Natalie Unleashed (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,169
3 Ratings (5.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, HEA for M/F]

Natalie Prescott, a self-confessed boring librarian, is flying toward a spa in the Canadian wilderness when she gets drawn into a deadly game of revenge.

The handsome Roman Wolfe is set up by a billionaire named Viktor, a man who unjustly blames Roman for his son’s death. Viktor pays the pilot to transport Roman to an isolated camp hundreds of miles from the search area for their soon to be reported missing plane. There are six innocent vacationers, including Natalie, an elderly couple, and a pregnant woman. It’s autumn, and most of them will die if they stay at the camp. Roman must go for help, but it’s 450 miles away through unforgiving wilderness, and Viktor has hired assassins to kill anyone who moves more than three miles from the camp. Roman makes his bid, but takes Natalie and the handsome Sven with him.

The danger is ever present, but Natalie’s sexual energies are unleashed in raging tempests of passion with her two lovers.

Note: This book is written in one point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Natalie Unleashed (MFM)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Natalie Unleashed (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 77,169
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This story is an adventure. The star is Natalie and she undergoes a lot of psychological changes. At first people think she is boring. Then she realizes her life is boring and she starts to feel a need for change. The change is gradual but once it starts she almost can't stop it. It's like a snowball going down a hill that just keeps getting bigger. I know it's real because the same thing happened to me before I met my husband. I also love the humor with the guy trying to date her. The scenes with Phil are subtle and hilarious but an unsophisticated reader probably wouldn't pick up on some of the funniest parts. The part in the wilderness is bang on, forgive the pun. My husband and I canoe and unless you spend time in the real woods especially wilderness you might not see how real the scenes are. But I never traveled to outer space either and I like Star Trek so I guess you can appreciate it without having done it. The sex is a turn on. It's like being there. The guys are really hot and Natalie is incredible. I just love her. She seems so real. She's searching for something and the relationships happen because that's where she is in her mind at that moment in time. I love the romantic ending. I could see it as sure as if I was standing there watching. Loved this book.
This novel was a real adventure. I found Natalie to be a sexy woman for sure, but she also seemed kind of lost, which is interesting because she was lost. I could identify with her because she was bored and she wanted an adventure and boy did she get one! The male leads were incredibly sexy and Roman Wolfe was super interesting. My husband is an outdoorsman and he never reads, but he read this and he really liked it. This book could be enjoyed by men and women and my husband found it as sexy as I did. He got excited when I read some parts to him. Lol. I think this book would make an interesting movie. There was romance, adventure, danger and some smoking hot lovemaking. It was really creative that way. My girlfriend read it and said the same thing I did. It was a real adventure. A fun read for sure.




“How long do you think we’ll be here?” Natalie asked as the two sexy men walked to the little cabin.

“Not too long,” the pilot said, smiling. “I really am sorry for the inconvenience, but we’ll be on our way before you can shake a stick. I contacted the spa and told them where we are and what we’re doing. Everything’s fine. We’ll sit tight for an hour or so, then we’ll be able to resume our trip.”

“Weather looks fine,” said the elderly man, looking at the sky.

“It’s fine here,” the pilot said, “but four hundred miles to the west it’s a light show. It came up unexpectedly, but these things have a way of fizzling out as quickly as they appeared. Go up to the cabin and rest for a little while, sir.”

The elderly man walked up the hill with his wife, who held his arm. They stopped a few times to catch their breath, then joined the two men. They were followed by the two women and the other man. Natalie was the last one up the hill and by the time she got to the cabin the seven of them were already inside, introducing themselves to each other. She learned the elderly couple was Tom and Gertrude, and the woman with the cast, Marianne, was married to Bobby and was Fran’s sister. The Nordic man introduced himself as Sven, and the handsome man with black hair stepped forward and shook her hand.

“Hello,” he said in a husky voice. “I’m Roman Wolfe.”

“Hello, Roman,” she replied, shaking his big, strong hand. “Hello, Sven.” Natalie laughed. “Hello, everyone. Glad to meet you all.”

They spoke in a friendly way and then inspected the cabin. It was a rustic place with four small bedrooms, each with a thin, plywood door. There was a kitchen with pots and pans, plus a cast iron wood stove, a dining room with cupboards full of plates and cups, and a small living room with a love seat and chairs. A number of windows faced south and allowed in the pure sunlight, and even though there was a slight tinge of coolness outside, the cabin was remarkably warm. Of course there was no running water or electricity, but there was a bucket by the sink which was used for collecting water. A loon suddenly cried its haunting call on the lake and they all hushed, listening with wonder.

“I could stay here for a week,” Natalie said, looking at the women. “This place is amazing.”

Fran nodded. “It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.”

They all walked out of the cabin at the same time and looked at the lake, hoping to see the loon. The pilot, who was smoking a cigarette, looked up expectantly at them, as if he thought they wanted to ask something, then he heard the loon call again and realized they had been drawn to the sound. He turned away and looked out at the lake himself. When Natalie scanned the group, she noticed that Roman definitely seemed agitated, and he kept staring into the forest. She wondered if he had seen something, perhaps a bear.

Suddenly she noticed a complete stranger walking out of the woods. He was dressed in camouflage clothes and carried a high-powered rifle, a sleek black scope on top of it. Though he was moving, the man held the gun to his shoulder, pointing it directly at Roman as if ready to fire at any instant. The others noticed the approaching gunman and began muttering among themselves, confusion and fear in their voices.

