Safe Mountain’s young women are up in arms when the MC provides protection for two broads with naughty reputations. Determined to claim her mates before one of the new gals seduces them, Natasha turns to Romy Nichole for help.

Due to an unavoidable restriction, Natasha isn’t supposed to spend time alone with Brice, Duke, and Levi, but when Romy devises a scheme to help Natasha lure her mates to bed, Natasha’s men have two choices—claim the woman they love or risk losing her forever.

Brice, Duke, and Levi recognize trouble traveling on legs when two of Sevier County’s notorious tramps ask the MC for a safe place to stay. Even though the three bikers are already promised to a young and beautiful mate, they decide to share the women between them and keep their illicit affair a secret.

Soon after they fool around, the three men discover they’ve made a grave mistake. Will their errors in judgment cost them the woman they love or will their mate forgive their indiscretions? And what will become of the two vixens who led a few good men astray?

Notorious Tramps (FMMM)
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I didn't read the beginning books in the series as I did not know there was any. Until after I read this one.

I gave it an average rating because it was just average. That could be because I didn't read the beginning of the series but I think the books are stand alone but go along with the plot.

Anyways, what really turned be off or just didn't sit right with me was how her mates, Brice, Duke, and Levi have hot core porn sex with their ex-lovers/pack slut as she watched on camera and forgives them. I know her punishment as she sees it. Is to let her mates watch her get spanked by another female. That's it. Oh and maybe a kiss. Nothing else. She forgave them just cause she was super horny. As was read throughout the book. And then her mates gave into the other females because they weren't officially mated yet. So no mate marked means free sex for the males. But if the females lose their virginity they lose their mates. Shitty double standards. In my opinion. As I am used reading that once mates meet that it for them.

I do not know if I will continue to read the rest of this series. I just lost interest after reading this book. But you may like it better then I did.


Brice wished he could’ve warned Levi and Duke. Like Chuck, he’d suspected what might have been keeping them, but there wasn’t a question in his mind when he heard the elevated voices.

When Levi and Duke joined the others, Chuck stomped to the head of the table, slammed the gavel against the surface, and spat, “Now that we’re all here, let’s turn our attention to our guest.”

Yeah, Brice was wondering when the dude would receive his proper introduction. He tried to keep the smirk off his face, but when he noticed Levi tucking in his shirt and Duke combing his fingers through his disheveled hair, he realized Chuck must’ve interrupted something more than just friendly flirtations.

For a split second, Brice felt like the odd man out. Then again, he had an ace in the hole. Natasha’s other two mates lived up the mountain. They stayed in the wilderness, buried deep in the forest surrounding Safe Mountain.

Brice and Natasha resided under the same roof.

He snickered at the thought and caught a scowl from Chuck who immediately swung his arm at their guest. “Anyone here care to ask who he is?”

“I didn’t figure it was important,” one of the prospects said. “Way I see it, if he’s here in the sanctuary, he has a short lifespan. If I’m making an effort to get to know someone, I want friends I can keep.”

“Somebody tell Daniel that prospects don’t speak out of turn.” Chuck studied their guest.

“What he said, asshole,” Max said, glaring at Daniel.

“I figured you’d get around to introductions sooner or later,” Somers said.

Somers, considered a nomad, wasn’t loyal to any specific club. He’d been welcomed and embraced by the Sins of Wolves, primarily because his purpose there was well understood. Until the Age of Innocence was over and young women were no longer in danger, Somers would remain with the Sins of Wolves, serving as a guardian and protector, a man who had sworn to uphold the charter’s objectives and keep the females safe for as long as he drew air.

Something told Brice the newcomer wasn’t there for the same reasons. He looked sketchy. He wasn’t a biker, and definitely not a nomad.

Adult Excerpt

Covering Levi’s hand with his, Brice pressed his mouth against Levi’s slit and pinched the thick skin right above his scrotum. With some persuasion, Levi loosened his grip and held hands with Brice. Encircling Levi’s tip, Brice then lured him between his cheeks, taking his dick an inch at a time.

Duke admired his lovers. While he enjoyed the eroticism of the unfolding show, he couldn’t help but think of how perfect things would soon be, how right it would feel when they could finally claim their mate, take her to bed, and love her the way they’d longed to love her.

“Good damn, Brice!” Levi came to a jackknifed position, throwing the weight of his lower body forward and pumping like crazy now.

“There you go,” Duke said, horny as hell as he watched the blazing lust come alive in Levi’s light blue eyes. “That’s it, Levi. Get ‘cha some.”

A strangled, throaty sound fell to the room and Levi’s body stilled. Brice went at Levi even harder, apparently realizing he was only seconds from demolishing Levi’s self-control.

Duke pumped his penis, turned on by the sight of them. Brice’s head jiggled right to left as he put everything he had into the act of pleasuring another. Levi hollered, grabbed hold of Brice’s ears, and fucked his face as if he’d never have the opportunity to get off again.

“That’s it.” Duke’s dirty mind was leading him down a road of discovery. His bottom clenched as he imagined he and Levi fucking Brice together.

Brice’s slurping noises became crude as hell. And Duke’s need further inspired his curiosity. “Let me taste him.”

Levi’s heavy eyes became desire-ridden. He rapidly pumped his hips away from the mattress, holding Brice’s head to his groin and writhing in satisfaction.

His body stilled. The room fell quiet.

Then, as if the dam broke free, Levi jolted forward. His lower half shimmied all over the place. “There you go. Mmm…yeah, Brice. Oh God...That’s so damn nice.”

Brice started at the base of Levi’s dick and slurped his way to the tip again. Then, with full cheeks, he backed away from Levi’s spent dick. Cupping Duke’s neck, he pulled him forward and slowly worked his way into one hell of a saucy kiss.

As Brice’s tongue stroked Duke’s, Levi’s bittersweet cum tantalized Duke’s taste buds. His nostrils flared with the overwhelming scent of sex, and he deepened the kiss, loving the way Brice’s tongue fluttered across his as they each swallowed Levi’s rich and flavorful release.

When their kiss ended, Brice nipped at Duke’s wet lips. “Now it’s your turn.”

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