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Gamble's Game by Tara S. Nichols (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre

This reviewer's rating: 2 - Fair

I had a very hard time getting through this book, it was just so full of blah. Even during the big sex scene at the end, it just wasn't there for me so I stopped reading and picked it up almost a week later just to finish it off. The story itself is about 96 pages and with the copyright info and other stuff, it shows 104 total. The book is rated as scorching but only because of the 1 sex scene. Most of the book is talk - - the outline mentions the hot firemen, but in the story, all they do is walk past her till, that's it. Oh, it's mentioned that she went out with the firemen, but it's not describing the details of the dates. The female just seemed slutty, all the characters seemed like high school kids (especially all the antics and behaviour and such), and the background details were fishy. She went to college yet she can't do anything but work at a till in a grocery store? And work in a bar at night? And the pretend lesbianism is maybe a paragraph - - she invites a girl friend to the bar but nothing happens - it's not like she puts on a show and when it's mentioned that they used to pretend kiss back in college, it really is just a mention and not details. In the sex scene, the characters do get it on and it is described in detail but to go through over 80 pages before getting to that point was hard. This one is definitely not worth the price or the read.

Reviewed by: JustMe (Date: 01/10/2013)
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