“Be careful with that weapon!” said old Tom. “You could kill somebody.”

“Yes, I could, old man,” the gunman said, his eyes intense and locked onto Roman. “One little squeeze of this trigger and Mr. Wolfe here would be tits up.”

Natalie was in a state of shock. “What’s going on?” she asked, hoping it was some kind of elaborate prank.

“Hi, Roman!” called another man, emerging from the forest with eight other gunmen, all of whom were dressed in camouflage.

“Let them go, Viktor,” Roman said firmly. “This is between you and me.”

“No, Roman,” Viktor replied, shaking his head and lighting a cigar. “This is bigger than you and me, buddy. This is between life and death.”

“Kill me if you have to,” Roman told him, “but let them go. They have nothing to do with this.”

“You want me to kill you right here, right now?”

“Let them get back on the plane,” Roman said, “and have the pilot fly them to the spa. I’ll stay here with you and whatever happens, happens.”

“That’s option two,” Viktor replied coldly, “and I’ve already considered it. But I’ve chosen option one because it’s a whole lot more fun.” He looked at each passenger in turn. “No one is leaving on that plane.”

“What are you going to do?” Marianne questioned him with terror in her eyes.

“We came here for a vacation,” Tom said. “We didn’t sign up for this.”

“We want to go home,” Gertrude added.

Viktor puffed his cigar. “There’s a good chance none of you will ever go home,” he said with cold sincerity. “This will be your graveyard.”




Roman moved forward, put his hand on her head, and started to fuck her mouth. Natalie half closed her eyes and moaned with incredible pleasure. As Roman thrust back and forth, she undid her blouse and revealed her large, creamy breasts, the nipples swelled and sticking out. She played with her nipples as Roman enjoyed her soft, wet lips, looking at her beautiful face as he made love to her mouth. The blouse fell to the ground and Roman stepped aside, glancing at Sven. Sven instantly stepped in front of her, guided his cock into her mouth, and started to thrust. Natalie moaned with pure pleasure, looking up at the men as they smiled at her. Though it seemed her nipples couldn’t get any bigger, they did, and as she played with them the hunger built in her pussy.

Sven pulled out and stepped aside, allowing Roman to enjoy her again. Soon they were taking quick turns, smiling at each other as their hot cocks glowed with sexual heat. Natalie suddenly clasped both big pricks, holding the cock heads side by side, and went back and forth, giving each man a few moments of pure bliss before turning her attention the other. Finally, just as they were about to explode in massive orgasms, she stood up and walked toward the door of the cave..

Natalie faced them, undid her shorts, and slipped her hand down to her wet pussy. She started to rub herself in front of them, playing with her tits at the same time. The men watched her for several minutes, then slowly began to pull their big erections. Natalie licked her lips and dropped her shorts to the ground, stepping out of them. She put both hands between her legs and showed them her hot, wet pussy lips. The men looked as if they might die on the spot.

“Was Blossom a good cocksucker,” she asked, rubbing her clit.

“The best,” Sven said.

“The best what?” she asked again in her dumb blonde voice.

“The best cocksucker,” Roman said.

She turned her back to them, spread her legs, then bent over as if examining her toes. They could see Natalie in her full glory, as no one had ever seen her before.

“I think I need to paint my toenails,” she said, her pussy and anus fully exposed to their greedy eyes. “Do you think I need to?” she asked, looking back, but not straightening up.

“You’re perfect now,” Roman said, stroking his swelled prick.

“So sweet,” Natalie said, straightening up and walking to the men. She turned her back to Sven and slid her body up and down, his mammoth cock between her smooth, satiny soft cheeks. “My husbands are so good to me,” she said, turning to hug Sven, and now rubbing her ass on Roman’s cock. “Do you know what Blossom needs?”

They looked at her with blank expressions, almost unable to think or speak. Natalie lay down on the blankets, then spread her legs wide, and pulled her knees back toward her shoulders. “Blossom needs two big cocks. Take turns.”

Roman almost fell to his knees, then he put his hands on either side of her shoulders and assumed the pushup position. Natalie reached down, clasped his big, wet cock and held it in position, squirming beneath him, rubbing her wet pussy over his bulbous head. Roman moaned loudly, so loudly that it echoed in the cave, and he looked at Sven, who was watching with fascination and waiting his turn.

“Tell me you love me,” Natalie said, “or you don’t get in.”

“I love you,” Roman told her. “I’d love you, Blossom.”

She held his cock head right at the threshold of her entry. “Say the magic password.”

“I don’t know it,” he answered, madly eager to join with her.

“Open sesame,” she whispered.

Roman was panting, but he still managed to speak. “Open sesame.”

Suddenly his cock started to slide in the warm, wet opening. They stared into each other’s eye as each inch disappeared into the moist cave. Natalie worked her hips, paused for a moment, tossed her head back, then put her hands on Roman’s strong buttocks and pulled his full ten inches inside her, his balls now pressing against her hot lips. They continued to stare at each other, their eyes locked.

“Say you love me again,” she whispered.

“I love you.”

Natalie started to rock and thrust her hips, pulling Roman’s big cock almost all the way out of her pussy, but twisting on it, rubbing her lips over his engorged cock head as if she was giving him head.

“I love you,” Natalie said, bucking now and riding his full length hot and hard.

Roman hung on for dear life, his muscular arms bulging. Natalie suddenly stopped and wrapped her legs around him, his cock buried fully into her pussy. She kissed him and her eyes sparkled.

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