[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
After a childhood tragedy, Melanie Cook had shut out all people from her life, preferring to be alone over getting hurt again. On duty one night, she is attacked by a mountain lion shifter and thrust into a world she never knew existed.
She is put into protective custody by four enormous and handsome men, men she just can't seem to stop desiring. She is feeling things she never imagined she would. These men threaten to break her years of disciplined solitude.
Finn, Cooper, Hunter, and Dane Frederick have lived a long time waiting to find their mate. They find her on a night of blood and death. Determined to keep her safe and to make her theirs, they take her home. But explaining the existence of shifters to their human mate, and having her accept them for who they are, is not easy with the continued threat on her life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Melanie (MFMMM)
22 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great story. Look forward to more from this author. Seems like the start of a good series.
a very well written book. I hope this author writes another soon.




Hunter had caught up to him just twenty minutes ago. Buena Vista was a very populated area, and that had worked in Curtis’s favor. Hunter had finally got his claws into him in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. Unfortunately, it was well used in the evenings by locals walking their dogs. A mountain lion attacking a man had attracted the attention of one of those dog walkers, and they had called 9-1-1. Curtis had deliberately not shifted, and the ambulance had provided him a means of escape. Hunter had had to run back into the cover of the woods, find his truck, and do some ambulance chasing.

He arrived at the hospital’s ambulance bay and raced to the only ambulance there. He had hoped at best to find Curtis still there, or, failing that, a fresh scent to follow. Instead, he walked into the aftermath of Curtis’s bloody escape. Two paramedics and a local doctor were dead, and an ER nurse was injured.

Hunter had put on his sheriff’s uniform and was able to mingle with the local law enforcement to see if he could find out if Curtis had compromised the shifter’s race. The fatalities were appalling. The only living witness was the ER nurse.

Hunter pulled out his cell phone and pushed Dane’s number. He had to fill him in and ask him to come down and continue the track on Curtis, while he waited here for the nurse to wake up so he could interview her. He stepped over to the wall of the ER, out of the way of all the police.

“Oh my God!” Hunter cried out, forgetting he had dialed Dane.

“Hunter, what’s wrong?” came Dane’s worried voice over the phone line.

“Shit,” was all he could say to Dane, trying to keep standing as his knees threatened to collapse under him.

“Hunter, man, are you okay? What’s happened? Are you hurt? Talk to me,” Dane persisted.

Hunter looked at the ground. There was blood under his feet. Still fresh. The scent in his nostrils was overpowering. His chest tightened, his fangs threatened to erupt from his gums. His nail beds itched as his claws moved to the surface, ready to emerge. He knew from the glow around him that his eyes were a glowing, bright amber color.

Dane’s voice penetrated Hunter’s brain at last.

“Her blood, it’s everywhere. God, Dane, he hurt her,” Hunter finally said, gasping into the phone still pressed to his ear.

“Hurt who? Her who? Hunter, are you hurt?”

Trying to breathe through his mouth didn’t help. There was so much of her blood he could scent it even stronger when it breezed over his tongue with his deep, labored breathing. “My mate” was screaming through all of his body’s cells.

He would have been able to easily scent her if she were standing here. But with her spilled blood pooled at his feet, it was like he was drowning in her scent. Arousal and rage warred within him. Rage at Curtis for hurting his mate, and arousal, wild and untethered, at finally finding “her.”

“It’s her, Dane. I have found our mate. Curtis found her first, and he has hurt her. I am standing in her blood as we speak.”

“Fuck,” was all he heard from Dane.

“I don’t know how bad she is hurt. I am going to find out right now. I will call you as soon as I know. I can’t keep tracking Curtis. I have to stay with her. Shit, Dane, send help now.”

With that, Hunter hung up, got his wobbly legs to work using the power of pure rage, and stalked into the hospital in search of his injured mate. After sixty years on this earth he had found her, he was going to see her, and she was fucking hurt by that lowlife. Hunter was incensed. If he wasn’t going to be killed before, well, Curtis would certainly be dead when Hunter caught him.

Hunter knew that Dane would be letting the twins know that he had found his mate, and he expected calls from them very shortly to find out how badly she had been hurt. Hunter’s mother had three mates, brothers, Theo, Chris, and Paul. All the Alphas in their family had shared a mate with their brothers, so the odds were more than good that this woman would be mate to all four Fredrick brothers. Hunter had enjoyed sharing sexual partners in the past with one, or all, of his brothers, so if it was fated that they were all to share this mate, he knew it would work very well for them.

