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Mucho Caliente! (MF)

Wish Upon a Latino Superstar

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 120,500
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance]

Does Gemma dare wish upon a Latino superstar?

Thirty-seven year old Gemma hadn't reckoned on being seated next to Latino heartthrob Emilio Caliente on the flight to Ibiza. She's bravely dismissed her cheating husband's generous divorce settlement, opting instead for a creatively satisfying, financially independent, bohemian lifestyle on a Spanish island in the sun.

Falling in love with a pop music superstar eight years her junior was definitely not part of her plan. Common sense dictates staying away from Emilio Caliente and his cinnamon kisses: his life is in turmoil, his latest single has bombed, the press want to see him naked and his hellacious manager seems increasingly deranged.

But surely the chain of extraordinary events that insists on bringing them together is proof that love is oblivious to common sense? Does Gemma dare follow her heart and wish upon a pop star without undermining everything else she set out to achieve?

"The idea for 'Mucho Caliente!' formed while I was on holiday in Ibiza, visiting my best friend who lives there all year round. After a lazy day at a trendy beach, we sat sipping margaritas, admiring the sunset. A salsa band was playing at the beach bar, people were dancing. Among the dancers, I recognised a famous Latino pop star. My imagination took off and the result was 'Mucho Caliente!'" ~ Francesca ~

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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You Gotta Read: "Gemma Talbot is like every woman I know. From time to time she questions her judgment and her insecurities. She is forced to take a good hard look at herself and her passions when she meets Emilio, a dreamy Latino superstar. Emilio is tired of the superstar lifestyle and not knowing who cares about him just for himself or for his fame. When he meets Gemma, he finds passion and friendship in the quirky, sexy, passionate woman he comes to know. Mucho Caliente is one of the most well written book that I have ever read. The reader is pulled into the story and you just can't help but laugh at most of the situations that come about in the book. The scene where Gemma is swimming to the boat has got to be one of my favorites. The description that went into Mucho Caliente was breathtaking. I felt like I was there with Gemma and her friends experiencing the surroundings and the actions that the characters took. At times, Francesca Prescott represented the reader so well that I felt she could have been writing about me. The passion and road to a relationship was steamy, sensual and downright funny. The characters were intoxicating, compelling and genuine. Francesca Prescott has gone above and beyond what I expected this book to be. I was drawn in as a reader and could not put the book down. I would highly recommend this book to ANY reader. If you enjoy humorous, sensual, informative, well written books, this is the book for you. I urge you to pick up this book, you will not be disappointed. Because of Mucho Caliente, Ms. Prescott has just found herself a lifetime fan. I am honored to give this book a YOU GOTTA READ rating as it is just simply amazing!" -- Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

LASR Best Book: "I very much related to Gemma's character because she had so many insecurities, dreams and a steadfast opinion of what romance and love should be. A fabulously beautiful, zany, entertaining, and curious character, she constantly questions her own and everyone else's motives. It takes Emilio, a gorgeous hunk of a man and a Latin superstar swooned over by females the world over, to show Gemma she could have her pick of men and that her imperfections represent her individuality and attractiveness. Emilio's character is the proverbial package with his sexiness, wit, charm and understanding. Did I mention sexy? He is the epitome of what women fantasize about. The hilarity begins with their first meeting and doesn't stop until the end. The relationship between Gemma and Emilio strengthens as they journey together through many hilarious situations. The Caliente chicks, the outright nasty manager and the vindictive ex-husband lend a comedic twist to otherwise awkward situations. Mucho Caliente will make you laugh, cry, get angry and every emotion in between. Francesca balances the perfect amount of imagery and comedy to ensure that even the worst cynic is left with a smile on their faces. Mucho Caliente is a laugh out loud hilarious read that left me wanting more and certainly transcended my expectations. So sit back, relax, crack open that book and be prepared to be whisked away to the world that is Mucho Caliente! This book is a must read for any lover of romantic comedy. I look forward to reading more work from Francesca Prescott. She has proven through Mucho Caliente her writing is comparable to most seasoned writers. I consider any of her books to be an automatic add to my to be read list. I give her the LASR Best Book rating because this is most definitely a book that I will be reading mulitple times as well as ordering for my friends." -- Violet, Long and Short Reviews

4.75 Hearts/Reviewer Top Pick: "Gemma Talbot is beautiful, intelligent, on her way to Ibiza, and recently divorced. Her ex, Richard, left her for an older woman telling Gemma that she was too immature and impulsive. It didn't help that Gemma instead of listening to the music popular in her 20s listened to the current popular music in her late 30s. Now, she's ready to take control of her life and start a new chapter. She's off to stay with a friend and earn living painting old chandeliers. Little did she dream or imagine that her life was about to change sitting in coach on an airplane. Latin heart-throb, Emilio Caliente, decided on the spur of the moment to run away from his manager, his last single flopping and his recording label not happy with his new album. That's why he is sitting in coach in a not very good disguise. All he wants is a little peace and quiet. Talking to the woman next to him on the plane wasn't on his agenda but he was taught to be polite. Upon landing, a mix up of bags and a need of a ride seem to force these two very unlikely people into each others company where they find themselves wanting to know more about the other. Add several members of a fan club, the ex husband, a psycho manager and a lot of misunderstandings and you end up with a seriously fun book to read with more twists and turns than expected. This book doesn't just gloss over the insecurities of either main character but lets the reader live through them with the characters. What woman doesn't worry about those extra pounds and sagging especially when standing next to some young thing? How do you deal with a morning after with a rock star? And is she after me or my fame? And how do I find out without seeming like an egotistical jerk? Better yet, how do you deal with your ex when you're with your new friend? These problems and more are realized and resolved though not always easily, quickly or in the way expected. Because you saw the characters flaws and concerns, they became real. Not only did the main characters seem real but the other characters were given enough depth that you felt as though you knew them. The secondary characters added interest and gave a more rounded feel to the story. Emilio's band was important to his life so it makes sense that they should interact with him. Gemma was going to live with a friend so having her around was natural. These personal relationships made the give and take of daily living and the rough road of a new relationship have a context. I loved the way Gemma's thoughts and fears were made known and shown. I loved that she was a regular woman just like me and my friends. I liked that there were problems and life didn't go smoothly. I think the best part was the ending and that I'm not sharing! This was one twist and turn that I didn't expect and fully appreciated."  -- Terri, Night Owl Romance

