not the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?”

Mesmerizing. The sight of him touching her, of seeing her own reflection in the mirror, of watching herself receive pleasure at the whim of Matthew McCade’s talented fingers was nearly more than Miri could stand.


“Please what, my Miracle?”

“I need you inside me. Now.”

Matt pushed what little was left of her gown to the floor and then moved them forward, away from the foot of the bed, until they’d reached the mirror. Taking her hands in his, he raised her arms until she grasped the edges of the mirror. He parted her legs with his thigh and moved closer.

“Watch, Milagro. Watch while I make love to you.”

He stepped closer, filling her completely with his sex. Grasping hold of her hips, he pulled her back toward him. One stroke, two, until he’d gone as far inside her as he could go.

The rhythm he set quickly drove Miri to the brink. Her body clenched around him in a powerful climax. Rather than wait for her to calm or to catch her breath, he sped up. Miri thought she would burst, so exquisite was the pleasure she felt with each stroke of Matt’s body.

She flexed her fingers against the mirror, scoring the glass with her nails, matching the pace Matt had set for them. Time seemed to stand still. Nothing mattered but Matthew, herself, and their perfect union.

Miri could feel the onset of a second climax. Her breath came in ragged gasps. She clutched the edges of the mirror, holding on for dear life. The heat of their joined bodies, the aroma of their mutual arousal assaulted her senses.

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