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Nothing on Earth (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 29,287
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F]

Tara Wilson's boring life takes a terrifying turn when her neighbor, a man she barely knows, bursts into her home yelling that "they" are coming. She wakes to find herself tethered to a wall in a pitch-black room. How did she get a starring role in the man's delusions?

Terrified, Tara hopes for an ally when a different man enters the room and tries to calm her down with his limited understanding of the English language.

John has been quietly protecting Tara from alien abduction for almost a year, but with the enemy closing in, he had no choice but to abduct and hide her from their scans. His lover, Alec, isn't thrilled by John's request to babysit the terrified woman, but it seems to be the only way to keep Tara calm.

But when the authorities arrive to rescue Tara, can Alec and John convince her not everything is as it seems?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Great reading for any sci fi fan, its also sexy and a great storyline. I like how this writer keeps you in the dark as to whats going on for as long as possible but all is revealed.

- sarki

Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "I picked up Rachel Clark’s Nothing on Earth because something about it screamed “X-Files” to me. I’m not really a sci-fi fan, but the whole alien abduction idea appealed to me on a quirky level, and the cover hinted that the story might have a slightly darker side as well. I was intrigued enough to take a chance on this title, and I’m glad that I did. This story is sexy and entertaining in a dramatic, B-movie style, with a damsel in distress, evil aliens, a well-intentioned but misunderstood hero, and plenty of action and peril. I thought it was overall pretty fun. Ms. Clark gives her readers a pretty appealing trio of main characters in Nothing on Earth. I appreciated the fact that none of them were perfect. John might be the “alpha” of the group, but his somewhat rash behavior that he might excuse as being protective convinces Tara that he’s unbalanced and out to harm her at first. Alec is sweet and nurturing, but he admits to having not been a supportive partner to John during the past year. And Tara is acts in a refreshingly human manner like someone truly in fear for her life when she believes that John means her harm. While Alec’s language provided me with my one nitpick, I still enjoyed watching Tara and Alec work through their communication barrier. That, as much as anything, helps to bring the two of them together. Ms. Clark does a nice job of building the suspense in this story. Through much of the narrative, we wonder who John and Alec actually are, who is after Tara, and why. The answers are revealed gradually and are not all dumped in our lap at once, and I found that this very successfully held my interest in the plot throughout. If you were to ask me if I recommended Nothing on Earth, I would say that it depends on your taste. If you are a fan of such shows as “The X-Files,” enjoy some man-on-man action, and have a yen for something a little different, then this story has your name all over it." -- Bobby D Whitney, BookWenches




Urgent knocking woke Tara Wilson from her almost-doze. Startled, she moved to the front door and began opening the three locks. At the last moment she gathered enough wits to check through the peephole. This wasn’t a dangerous neighborhood, but it was never wise to take reckless chances.

John, her neighbor, stood on the other side of the door, pounding the wood with his clenched fist. She’d never seen him like this. He’d always appeared calm and composed, but at this moment he seemed panicked. As she undid the final lock she wondered why he hadn’t called her name. A small, frightened part of her didn’t even want to open the door to someone who looked so out of control, even if she did know him.

Was she in danger from this man?

She shook her head sharply. This was John. The man who’d lived next door for almost a year and had never been anything but kind. She took a deep breath, threw open the door, and screamed when a large hand covered her mouth and John pulled her against his solid body.

Hell, he was a big man, and right now, despite her own above average height and self-defense training, she felt very small and very, very helpless.

“They’re on the way here. You need to be quiet.”

“Who?” she managed to ask with his hand still pressed against her mouth.

“They are. I tried to hide you from their scans, but they found you anyway. Please, Tara, just trust me.”


She tried to pull away from him, but he held her tighter, and panic began to flood through her. “I know you’re scared, baby. Please just trust me to protect you.”


What the hell? They were neighbors, had barely shared polite conversation in the hallway. Why would he think she’d welcome a term of endearment under these circumstances?

This felt too real to be a joke, too frightening to be some sort of prank. John seemed wild, terrified even, and she was fast getting there herself. Adrenaline coursed through her, and she fought his hold, thrashing against the arm that held her around the waist and biting the fingers that kept her silent.

She screamed around the thick digits even as he wrestled her to the floor and pressed his superior weight against her. She’d read stories like this. The nice, quiet guy building a fantasy in his mind and killing the neighbor or workmate or stranger off the street because he thought she should love him. Hell, even if John was suffering from a type of mental breakdown, his actions definitely pointed to her being the one in danger—from him.

Beyond blind panic now, Tara managed to bite him hard enough to make him grunt.

