No More Games (MF)

Club Aries 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,117
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light bondage, HEA]
Jason Lawrence’s dreams were coming true. He finally owned his own business, and the woman he loved felt the same in return. If only her parents approved. 
Tiera Dupont’s parents had her life planned out for her since the day she was born. She, however, had other plans for her life, and knew they thought she was a disappointment. She wanted to keep Jason as far away as possible from them, for the risk to their relationship was too great under their scrutiny.
Once she witnessed her brother’s decline, Tiera was faced with a difficult decision—continue under her parent’s rules and risk losing Jason, or rid herself of the people who do nothing but tear her down. When it all comes down to it, Tiera has to realize it’s time to grow up—which will she choose, her blood or her heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
No More Games (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

No More Games (MF)

Club Aries 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,117
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Absolutely brilliant! I was captivated the entire time!!!




Tiera straightened as she realized she’d been staring too long again. She had to keep reminding herself he was like the sun—if she kept staring, she’d go blind eventually. “You know,” she said pointedly, using their code to say “I love you” without actually saying it out loud.

He grinned up at her, reached around her to push the door shut a bit more, then pulled her down onto his lap. She adjusted herself slightly so she’d be more comfortable and wrapped her arms around him as much as she possibly could with the chair in the way. A shiver moved through her as he nuzzled the spot on her neck just below her ear that drove her crazy.

“I love you,” he returned as he exhaled his warm breath onto her skin. It was like a caress for her flesh, and she craved more of it.

“Come over tonight,” she quietly demanded.

“I have to pack, darlin’.”

“You’ll be over before you leave Wednesday morning, right?”

Jason hugged her tighter to his body, groaning softly. “I want to, baby girl.”

“Then come over tonight. Just for a little bit, please?”

His teeth scraped against her neck, making her groan in response to him. “If you keep me from getting everything done that needs done in the next two days, I’m going to spank that delicious ass of yours when I get back.”

She grinned and tightened her grip on his hair. “Maybe I should just to get you to do it.”

Jason’s hand slapped her hip sharply, making her hiss in a breath in reaction. “Don’t you even think about it.”

She laughed and scraped her teeth over his earlobe. “Mmm, you’re right, you’d enjoy punishing me too much. I’m not going to give you a reason to do it now.”

“But there are so many other things I could punish you for, darlin’.” Jason’s voice growled against her neck, making her shiver in anticipation of what could come.

“But I like it,” she whispered back, trailing her tongue up the outside of his ear. She grinned when she felt a shiver run through him, goose bumps appearing on his neck. “And you like that I like it.”

Jason’s hand gripped the back of her neck, trapping her as he leaned up and slammed his mouth against hers. She moaned immediately at the contact and threaded her fingers through his hair before gripping the short strands. His tongue darted into her mouth and mated with her tongue. That made her panties wet and her pussy clench pleasantly. Her entire body throbbed with desire for the man under her, and all she wanted was to shut and lock the office door, throw his shit off the desk, and demand he take her there and then.

His growl vibrated against her mouth, and his grip on her body tightened. His grip might have harmed a lesser woman, but Tiera loved it when he held her like that. She could feel every ounce of power her man held inside of him and yet restrained with. He could rend all of her clothing from her body if he chose to do so. He had on one occasion—the tank, skirt, panties, and bra were all ruined by the time they hit the floor. She held a high amount of pride in herself for making him lose control like he had that night. Another shiver moved through her at the memory, and the desire to make him lose control like that again.

“Come over tonight,” she mumbled against his mouth.

“I won’t leave if I do,” he returned, her shirt tightening against her stomach as he pulled it into his fists.

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“Darlin’, you’re going to kill me.”

“Not anytime soon,” she breathed against his mouth before she launched herself from his lap to lean against the desk as footsteps sounded in the kitchen coming straight for the door. She had a total of three steps to right her appearance and wipe her mouth to rid any stray lipstick before Raven peeked around the office door.

“Hey, Boss. We’re just about empty here. You want to hand the keys so I can lock the incoming door?”

Jason cleared his throat and flicked his wrist to toss the keys up at her. “Go for it.”

Raven eyed the two of them for a moment before she smirked, shook her head, and disappeared from the office.

“She knows,” Tiera said then, her eyes widening in fear.

“If she says anything this week, don’t deny it, all right? I hired you before we got together. I’ve loved you for years, Tiera,” he replied as calmly as a sleeping baby.

