The Moroccan air is just what Tanya needs when it comes to getting over partner, and former lover, Eric, but an emergency at the New York office interrupts her business trip causing Tanya to take a last minute flight back to the States. Rone is hard edged, controlling, and intense. His boyfriend Josh is sex appeal and puppy-dog eyes. When the two men join Tanya for the best intercontinental flight she has ever had, she has to ask, Eric who?

Mile High Menage
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“I’m going to my room. Do you want to come?”

He stood, smoothed out his jacket, and grabbed the bottle of vodka. “Lead on.”

Her heart skipped a beat, and her breathing resumed. Standing with equal alacrity, she headed down the hallway. Once they were both inside, he dwarfed the room making the space even smaller. Her head didn’t even reach his chin.

She took the bottle from his grip, careful not to brush against him as she slipped past, and stood near the bed. Guess I found something to keep me occupied for the flight, after all. After taking a swig from the bottle, she asked, “Can I take your jacket?”

Shrugging it off, he handed it to her, offering a nice view of his white shirt and bulging biceps. He rolled up his shirtsleeves revealing large forearms, devoid of hair. Her mouth watered at that small hint of bare skin.

She laid the jacket over the arm of the chair, and they approached each other, ending up close, their bodies not quite touching. He smelled like scotch and aftershave, a sexy combination. She gazed up into his crystal green eyes and waited for him to kiss her.

He stopped a breath from her mouth. “I know what you want.” He had to hear her heart beating. Breathing grew low on the list of priorities as his words caressed her lips. “I have one demand in order for us to do this.” He trailed his fingers across her cheek to the clip that held her hair in place and tugged it free, where it cascaded to the middle of her back.

She swallowed, trying not to lean into his touch or drool on him. “Okay. What?”

He ran his thumb across her cheek to her lips and rubbed the bottom one, adding to the seductive spell he wove. “My partner has to join us.”

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