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Needing Desire (MM)

Club Desire Series, Book Five

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 8,000
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Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

Lonely hearts will find a way to mend and grow, especially with cuffs involved.

Jake Charles rules the Toy Box room of Club Desire. Whatever toys the doms want, he supplies. He’s happy with his job, but wants more—especially with Master Tony. There’s only one catch. Master Tony hasn’t noticed him. When the Master comes calling for toys, Jake’s got to decide if he wants to keep his happy but lonely existence or put himself in Master Tony’s arms and gain the desire he desperately needs.

Anything is possible at Club Desire.

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“Another day, another dong.” Jake Charles organized various sex toys into their respective tubs then admired his work. As the keeper of the toys in the Club Desire Toy Box, he had the honor of supplying each playroom with the requested sex toys for the night. Some of the players didn’t need new toys every night, but the rooms that were used on a per night basis did. Someone had to sort and deliver the toys to the rooms—that someone being Jake.

He liked his job. Hell, he had all the sex toys he could ever imagine or dream of in his possession. He wasn’t exactly sure what someone would want to do with a four-inch diameter dong, but who was he to question kink? He trailed his fingers over the leather handcuffs. He preferred to be cuffed and immobilized then forced to suck cock and take a dick up his ass. He loved dirty talk and being spanked.

He gripped one of the cuffs. If he had his way, the man he’d crushed on would come downstairs to the Toy Box and put in an order. Then maybe he could work his charms on Master Tony and convince the dom to take him on as a new sub.

He closed his eyes. The sub who ran the crates to the rooms wouldn’t be there for another fifteen minutes. He had time to dream. He palmed his cock. Christ, he needed a fantasy.

Jake leaned against the cabinets. In his mind, Master Tony stood in the toy room. Jake rubbed his groin, stroking himself. Heat swarmed him. He blew out a long breath. He wanted to please the master.

I’m yours, sir. He yanked his dick, making sure his cock impressed Master Tony.

You’re hard for me. I’m pleased. Master Tony touched the table. Which of these would you like me to use on you? The Impaler? The one shaped like my dick?

“I’d rather your dick.” Shit. He opened his eyes. He shouldn’t have said that aloud. He didn’t hear anyone in the hallway and didn’t see anyone in the room so he closed his eyes and resumed his daydream. Pull my hair, sir.

I will. Master Tony strode up to him, turned him around hard and shoved him into the cupboards. He grasped Jake’s hip with one hand and wound Jake’s hair around his other hand. Tell me how much you like this. He swatted Jake, hard.

I do, sir. Freaking hell, he loved being spanked. His skin prickled, and a bead of sweat slipped down his temple. He shivered. More, sir. He felt the bulge of Master Tony’s cock against his bare ass and squirmed. He wanted the bite of Master Tony’s teeth on his shoulder. Biting turned him on, and he wondered if Tony would do such a thing. Hopefully soon, he’d find out. Thank God for the ass-less chaps he was expected to wear. If Master Tony were really there, he’d be ready.

He palmed his butt then sighed. Where was Master Tony when he needed a good fuck? Off with someone else, probably.


He’d heard his name and could’ve sworn it was Master Tony speaking, but his daydream couldn’t be real. “I want you to spank me, sir.”

“You do?”

Jake froze. Shit. Was Master Tony at the Toy Box? He opened his eyes and turned his attention to the door. Just as he’d both begged for and feared, Master Tony stood in the doorway.

“Hi, Master Tony,” he murmured.

“I’m here for supplies.” Master Tony nodded once. He folded his thick arms. Not a tattoo in sight. The muscles rippled as he shifted his weight from his left foot to his right. “Do you have what I need?”

“Uh...” If Master Tony had sent him a request, the paperwork hadn’t made it to his inbox. He sounded like a fool. Jake stood tall and exhaled. He was there to do a job, not pine for a damn dom. “What can I get you?”

Master Tony strode into the room. His gaze roved over the tableful of toys, and he trailed his fingers over one of the larger dongs. “What would you want to play with? I’m told you have excellent taste. You certainly have quite the selection.”

