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MILFs on Mars

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 12,000
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This is Book 5 of a fun & naughty short story series. Each story stands alone. 

Unlike humans, my kind don’t naturally develop mating skills and desires. It must be taught. We’ve found the most efficient way to teach our young recruits is to send them to Earth to learn from sexually skilled human females.

Felicity is reeling after being dumped by her husband for a younger model—he told her she looks and acts too old. So when her best friend suggests they go bar-hopping at the local college scene, she agrees. There she meets Brian, a gorgeous hunk of a bartender who’s young enough to be her son… but the way he makes her feel is far from motherly.

After a hot & naughty tryst in the alley, Brian shocks her by telling her he’s not of this world. He’s an alien from another planet and he’s here to find a suitable instructor to teach mating skills to his planet’s young recruits. Does she want the job?

Hmm. Regular sex with hot young studs with no commitments? Oh, yes. Yes. Yes!

Life is great until Felicity’s ex gets wind that she has a new lover… or two.

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“I know just the thing to make you feel younger.” His eyes grow hooded, and suddenly I know what he’s suggesting. He slides another drink across the bar. “Your choice.”
He says something to the other bartender, then takes off the apron and disappears out the back door. I think there’s an alley back there.
My heart rate speeds up. I stare at the drink in front of me. I look around the crowded room, thinking everyone here must know what’s going on, everyone must be staring at me, but nobody pays me any attention. Trina’s still on the dance floor, but with a different guy this time. I drum my pink fingernails on the lacquered bar. I down the drink, and the whiskey burns its way down my throat and into my belly. I drum my fingernails some more.
“Oh, what the hell.” I slam back the rest of the drink, and head the direction Brian disappeared.
I push open the back door and step into the dark alley. It smells faintly of fish and cooking oil. Hmm. Not the most romantic place for a tryst. Still a step up from my ex. Glancing around, I see no one. The fact that it’s pitch black out here doesn’t help. “Brian?” I whisper.
Nothing. Maybe I was wrong, and Brian didn’t come out here.
I turn to go back inside, but the door has locked behind me. Shit. Well, isn’t this just great? I’ll have to walk through this dark alley by myself and around the block to get back to the bar and my friend. I wonder if Trina has even realized I’ve gone. Probably not. She’s probably draped over something by now—either a guy or a toilet.
I’ve barely taken two steps in my ridiculously high heels, when someone grabs my arm. I jump.
“Felicity,” Brian says softly, in his deep sexy voice. Then I’m in his arms and he’s kissing me like I haven’t been kissed in years. His tongue thrusts deep into my mouth as he pushes me up against the brick wall. His hand slides under my skirt and rips off my panties.

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