“Let her not be hurt too badly,” he muttered under his breath, striding through the doors to the ER like a man on fire. After his time in the Marines, Hunter had become jaded and didn’t think anyone seemed to be listening when people prayed, but even without laying eyes on her, he was praying hard for his mate.




Melanie reached for him again. She wanted more of his taste in her mouth. They all tasted so good, all slightly different, but overridingly sweet and slightly tart as well.

“No more just yet, Melanie. I have to come in this sweet pussy the first time, then I will add my mating bite to Finn’s and mark you as mine. But believe me, after that I will be happy to let you suck on me whenever you like. You have by far the sweetest mouth I have ever felt.”

Melanie knew she probably should have been jealous of anyone they had ever slept with before, but knowing their ages, she would be naive in the extreme to think they were virgins. But she had to ask one final question before she gave herself fully to them.

“I know I will never want anyone but you four to ever touch me, but will you all be satisfied with just me?”

“We will never want another female to ever touch us either, angel. The mating bond is such that no other woman will ever again appeal to us sexually. If you had denied the bond and left us, we would have led a celibate life until our deaths.”

Cooper said as he lifted Melanie up off Finn’s lap and kissed her softly on the lips, “Let’s get you dry.”

Melanie wrapped her legs around his hips as he stepped from the bath and walked with her towards the bed. Hunter was there with a big soft towel, and he dried her back while Cooper continued to kiss her.

Dane drew the curtains, dimming the late afternoon light. Cooper placed her on the big bed and dried her front. He then dried himself and crawled up onto the bed with her. He pushed her down onto her back as he resumed their gentle kissing, being careful to keep his weight off her injured ribs.

“I need to taste you, angel. It will help ease the way for Finn as well.” With that he started to kiss down her neck, down her sternum and abdomen, to her pussy.

“Oh God,” she moaned, not able to say anything else as Dane lay down next to her and turned her head to his and captured her mouth with his lips and tongue. Melanie needed more. She needed them all touching her. She reached out with her hands, searching for Finn and Hunter. They had to be close.

Cooper spread her legs and gently licked along the lips of her vagina, moving up to suck lightly on her clitoris.

“Cooper!” She groaned, breaking away from Dane’s kiss, needing air desperately. Hunter lay down on the other side of her and started kissing down her neck and palming her breast.

She was tightening like a wound spring inside. Cooper inserted a finger inside her and sucked harder on her clit. “I’m coming!” she screamed, the feelings all too much. She exploded into the biggest orgasm of her life.

She was gasping and shaking, as Cooper slowly removed his finger and stoked her clit as she came down from her orgasm.

“You taste like heaven, angel, fucking heaven.” Cooper licked his lips, rose over her and kissed her full on the lips. He then moved to the side, and she saw Finn kneel between her spread legs.

“You look so beautiful when you come, sweetness. I want to see it again. I want you to come all over my cock as I drive into you and seal us together, forever.” Finn’s voice was husky and low, his eyes glowing amber.

“I want you, Finn. Please make love to me.”

“I will take this slowly. Let me know if I hurt you. I will slow down, even if it kills me.”

She couldn’t wait for him to go slow. She reached between them and grasped his leaking cock. With a shuffle of her hips she placed him at her core, rubbing him over her clit.

Finn lowered himself onto his forearms, keeping himself off her injured ribs. He kissed her deeply and began a slow thrust into the tight sheath of her sex.

He was going too slowly for Melanie. She would go mad if he didn’t fill her. She wrapped her legs around his buttocks, grabbed his shoulders, and tried to pull him deeper. She gasped at the feeling of fullness. Finn’s cock continued its entry. He then pulled back a little, and she mewled her protest. But he pushed straight back in again, a little deeper, setting up a gentle rhythm. The feel of his hard shaft stroking her pussy was driving her rapidly towards another climax.

Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled and licked her neck. “Come for me, sweetness. I will take you fully when you come, then you will feel no pain.”

With those words, he bit into her neck and pushed to the hilt inside of her. She screamed her release, tightening around Finn’s cock, feeling every spurt from his cock as it bathed her womb in jet after jet of hot semen. She had never thought she would feel such pleasure.

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