Nicodemus (MM)

Lykaios 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,529
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Ever since his entire pack was cursed a thousand years ago, Nicodemus has spent most of his incarceration on Lykaios Island in deep reflection. Once hot-headed, ill-tempered, and even a little bit violent, Nicodemus has reformed and is attempting to be the best man he can be, especially around a certain man who has piqued his interest. He doesn’t want to be the monster he believes that his people were once said to become.
Addison Clarke has spent two years of his life on Lykaios, escaping a horrendous past that still haunts him every day of his life. Despite having to look over his shoulder every moment of every day, his attraction to Nicodemus is instantaneous. The reformed soldier is everything he needs: solid, stable, and attentive.
But with the threat of Addison’s past looming over them, can Nicodemus’s stability and reformed ways be enough to make sure their relationship survives the coming trials?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Nicodemus (MM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Nicodemus (MM)

Lykaios 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,529
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Holding Nick’s hand and being wrapped in his warm embrace had been more intimate than any one-night stand Addison was party to for the past three years. Those nights were all just about men satisfying their baser urges, but there was something even deeper than carnal desire that passed between him and Nick’s with just the merest clasping of their hands together.

It was as though their essences just—clicked. Just like that, Addison was putty in the upbeat, optimistic man’s hand.

“I’m not going to tell you to give me a chance if you feel that strongly about starting new relationships,” Nick said. He looked deep into Addison’s eyes. “Part of me just wants to wrap you in my arms and tell you that nothing’s going to harm you while I’m around.”

Addison’s heartbeat started to thunder in his chest.

“But that’s just a sweet nothing we say to lovers. Nevertheless, I want to prove that my words are true. I want to court you, and I meant that. But you are always free to say no.”

“Oh? Am I your lover, now?” Addison asked, offering just the slightest grin.

“Only if you want to be.” Nicodemus said. The way his eyes glimmered felt so purposeful. When Nick looked into his eyes… Addison felt everything around him begin to float away.

“I would be lucky if you decided to take a chance on me. Any man would be.” Nicodemus said, gently scratching the tip of his nose. Color lightly flushed his cheeks. “But most especially me.”

 Addison smiled widely as color flushed his cheeks, maybe even a brighter shade of red than Nicodemus’s own. In just a matter of a few hours, Addison was proven right about Nick. The man was just a beautiful person, both inside and out, and he didn’t know what kind of karma he had in a previous life to have someone as sweet and caring as Nick wanting to court him.

He didn’t even mind the odd formality in Nick’s speech anymore. It was just something endearing about the man that made Addison’s heart flutter even if only for a brief moment. Odd, considering he didn’t think he’d ever feel a fluttering in his heart except if he were dying of some sort of cardiac ailment.

“I do not know much about the world outside of the island and I cannot ask you for anything more than your time,” Nick said, breaking the comfortable quiet between them. There was something welling up in the larger, stronger man’s eyes as he lifted Addison’s hand up to his lips and offered a kiss on his knuckles. His touch was feather light and gentle. It was barely even a kiss. “But I hope that you might consider meeting me again to get to know each other better. I wish to court you properly. I did not want to keep you long. Your friends might be waiting for you.”

“You can ask me out on a date whenever you like,” Addison replied. “I think this was fun, and you’ve been nothing but great company the entire time, so thank you.” The man had been a gentleman throughout their entire conversation, too, that was for sure.

There was something a little disappointing about that, though, because something niggled inside Addison that there was a beast just waiting underneath Nicodemus’s contained friendliness, ready to be unleashed. A little part of him wanted to see if it existed, but a much larger part was wary of being close to the man again. He had so easily stripped past Addison’s defenses, and that was very disconcerting.

Addison stood up slowly from where he sat, and Nick stood up twice as fast to help Addison up, and being a real gentleman about it all. If Addison had been more sensitive, he would have bristled at being treated like some sort of delicate flower. Instead, he just chuckled, took the man’s arm and hoisted himself up nice and easy.

“Would you let me see you tomorrow morning? If you are done with work, then maybe I can have you for the day. I wish to take you some place special,” Nick said. Hope brimmed in his voice and it was clear as day.

Shrugging nonchalantly, Addison looked up at Nick before he spoke. “I think that’d be nice.”

Flashing the brightest smile Addison had seen all day, excitement brimmed through the lykaia. Nick leaned forward, and pressed a kiss onto Addison’s lips.

It was just for the briefest moment. There wasn’t even any tongue, but it was like a lightning bolt that suddenly careened through his body. Nick’s lips felt like velvet, even though the heady taste of his masculinity permeated through his entire body and caused Addison’s legs to quake, the taller man’s arms immediately went around Addison’s back, holding him up and keeping him from falling.

When they finally parted from their kiss, Nick’s eyes glimmered like wildfire. Addison could see lust, but he could also see desire, need, yearning, all things that would have discomfited him, but instead he felt only a sense of belongingness.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Nicodemus said. His voice was suddenly much huskier than it was earlier, and it sent a tingle up Addison’s spine.

