New Leather

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,136
5 Ratings (5.0)

Bondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing. He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy. No one is doing that to him either-or so he thought. During an interview, the charismatic BDSM Dom, James Pauly, asks Carl to be his submissive lover to learn about the lifestyle from within and Carl agrees to a six-week contract.

James has not been romantically involved since his last sub left when James refused to whip him beyond what was safe. In Carl, he sees a second chance to connect with a man who wants more than the pain James can give him. He recognizes the sexual interest in Carl's eyes and thinks the handsome young reporter will be perfect.

Carl is surprised by the desire he feels for a man who admits to subjugating his lovers, but the intensity of the games they play becomes addictive and Carl wants more much more. James, dismayed by yet another sub's demands for pain, refuses to be rushed. He hopes to keep Carl past their contract, but it may be all he can do to keep him for the six weeks.

For both men, the arrangement becomes a journey of self-discovery that could tear them apart in spite of their growing attraction.

New Leather
5 Ratings (5.0)

New Leather

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,136
5 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Debra Varva
An older Dom and a younger man who doesn't think he is submissive until he is curious to find out more about the BDSM lifestyle.
James pauly will guide, train and teach Carl but in the end both these men will have to deal with and over come their pasts before coming together in love.
Excellent story, very well written.
I bought this one because I was in the mood for gay bondage erotica and it had been reviewed as a 5.
I could not agree more, it pulls you in, educates you and has you pulling for the hero.
I don't want to ruin the surprise, buy it!
Professional Reviews

Jae, Dark Diva Reviews, 4.5/5 DIVAS

"an excellent book…This is my first book by Debra Varva, and I would not hesitate to pick up another one by her. New Leather by Debra Varva was engaging, dynamic and fun to read."

Seriously Reviewed, 18/20 SCORE

"Can you hear my heart pounding? A tremble has built in my belly and it’s all because of the addictive words on the pages of New Leather…For those who love BDSM stories this is a must read. For those who, for whatever reason, haven’t sampled the dark decadence of something often misunderstood, this is a story to initiate you into the world…And as for the sexual content of the story. My god,…the pages burned…New Leather doesn’t disappoint on any level. I’m hooked and Ms. Varva has found a new fan."

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James Pauly spent most of the previous evening wading through the internet to find information on Carl Guttuso. He was duly impressed. Guttuso managed to make a name for himself as a reliable reporter who took the time to understand his subject matter and get his facts straight. In other words, not a sensationalistic writer of fiction.

That was last night. This morning he was Googling the more personal things about the man. A picture showed a good-looking young man of Italian heritage. The rugged Mediterranean look was one of his favorites and as James was nearing forty, a man of thirty-one was young. The brief biography told him the man was openly gay, a plus, and not involved with anyone. Even better. Perfect for what he had in mind, in fact.

All this flurry of activity was due to a panicked call from Mike yesterday afternoon. It had taken several minutes to convince him that James was not upset over the possibility of discovery. Having a reporter overhear details about his little group was unfortunate, yes, but not catastrophic. The worst-case outcome would be to call the people involved and cancel the next few meetings. A reporter could not investigate what did not exist after all.

James didn't think it would come to that. Everything he read concerning this man confirmed he was a man of honor. Now, it was up to Guttuso to call and allow James to put his plan into motion.

Several years back, after his submissive lover walked out, James wanted to sit down and talk with other Doms in the hopes of understanding what went wrong. As a patron of The Leatherman when it opened in Providence, he thought that would be the place to ask his questions. However, the majority of people who frequented the gay BDSM bar did not share his view of romantic dominance. Weeding through the bar's regulars was time-consuming, but eventually he gathered an eclectic group of people that believed as he did.

James and his new friends began to meet regularly, expressing ideas and concerns. The support of like-minded men and women was invaluable. Unfortunately, he was wasting his new insights on the sub-for-a-night boys that occasionally came home with him. Something more was needed-a challenge.

He smiled when the phone finally rang. He could have called the reporter himself, of course, but he was not in the habit of chasing his prey. He preferred to lure them in. After letting it rattle a few times, he picked up. "Pauly."

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