“I know, but if we’re trying to keep this secret—”

“Then you need to stop kissing me in my office,” Jason said, cutting her off.

“You pulled me into your lap,” she retorted, lifting an eyebrow.

Jason laughed and reached out to swat her hip. “Get your stuff done. I’ll come over, but I can’t stay tonight, darlin’. I have to start packing, and I’ve got two days to pack and get everything ready for Nick for five days.

Tiera frowned down at him, upset at the prospect of not getting to touch him or be intimate with him in any way before he left for Ohio. She figured once she got him into her apartment she’d be able to convince him otherwise. What else would he do tonight? She knew damn well he wouldn’t start packing.

It was a damn good plan, and she had every intention of putting it into action when she got him alone.




Jason smirked and turned to Tiera then, catching the lust-filled stare in her eyes. “Tiera, can I have a word in my office?”

“Ooo, you’re in trouble!” Jessica called out to the Greek girl, laughing at her own joke.

“She’s not in trouble,” Jason said, diffusing the whispers before the girls got carried away with themselves.

He turned and headed back into the office, waiting until Tiera entered the small room before he hit play on the CD player near the door, a tactic he’d used when he needed to speak privately with the girls. Hip hop music blasted into the room and he reached out around his girlfriend to lock the door. “Now… you and I are going to finish what we started earlier, darlin’.”

Tiera’s eyes widened and she started to shake her head at him. “Jason, they’ll know! They’ll find out.”

Jason smirked and pulled her against him, moving his hands into her hair. “Darlin’ if they don’t already know, we’ll just tell them you and I were working out you becoming co-owner of The Red Zone.”

Her eyes widened as she stared up at him. “Jason! I couldn’t possibly—”

“Is that enough to show you how fucking serious I am about you, darlin’? I’m not letting you go, do you understand me? I love you, Tiera.”

She melted against him, winding her arms around his neck. “You really would do that, wouldn’t you?”

“Would? I am, Tiera. We’re going to sign the paperwork on this shit tomorrow.”

A small gasp escaped her lips before a smile spread on the tempting flesh. “You’re serious.”

“As a fuckin’ heart attack. Now…will you let me show you how much I missed you?”

She grinned up at him before her fingers tangled in his short hair and she pulled him down to kiss him. The moment her lips touched his, he picked her up, moved her to the desk, and ravaged her mouth with his own as he tore her shirt up and off her head. He only broke their passionate kiss for the split second it took for him to remove the garment. Her bra was next, and within seconds those beautiful specimens of female was in his hands.

Jason groaned against her mouth as her nipples hardened against his palms. He kneaded the flesh and tweaked her nipples, causing the arousing sounds he loved hearing to vibrate in her throat. He could just barely hear it over the thrum of the music, but it was there nonetheless. Her hands pulled at his shirt, working it up over his torso before breaking the kiss to mimic his movements with her clothing before pulling him against her once more.

He enveloped Tiera in his arms, one hand pressing her close to him, the other cupping her cheek, holding her mouth to his. He loved feeling her bare breasts pressed to his chest, and with every passing of her lips on his, he felt his cock responding in kind, making him desperate to feel her against him again. It’d been far too long and he hated that it was on his desk in the bar, but he couldn’t wait any longer.

His hands moved down her body, taking in the feel of her curves under his touch before he pulled open the fastening to her jeans and smiled against her mouth as she rocked her hips to help him work them off of her. As she helped him with her pants, it freed one of his hands up, and he took advantage of it to lose his jeans as well.

He paused for only a moment to take in the view of her spread open before him and her wet pussy welcoming him into the core of her being. He couldn’t deny himself and dropped to his knees before her, gripping her hips in his hands to pull her to the edge of the desk. Her fingers moved to thread through his hair and pull him against her. He wasted no time at all darting his tongue out to taste her, groaning at her sweetness before feasting on her waiting flesh like a starving man. Sweet Jesus, he’d missed her and he took his time in proving that to her as he beckoned her closer to her first orgasm with his tongue.

Jason expertly used his mouth on her, flicking the tip of his tongue quickly over her clit before moving down between the folds to delve into her where even more wetness pooled to quench his thirst for her. She rocked against his mouth, her grip on his hair tightening, and she reached behind her, bracing herself on the wall as her breathing accelerated. The rapid rise and fall of her breasts was almost hypnotizing.

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