“Sir?” No one ever asked his opinion. He filled their orders without offering his insights.

“I asked you to pick.” He stared at Jake. “Well?”

Jake looked at the different toys. He’d thought about what he’d beg Master Tony for if he were going to play with the dom, but this wasn’t exactly Master Tony asking him to submit.

He picked up the leather handcuffs. “I’d choose these. They keep the sub immobilized but don’t rip into the skin like metal can.” He slid a crop across the table. “I’d pick this crop, too. It’s not as good as a hand on the ass, but there’s a nice snap when the leather hits skin. Leaves a good burn.”

“I see.” Master Tony moved the items aside. “Anything else?”

“I’d go for nipple clamps, too.” He shoved the package towards the dom. “These will leave an impression but no permanent damage.” He’d eyeballed the clamps for whenever he was finally accepted by a dom. He liked the suction of the clamp combined with the pinch. “Don’t forget the lube and rubbers.” The tips of his ears blushed, and his skin burned. “I’m supposed to remind all the doms of that when I give them the supplies.”

“Pick out a cock cage.”

“Cage?” No one had asked for one of those in a while. He selected a spiral one that could be removed with the sub’s cock limp or erect. “Where would you like these sent? I’ll bring them up.”

“My room.”

“Yes, sir.” He’d always wanted to go to Master Tony’s personal playroom.

“I want these in the room in five minutes. No later.” Master Tony turned then paused. “By you.”

“I’m the only boy delivering until the night shift comes in.” As if he’d actually turn down the chance to see Master Tony.

“Good,” Master Tony said then walked from the room and left Jake in silence.

Huh. Jake placed the items on the tray. He couldn’t goof off at all. Master Tony expected the toys in his room on the third floor. Still, Jake couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact Master Tony had come downstairs. The guy never left his floor. He either wanted special service or had been treated improperly by someone. Jake would have to find out and correct the problem—if there was one.

He picked up the tray then locked the door and headed to the elevator.

When the elevator car stopped, Master Daniel and Master Leo stood in the car. Daniel winked at him, while Leo pressed the buttons.

“Which floor?” Leo asked.

“Third, sir.” Jake clutched the tray. Normally, he wasn’t around the doms. He’d spent some time in the main playroom but hadn’t garnered the attention. The bell dinged for the third floor. Leo and Daniel didn’t speak as he stepped from the car.

Jake turned at the last moment and dipped his head. “Thank you, sirs.” He made his way down the corridor. The thick carpet muffled his footsteps. The dim light made the deep blue paint on the walls seem softer, almost like velvet. He stopped in front of Master Tony’s door. Being in the blue corridor meant the dom had been at the club awhile and had earned a special room. Jake knocked on the door and waited.

“Come in,” Master Tony said from within the room.

Jake twisted the knob and opened the door. Master Tony’s space had been decked out with the same thick carpet and blue paint. “Here you are, sir. All the toys you’ve requested as well as the lube and rubbers.”

“On the table.” Master Tony stood beside the leather-upholstered table. Plastic had been stretched out under the furniture. He rocked on the balls of his feet, making the plastic crackle with each movement. “I assume you brought everything.”

“Yes, sir.” Jake left the tray on the table then stepped away from Master Tony. “Anything else, sir?”

“Yes. Do you wish to play?”

Jake wobbled on his feet. He couldn’t believe his ears. Master Tony wanted to know if he wished to play? He hadn’t thought Master Tony was interested. The last thing he knew, Master Tony had a sub. Although Jake had been hurt before, he wanted to open his heart to the dom.

“I asked you a question.” Master Tony stepped up to Jake. He stood about five inches taller than Jake, but the difference seemed greater when they were next to each other. “Well?”

Jake’s heart hammered. He could say no and keep his situation uneventful or he could accept a chance to change his life for a few hours and submit to the man he craved.

Jake nodded then bowed his head. “Yes, sir. I’d like to play.”

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