“Baby, please, they’ll hear you. Please don’t fight me. I need to keep you safe.”

She’d heard enough. The most terrifying experience she could ever imagine was happening right now, and it didn’t have anything to do with whoever “they” were.

She bit down harder, her desperate screams turning to whimpers of fear as he held her tighter. She felt a tingle at her neck, and then everything faded.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.





The cool air caressed her skin as she felt Alec’s hand slide down over her tummy and the fingers tangle in the dark curls that hid her clit. His fingers toyed with her rapidly swelling flesh for a moment longer before dipping lower and thrusting into her throbbing pussy. A second finger joined the first, and she rose up on her toes as his thumb found her clit and ran across the bud over and over.

Her legs shook as John’s hands found her nipples and plucked at the sensitive peaks. She tried to widen her stance, but with the jeans still twisted around her ankles, she fell forward into John’s strong arms. He held her, pulling her further off balance so that she was bent almost in half, her ass pointing at Alec.

“I always knew this was a beautiful ass,” Alec said as his hand continued to drive her to the edge. His other hand smoothed over the soft flesh, squeezing slightly before he leaned over to kiss each cheek. John laughed quietly as she reached over and lifted his shirt so that she could suck and lick his nipples. He stopped laughing, though, when she dropped her hands to his waist and pushed his jeans to his knees. His cock sprang forward, and she wrapped her fist around him before he could even think about stopping her.

She was not going to be the only one coming with her pants still around her ankles. She lowered her mouth to his cock and licked the mushroom-shaped head with one long, wet swipe of her tongue. He wobbled at the knees as she lowered her mouth and sucked him inside.

“Oh, Tara,” Alec said from behind her as his fingers doubled their effort. “I need to be inside you. Please tell me it’s okay.”

She nodded against John’s cock, but blunt fingers tangled in her hair and lifted her head away. Even the fingers in her pussy stopped moving.

“Say the words, baby,” John said in a raspy voice, “or this stops right now.”

She tried to see his face, but he held her hair and refused to let her look up. “Yes,” she said, giving him what he wanted. “Yes, I want you both to make love to me, and to each other. Please. I need you both.”

She heard Alec lower the zipper on his jeans, and then the blunt head of his cock pushed into her slick flesh. She gasped, and John chose that moment to push his solid length back into her mouth.

They both began to move, holding her between them, supporting her awkward position as they pounded into her in unison. She’d never given head quite like this before, and as John fucked her face, she wondered why such rough treatment felt so damn good. Alec shuttled in and out of her pussy, his hold on her hips controlling her movement, her feet barely touching the ground.

She screamed around John’s cock as Alec’s clever fingers found her clit and squeezed. Her whole body shook as they both slammed into her, her orgasm spreading slivers of heat through every part of her body and soul. She swallowed fast as she felt John’s orgasm begin, the hot strings of pearly cum coating the back of her throat as she tried to keep up. Alec stilled inside her, and she could feel his excitement climbing as she sucked the cum from his lover’s cock.

As she finally let go of John’s thick shaft, Alec lifted her and inched over to the workbench behind John. Careful not to dislodge his hard cock, Alec arranged her, facedown, over the edge of the desk. John placed his hands on her shoulders, effectively pinning her down as Alec started to rock into her throbbing pussy again. His fingers found her clit and circled around and around the oversensitive flesh as she panted against the table surface.

John leaned over her, his mouth close to her ear. “Have you ever had a man in your ass?” he asked, the words a low, sexy throb.

“N…No,” she managed to stutter out as a thick digit played with the pucker of her anus, pressing harder and harder against the sensitive ring of muscle. “One day soon Alec is going to fuck your hot pussy while I take your ass. Both of us will fill you, stretch you and make you feel like there’s only the three of us in the whole universe.”

She panted harder as his dark words wound their way through her mind, and Alec’s thick finger pressed past her tight ring of muscle and breached her ass. Orgasm spun closer, her whole body tightening as her pussy and clit swelled with excitement.

“I think she likes that idea,” Alec said as he pushed his finger deeper into her ass.

“I think so, too,” John said next to her ear. “But this time, I’m going to fuck his ass while he fucks that sweet pussy. Would you like that, baby? You’ll feel every time I thrust into his ass echoed in your pussy. I’ll be fucking you both.”

She swallowed, her vision blurring as her brain went into overload. John moved away, and she turned her head to watch him slick his cock with lube and then moved behind Alec. She felt the first touch. Alec’s cock pulsed and leapt inside her pussy several times before he surged into her harder and groaned. She felt every thrust, knowing the rhythm came from John as he fucked his lover.

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