4 Stars: "Francesca Prescott offers readers a romance that is sure to please woman over 35. Too often authors concentrate on younger characters, forgetting that romance does not end at 35. Gemma is a very realistic character, showing traits of self doubt. The plot is strong and well developed. Don't miss this one." -- Anne Boling, Review Your Book



“Emilio, where are we?”

“I told you. We’re on a private island called Talanta. It’s one of the world’s best kept secrets.”

“Is it a hotel?”

“It’s more like a club for exhausted, burnt out over-achievers like me. It’s where I come when I don’t know where to go anymore. I come here to find myself.”

I never knew he had a penchant for this spiritual stuff., but what the heck, it suits him.

I chuckle. “I know what you mean. When I burn out, I go to Celeste’s, shower in plastic buckets and have a good giggle.”

He misses the point and shakes his head. “For me this place is not about luxury. There are very few places where I can hide, find peace, be alone. I almost came here straight from Los Gatos…but I knew that if I did, I might never see you again. You’d never have found me here.” He reaches for a little bottle of transparent shampoo, pours some into his hand and begins to wash my hair, slowly, gently massaging my scalp. “Does that feel good?”


A hand slips between my legs. “How about this?” he whispers huskily.

“What do you think?” I run a hand up his arm, all the way up, past his shoulder. Wait a minute! There’s something missing. “Emilio?”


“You wax your armpits, don’t you!”

“Of course, don’t you?” He’s laughing, fiddling with my nipples.

“Actually, I shave,” I say. “Why do you wax your armpits? I didn’t know guys did that, except of course…you know.”

He stops fiddling and sits up suddenly, sloshing water over the sides of the bath. “What? You mean gay guys? You think that I am…?”

“Of course not, you big sissy! I know you’re a potential testosterone donor. No, really, tell me. Why do you wax your armpits?”

“It looks better. I mean, can you imagine, there I am dancing around on stage in a sleeveless shirt, and I put my arms in the air and boom, everyone, including the cameras, catches sight of two big, hairy, sweaty, dripping bushes? Pwa! Not so sexy. Excuse me, but I think that in my profession, waxing is not gay, or sissy, or anything. It is essential!”

He does have a point. “Where were we before I was distracted by your armpits?”

“I seem to remember being somewhere around here.” He clamps his hands over my breasts and kisses my neck. Then he turns on the shower and rinses my hair. I squirm, wondering what he’s about to do with the shower nozzle but he only turns it off and hangs it back onto its designer hook. So much for kinky stuff, I think disappointedly as he stands up, wraps himself in a thick white towel and winks at me as he leaves the bathroom.

I pile my hair above my head, lie back in the water and sigh. He’s probably gone off to do yoga or tai chi or something on the terrace. Meanwhile, I’m lying here, fizzing down below. Starving too. The sandwich in the tent didn’t have much staying power, no thanks to Carmen’s aerial acrobatics. What do they serve in this kind of place? Organic, two-tone lentils and handpicked, flawless, baby carrots? Evian in snazzy bottles? Will I upset everyone if I ask for a piece of toast, a boiled egg and a cup of tea?

It’s awfully quiet out there. I hop out of the bath, rub myself dry and peek around the door. He’s sitting cross-legged on the terrace floor, presumably meditating. I tiptoe across the room to the coffee table, grab a cream, linen-bound book and go read it on the bed. Where’s the list of what’s available for room service? Ah, yes, here we are. Jesus, just as I thought! Wholesome, elegant food. Everything for the health conscious Goody Two Shoes. Even their omelette is made with quail eggs and laced with obscure sounding herbs.

For goodness sake! Surely they have plain old hen eggs in the kitchen?

I pick up the phone by the bed. A serene voice answers. “Yes, señora. How may I be of service?”

“Hello?” I whisper so as not to disturb Emilio who, from the faraway look on his face, might well be astral planing. “I’d like to order some food please.”

“Of course. May I take your order?”

Om! What’s this guy been smoking? His tone suggests a spaced-out perma-smile. Shake it up a little, shall we? “I’d like four organic, two-tone, colour co-ordinated soft-boiled, regular hen eggs, piles of white toast, butter, strawberry jam and marmalade. Maybe some Nutella… And I’d also like a pot of regular English Breakfast tea with cold milk and sugar. Oh, and make sure we get tea bags please, not loose leaf. I can’t stand leaves in my tea. Hello?”

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