Addison couldn’t even give a verbal reply for a second. He knew there was a stupid smile on his face as he nodded and sauntered off toward the boat. “Wow, Nick,” Addison drawled rather dumbly. “You’re a good kisser.”




There was just something about being the one in control. Addison liked being the bottom too much to ever consider being the one doing the fucking, but that didn’t mean he had to be some submissive little twink ready for his next pounding. No, ever since his problem began, Addison knew that he had to be more careful about who he entrusted his physical safety to, even when the man in question was his supposed other half.

It was just safer for him this way. Besides, he didn’t really have many relationships ever since the problem. A one-night stand or two, sure, but they never really complained about the way he handled things.

With a few quick swipes at his clothes, he pulled his shirt over his head and removed his pants until he was wholly naked in front of Nicodemus. He uncovered inch after inch of his supple, tanned form. But in front of Nick, who looked a little bit like a burnt fish, he seemed pale in comparison.

Nick’s eyes widened at the sight of Addison’s body bared before him, but his lips parted and he let out a soft, bated breath of excitement, too. Even the lykaia’s cock began to press upward from his pelvis, making a very noticeable tent on his chiton.

“Maybe we should remove this for now?” Addison gestured over to the white fabric covering Nicodemus’s pelvis. Without even a second glance, Nicodemus reached down over the constricting fabric of his clothes, and ripped it apart in one fell swoop, tossing it onto the floor beside him and revealing the flesh underneath.

And what glorious flesh it was.

Addison didn’t know how big it was, but it was definitely bigger than he was accustomed to. He wondered if it would be weird to put his forearm right next to the colossal pillar that was Nicodemus’s cock, but he fought against the odd desire. It wasn’t like it was that monstrous. Considering how tall Nicodemus was, the proportions were just right.

Addison blinked, smiling as he peered at the very clear tan lines on the lykaia’s skin. Nicodemus would have been pale once upon a time, but years of staying under the sun had tanned his body almost like a farmer’s. There was a very clear tan line on his body where his toga hung loosely on his frame.

Truth be told, Addison quite liked it.

“Already excited?” Addison asked, gently tracing the tip of his finger up and down the veins of Nicodemus’s cock, causing the much larger man’s breath to hitch.

“Please stop teasing me.” Nicodemus’s voice was soft as a whisper. He brought a hand over his eyes, and there was the softest pink tinged on his cheek that made Addison want to tease the larger man even more. Still, Addison knew that the prolonged anticipation was almost unbearable for the both of them. “I yearn for you.”

Addison squirted lube onto his hand and gingerly brought his hand towards Nick’s shaft, rubbing the cool, slick gel over his lover’s cock. The wolf shifter’s eyebrows furrowed, and he let out a soft gasp as he arched his body upward to try and press more of his shaft into Addison’s slick touch. Slowly letting go of the tension in his body, Nick started to breathe evenly, but it wasn’t long before the lykaia started to buck his hips in response to the slow, teasing glide of Addison’s fist.

“Ah, Gods …” Nicodemus moaned, his head thrashing against the pillow as he rocked himself forward and back. The slick sounds of wet skin against skin filled the air. Addison licked his lips, enjoying every slight reaction in the wolf shifter’s body. From the way his muscles tensed and the way Nick’s lightly-haired pectorals seemed to twitch right down to the slow, even strokes the wolf shifter’s hips into Addison’s hands—because he couldn’t quite fit Nicodemus’s fully engorged shaft in just one fist—Addison was slowly becoming more and more addicted to the way he was causing Nick to lose control.

“Feeling good, Nick?” Addison asked, almost purring as he did so. He took a moment to reapply lube onto one hand before he quickly started to rub at his hole, all the while straddling Nicodemus’s hips and settling himself onto the wolf shifter’s lap with the tip of that cock pressed up against his pucker.

In his euphoria, Nicodemus couldn’t even answer. Instead, he tried hard to keep himself still. Addison noticed the tension in Nicodemus’s entire body, from his jaw down to his biceps, as he finally pressed down hard enough to push the tip of the lykaia’s shaft into his entrance. They gazed at each other and said nothing as Addison rolled his hips, pressing shaft against sheath.

It took a few moments of poking and prodding, the tip of that shaft slowly widening Addison’s hole, and Nicodemus groaning his approval.

“So … So tight …” Nicodemus groaned.

Nicodemus had done a good job of controlling himself so far. Addison watched every nuance of the lykaia’s reaction and he knew, as he slowly descended down onto Nicodemus’s cock, that the wolf shifter was just barely holding on to his self-control. Addison could barely hold on, himself, having to grasp onto Nicodemus’s arms tightly as he slid down further and further, feeling that thick protrusion spread him nice and wide, filling him in a way he never thought was possible.

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